5 Clothing Rules When You Play Golf

Golf has always been a game associated with elegance and formality, attracting both seasoned players and newcomers. When it comes to playing golf, adhering to specific clothing rules and golf dress etiquette is crucial. In this article, we’ll explore the essential guidelines you should never overlook when dressing for the golf course.

1. Say No to T-Shirts: Opt for Collared Shirts Instead

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When it comes to golf attire, the golden rule is to never wear t-shirts. Golf clubs uphold a sense of formality, and a collared shirt is a must. Men should consider wearing a comfortable polo shirt, providing the same coolness as a t-shirt but with a touch of formality. For women, a collared shirt that doesn’t expose the midriff and maintains a modest front opening is encouraged.

2. Ditch the Jeans: Embrace Khakis or Golf Slacks

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Jeans are a big no-no on the golf course. Instead, golf players should opt for khakis or golf slacks. The material and color are flexible, but make sure your pants have belt loops, indicating the necessity of wearing a belt. Avoid slacks with cuffs, as they can accumulate sand, potentially causing hazards to players.

3. Shorts Are Acceptable, But Keep Them Modest

Shorts are permissible attire for both men and women. However, they should not be excessively short or too tight. Your shorts should resemble casual trousers, falling just above the knee, and they should also feature belt loops, similar to your golf pants.

4. The Right Footwear and Socks Matter

When visiting a golf course, leave your rubber shoes or sandals at home. Opt for golf club shoes with soft spikes as an alternative to traditional shoes with metal spikes. As for socks, ensure they match your long pants if you’re wearing them. If you opt for shorts, your socks should be in lighter colors. Additionally, always change into your golf shoes in the locker room, not in the parking lot.

5. Keep Your Clothing Colors Toned Down

Especially when playing golf with business associates or trying to close a deal with a client, vibrant and loud-colored polo shirts can be distracting. To maintain a sense of decorum, choose simpler clothing with more subdued colors.

In conclusion, dressing appropriately for a round of golf is not only a tradition but also a sign of respect for the sport and the golf course. By following these 5 clothing rules when you play golf, you’ll not only feel confident but also ensure a seamless and respectful experience on the course.

Fashion on the Fairway: The Do’s and Don’ts of Golf Attire

What should a golfer wear?

When it comes to golf attire, there are some essential guidelines to follow for both men and women:

  • Men: Opt for a collared polo shirt paired with long, smart trousers (avoid jeans) or above-the-knee shorts.

  • Women: Choose between collared polo shirts or blouses, combining them with trousers, capri pants, knee-length skirts, shorts, or skorts.

Both men and women should remember to wear socks and opt for golf shoes or trainers with good sole treads for a comfortable and respectful experience on the golf course.

What is the dress code for a golf course?

Golf course dress codes typically include the following guidelines:

  • Men: Men are generally required to wear a short or long-sleeved collared shirt. Avoid shirts with large graphics or inappropriate graphics/words.

  • Women: Women can often wear sleeveless collared shirts, provided they adhere to the course’s guidelines.

Both men and women should steer clear of overly vibrant colors and opt for attire with small to medium logos, small to medium repeating graphics in patterns, or stripes, as these are usually acceptable at most golf courses.

Can you wear jeans & tee shirts while playing golf?

It is possible to wear jeans and tee shirts while playing golf; however, some conditions should be met. Your clothing should be clean, presentable, and non-offensive. Additionally, golf shoes are not mandatory, but comfortable and appropriate footwear is recommended for an enjoyable golfing experience.

Can you wear a polo on a golf course?

Absolutely, when referring to a collared golf shirt, we’re essentially talking about a collared polo shirt. It’s widely accepted and appropriate attire at any golf course. While you can also opt for a full button-down dress shirt, a standard collared golf polo will be welcomed at every golf course without issue.

What do you wear to play golf?

Your golf attire should include the following options:

  • Pants: Opt for pants made of materials like linen, khaki, cotton, or wool for colder weather. Avoid jeans unless you are certain they are acceptable.

  • Skirts, Skorts, and Culottes: Women have versatile options like capri pants, skirts, skorts (shorts designed to resemble a skirt with panels on the front and back), or culottes that work well for a round of golf.

What is proper golf dress code?

When adhering to the proper golf dress code, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Shorts: Opt for shorts that fall just above the kneecap, maintaining an appropriate length.

  • Skirts and Dresses: Ensure skirts and dresses do not sit more than two inches above the kneecap for a modest look.

  • Bottoms: Avoid streetwear bottoms like denim and basketball shorts. Instead, choose a looser fit over yoga pants or bike shorts for a more golf-appropriate style.

  • Color: Stick to colors such as khaki, black, or white, as they align with the aesthetic of proper golf attire.

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