Analyzing the Chargers’ 31-17 Road Loss to the Chiefs: Key Numbers and Insights

When it comes to analyzing the Chargers’ recent road loss to the Chiefs, the numbers tell an intriguing story. In this article, we break down the game-changing statistics and key figures that define the game, from the Chiefs’ dominance to individual player performances.

The Chiefs’ Dominance


1. Four Consecutive Victories: The Chiefs have now secured four consecutive victories over the Chargers. Their last loss to the Chargers was on September 26, 2021, at Arrowhead Stadium, with a score of 30-24.

2. Andy Reid’s Record: Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid boasts an impressive 16-5 record against the Chargers, while quarterback Patrick Mahomes holds an 8-3 record against them.

3. Mahomes’ Passing Yards: Patrick Mahomes threw for a staggering 424 yards against the Chargers, a significant feat, especially against a defense that ranks last against the pass in the NFL. Mahomes managed to maintain a remarkable quarterback rating of 129.5 despite having a pass intercepted.

4. Kelce’s Receiving Yards: Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ tight end, was a force to be reckoned with. He accumulated 179 yards receiving, catching 12 passes on 13 targets. His performance included an average of 14.9 yards per catch and a touchdown.

5. Third-Down Conversions: The Chiefs displayed their dominance on third downs, converting at a rate of 54.5%. They succeeded on six out of 11 attempts and managed to secure 21 of their 25 first downs through the air. In contrast, the Chargers finished with only 16 first downs.

Game Summary

For a quick overview of the game’s scoreline:

  • CHARGERS 3 14 0 0 — 17
  • Kansas City 3 21 0 7 — 31

The scoring plays were as follows:

  1. Kansas City – Field Goal: Butker kicked a 35-yard field goal. The drive consisted of 11 plays, covering 66 yards in 5 minutes and 10 seconds.

  2. Chargers – Field Goal: Dicker kicked a 55-yard field goal. The drive saw 11 plays, covering 38 yards in 5 minutes and 1 second.

  3. Kansas City – Touchdown: Valdes-Scantling scored a 46-yard pass from Mahomes, with Butker converting the kick. The drive included 6 plays, covering 75 yards in 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

  4. Chargers – Touchdown: Kelley managed a 49-yard run, with Dicker converting the kick. The drive consisted of 7 plays, covering 75 yards in 3 minutes and 29 seconds.

  5. Kansas City – Touchdown: Rice caught a 6-yard pass from Mahomes, with Butker converting the kick. The drive included 5 plays, covering 75 yards in 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

  6. Chargers – Touchdown: Everett caught a 7-yard pass from Herbert, with Dicker converting the kick. The drive saw 6 plays, covering 75 yards in 1 minute and 31 seconds.

  7. Kansas City – Touchdown: Kelce caught a 1-yard pass from Mahomes, with Butker converting the kick. The drive included 6 plays, covering 96 yards in 2 minutes and 33 seconds.

  8. Kansas City – Touchdown: Pacheco scored an 8-yard pass from Mahomes, with Butker converting the kick. The drive consisted of 6 plays, covering 35 yards in 2 minutes and 46 seconds.

Rushing and Passing Statistics


  • CHARGERS: Kelley (7-75), Ekeler (14-45), D.Davis (3-14), Herbert (2-5)
  • KANSAS CITY: Pacheco (13-32), Mahomes (4-29), Edwards-Helaire (2-5), McKinnon (2-2)


  • CHARGERS: Herbert (17-30-2-259)
  • KANSAS CITY: Mahomes (32-42-1-424)

Receiving Statistics


  • CHARGERS: Palmer (5-133), K.Allen (4-55), Everett (3-26), Johnston (1-20), D.Davis (1-10), Parham (1-9), Smartt (1-5), Ekeler (1-1)
  • KANSAS CITY: Kelce (12-179), Rice (5-60), Pacheco (4-28), Valdes-Scantling (3-84), McKinnon (2-24), S.Moore (2-15), Toney (1-13), Gray (1-8), Bell (1-7), Hardman (1-6)

In conclusion, the Chargers’ 31-17 road loss to the Chiefs by the numbers reveals a story of dominance, incredible individual performances, and game-changing statistics. The Chiefs continue to be a formidable opponent for the Chargers, and the game’s details shed light on why they came out on top.

Chiefs’ Dominance and Chargers’ Missed Opportunities

What happened to the Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs?

In the Chargers’ recent road loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, key numbers and historical records shed light on the game’s dynamics:

  • Consecutive Chiefs Victories: The Chiefs secured their fourth consecutive win over the Chargers, marking a streak since the Chargers’ last victory on September 26, 2021, with a score of 30-24 at Arrowhead Stadium.

  • Andy Reid’s Dominance: Chiefs coach Andy Reid boasts a remarkable 16-5 record against the Chargers, while star quarterback Patrick Mahomes holds a solid 8-3 record against them.

This game showcased the Chiefs’ continued dominance over the Chargers, making these statistics a notable part of the matchup’s narrative.

What would a Chiefs loss mean for the Chargers?

In the event of a Chiefs loss, the Chargers would find themselves in a more favorable position, with renewed hopes of clinching the division title in the current football season. This matchup is crucial for the home team, presenting a must-win situation. However, the visiting team arrives with substantial momentum, setting the stage for a potentially decisive showdown at SoFi Stadium.

Did the Chargers miss a chance to take over first place?

Yes, the Chargers missed a valuable opportunity to seize the top spot in the AFC West when they suffered an overtime defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs, with a final score of 34-28 at SoFi Stadium on Thursday night. This loss in a high-stakes game was a setback in their quest for divisional leadership.

Are the Chargers’ late-game heroics the difference maker against the Chiefs?

In the two encounters with the Chiefs this season, the Chargers have held the lead for extended durations of the game, surpassing Kansas City’s control. However, it’s the Chiefs’ late-game heroics that have proven to be the pivotal factor, ultimately shifting the game in their favor.

How did Patrick Mahomes perform in the game against the Chargers?

On October 22, Patrick Mahomes delivered a standout performance as the Kansas City Chiefs secured their sixth consecutive victory. In the game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Mahomes completed 32 of 42 passes for an impressive 424 yards, tossing four touchdowns, and recording one interception. His exceptional performance played a significant role in the Chiefs’ 31-17 triumph on that Sunday afternoon.

What is the historical record between the Chiefs and the Chargers?

In the historical record of matchups between the Chiefs and the Chargers, the Chiefs have the lead with 68 wins compared to the Chargers’ 58 victories and one tie. Additionally, in postseason results, the Chargers hold a 1-0 lead, with their victory occurring on January 2, 1993, when they defeated the Chiefs with a score of 17-0. Notably, the largest victory for the Chargers was 31-0 in 2010, while the Chiefs’ biggest win over the Chargers was 49-6 in 1964. The longest win streak for the Chargers was six consecutive wins from 1979 to 1981, while the Chiefs enjoyed a nine-game winning streak from 2014 to 2018.

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