112 where are they now

112 made a name for themselves as one of the top male r&b groups of the 90’s, but broke up following their 2005 album “Pleasure & Pain” and each went to work on solo albums. The group eventually reunited and released their return album “Q, Mike, Slim, Daron” in 2017.

What happened to the other 2 members of 112?

Michael Keith decided to leave 112 and go solo. He stated that a former groupmate stole his, and member Slim’s, money, causing the two to leave. Slim, however, states that he never fell out with anyone over money and is still with 112. The group now consists of members Q, Slim, and Daron.

What happened to Kenny Greene?

On October 1, 2001, Kenny Greene died in New York City at the age of 32 due to complications from AIDS. His family did not attend his wake, arranged by his friends and studio at the Redden Funeral Home on Manhattan’s West 14th Street.

Who are the members of 112?

  1. Slim Violin
  2. Quinnes Parker Vocals
  3. Daron Jones
  4. Michael Marcel Keith Keyboard instrument


What happened to Blackstreet?

After several failed attempts to keep Blackstreet together, all members eventually continued with solo careers for a time. However, in 2014 it was announced that past members Black, Little, Middleton, and Williams were back together under the Blackstreet moniker.

How old is Slim from 112?

41 years (January 21, 1981)

Slim / Age

What happened Dru Hill?

Is the group 112 still together?

112. 112 made a name for themselves as one of the top male r&b groups of the 90’s, but broke up following their 2005 album “Pleasure & Pain” and each went to work on solo albums. The group eventually reunited and released their return album “Q, Mike, Slim, Daron” in 2017.

Where is the group DRS now?

Their biggest success was their hit single, “Gangsta Lean”. The lead singer of the group has a daughter born in 1993, Aranesa Turner who is now currently a thriving Christian pop singer based out of Sacramento. … DRS (band)

Years active1990s
LabelsCapitol Records
Past membersEndo Pic Jail Bait Deuce Deuce Ejay “Blunt” Turner

Is Dru Hill still together?

Dru Hill is an American R&B group, whose repertoire included soul, hip hop soul and gospel music. The group was founded in Baltimore in 1992 and is still active. Dru Hill recorded seven Top 40 hits, and is best known for the R&B number-one hits “In My Bed”, “Never Make a Promise”, and “How Deep Is Your Love”.

Does 112 have new members?

Parker And Daron Jones With New Members, Slim Comments: “No Man Is Bigger Than The Brand!”

How old is the group 112?

112 (“one-twelve”) is an American R&B quartet that came from Atlanta, Georgia. They started in 1991. In 1997 they won a Grammy Award.

Why did Q and Daron leave 112?

According to TMZ, the beloved quartet has become a duo after Slim and Mike revealed Q and Daron left the group. Mike, real name, Michael Marcel Keith, said the split came as a result of an argument the group couldn’t resolve.

Was Teddy Riley a member of BLACKstreet?

  1. Blackstreet Since 1991
  2. Guy
  3. QDT

Teddy Riley/Music groups

Where is Big Bub now?

Big Bub. Big Bub emerged from the R&B Group Today and went on to release a few projects as a solo artist. He put out albums including “Comin’ At Cha” and “Timeless” in the 90’s, and released “Renew” in 2011. He’s still active and put out a new single “Rain” in 2019.

Who is Teddy Riley daughter?

  1. Nia Riley
  2. Taja Riley
  3. Dejanee Riley
  4. Bobbie Riley

Teddy Riley/Daughters

How old is Marvin scandrick?

41 years (January 21, 1981)

Slim / Age

Where is Marvin Scandrick from?

Moscow, Russia

Slim / Place of birth

How old is slim UK rapper?

Slim 400 death: Rapper dies aged 33 from gunshot wound.

Where is Drew Hill now?

Death. Drew Hill died in Atlanta, Georgia on March 19, 2011, at the age of 54, after two massive strokes.

What’s Sisqó doing now?

According to SisQo, his industry struggles led to the expansion of his independent label, Dragon Music Group. Working together with his distribution company Massenburg Media – owned by former president of Motown Records, Kedar Massenburg – he now enjoys the freedom of being his own boss.

What is singer Sisqó doing now?

As of 2018, Sisqó is still performing with Dru Hill, although the other original members have since parted ways. His first solo album, Unleash the Dragon, released in 1999, gave us “Thong Song.” His second album, Return of Dragon, came out in 2001, followed by years of apparent quiet.

Why did az break up?

In 2016, Nelson was removed from the group due to personal differences. The original members, Dion Allen, Dyshon Benson, Claude Thomas and Kenny Terry were to record a new album and go on tour. New member Parrice Smith joined the group in 2018. Making them a quintet again but in 2020 Dyshon departed again to go solo.

Where is immature now?

In 2010, Houston announced on 106 & Park that the group were planning to record another group album together for 2011. A new album is currently in the works titled “Forever Immature”. … IMx.

MembersMarques Houston Jerome Jones Kelton Kessee
Past membersDon Santos

How old is the group Silk?

Silk is an American R&B group, formed in 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia. They are best known for their 1993 hit single, “Freak Me”, which reached number-one on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Where is Jon B now?

What happened to the group surface?

David Townsend, 50, a singer, guitarist and keyboardist for the 1980s R&B; group Surface, was found dead at his home in Northridge on Wednesday, according to Randy Lopez, a spokesman for RDMJ Entertainment Management, which has managed Surface since it reunited in 2004. The cause of death was not known.

What happened to R&B group?

The group later broke up due to internal conflicts and member T-Low suffering from a career-ending throat condition, but eventually reunited in 2011. In 2014, the group began and completed work on a new album titled Next, Lies, & Videotape (originally titled Music 101) but it was ultimately shelved.

Who is Angie Martinez son?

Niko Ruffin

Angie Martinez / Son

Who died in Dru Hill?

BALTIMORE (AP) — The R&B group Dru Hill has released a song online sparked by the deaths of Freddie Gray and other black males as a result of confrontations with law enforcement.

Is Jodeci still performing?

Jodeci is currently touring across 1 country and has 2 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles (LA), after that they’ll be at Las Vegas Festival Grounds in Las Vegas.

Is 112 back together?

After reuniting for the Bad Boy Reunion tour, R&B group 112 is calling it quits again. Band members Slim and Mike sat down with TMZ to explain why the group is dunzo for good this time. They claim their bandmates Q and Daron have decided to no longer work with the band.

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