Analyzing the Rams’ 24-17 Loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers: A Statistical Breakdown

In this breakdown of the Rams’ 24-17 home loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, we delve into the key statistics and noteworthy figures that defined the game. From historical records to offensive and defensive performance, let’s explore the game "Rams’ 24-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers by the numbers."

Historical Record: 1-10 in Los Angeles


  • The Pittsburgh Steelers hold a 1-10 record against the Rams in Los Angeles since their relocation to the City of Angels. This record sets the stage for their recent encounter.

Steelers’ First-Half Struggles: 91 Yards


  • The Steelers managed only 91 yards of offense in the first half, failing to convert a single third down. However, they improved significantly in the second half, converting four of seven third-down attempts.

Rams’ Ground Attack: 135 Yards

  • Despite concerns about their ground game, the Rams rushed for 135 yards, outgaining Pittsburgh by 49 yards on the ground and averaging 4.4 yards per carry compared to the Steelers’ 3.0 yards per carry.

The Turnover Battle: -1 for Rams

  • The Rams lost the turnover battle by a margin of -1. In the game, there was only one turnover, which was an interception on the first drive of the second half by T.J. Watt at the 31-yard line. This interception led to a Steelers touchdown and their 10-9 lead.

Puka Nakua’s Standout Performance: 154 Receiving Yards

Los Angeles Rams rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua

  • Rams rookie Puka Nakua had an outstanding game, amassing 154 receiving yards. He caught eight passes on 12 targets, averaging an impressive 19.3 yards per catch.

Game Summary

  • Here’s a summary of the game’s key stats:
Team 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Final Score
Pittsburgh 0 3 7 14 24
RAMS 0 9 8 0 17

Game Highlights

  • Let’s highlight some key plays and scoring drives in the game:
  1. Pittsburgh:
  • Field goal by Boswell from 53 yards.
  • Pickett’s 14-yard pass to Di.Johnson.
  • Pickett’s 12-yard pass to Co.Heyward.
  1. RAMS:
  • Field goal by Maher from 41 yards.
  • Stafford’s 22-yard pass to Nacua on 3rd-and-11.
  • Atwell’s 31-yard pass from Stafford (kick failed).

The game saw multiple lead changes and key plays on both sides, leading to a 24-17 victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Final Statistics

  • Here are the final statistics for the game:


  • Pittsburgh: Harris 14 carries for 53 yards, Warren 6 carries for 32 yards, Austin 1 carry for 1 yard, Pickett 8 carries for 0 yards.
  • RAMS: Freeman 12 carries for 66 yards, Henderson 18 carries for 61 yards, Stafford 1 carry for 8 yards.


  • Pittsburgh: Pickett went 17-25 for 230 yards with no interceptions.
  • RAMS: Stafford went 14-29 for 231 yards with 1 interception.


  • Pittsburgh: Pickens 5 receptions for 107 yards, D.Johnson 5 receptions for 79 yards, Harris 3 receptions for 15 yards, Co.Heyward 2 receptions for 23 yards, A.Robinson 1 reception for 7 yards, Warren 1 reception for -1 yard.
  • RAMS: Nacua 8 receptions for 154 yards, Kupp 2 receptions for 29 yards, Atwell 1 reception for 31 yards, Higbee 1 reception for 7 yards, Henderson 1 reception for 5 yards, Hopkins 1 reception for 5 yards.


  • Pittsburgh: Austin had 3 punt returns for 14 yards, and Igwebuike had 1 kickoff return for 15 yards.
  • RAMS: There were no punt returns, and Trammell had 1 kickoff return for 12 yards.

The Rams’ 24-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers by the numbers reveals the intriguing statistics and key moments that defined the game. From historical records to standout individual performances, every aspect of this matchup is analyzed to give you a comprehensive view of the game’s outcome.

Historical Records and Milestones

What was the highest scoring Steelers game?

The highest-scoring game in Pittsburgh Steelers history occurred on November 30, 1952, when they faced the Giants. In this remarkable match, the Steelers scored a staggering 63 points, showcasing an exceptional offensive performance that remains a significant milestone in the team’s history.

What was the Steelers worst record?

The Steelers’ worst season came in 1988 when they finished with a 5–11 record, a notable decline from their 8–7 record in 1987. This marked their poorest performance since their NFL-worst 1–13 record in 1969. To date, the 5–11 record in 1988 remains the team’s worst performance since 1969. The team has only recorded ten losses in two other seasons since then, in 1999 and 2003.

How many games have the Steelers won?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a remarkable history of success in the NFL. Since the NFL merger in 1970, the team has accumulated a regular-season record of 444 wins, 282 losses, and 2 ties, boasting a win percentage of .635. Their overall record, which includes playoff games, stands at 480 wins, 305 losses, and 2 ties, maintaining the same impressive .635 win percentage. This rich history also includes 30 playoff appearances, 22 divisional titles, 16 AFC championship game appearances, and a remarkable six Super Bowl victories out of eight appearances.

What was the score of Super Bowl 14?

Super Bowl 14 witnessed an exciting clash as the Pittsburgh Steelers faced off against the Los Angeles Rams. The Steelers emerged victorious with a final score of 31–19, securing their fourth Super Bowl win, a historic achievement at the time. This memorable game took place on January 20, 1980, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, and was watched by a record-breaking 103,985 spectators, adding to the spectacle of this historic Super Bowl matchup.

Has there ever been a 100 point NFL game?

In the NFL’s history, the idea of a 100-point game might seem incredible, but it did happen in 1966. The New York Giants and Washington Redskins engaged in a high-scoring showdown, resulting in a combined total of 113 points. In this remarkable game, the Washington Redskins outlasted the New York Giants with a score of 72-41. The defenses struggled to contain the offensive firepower of both teams, creating a truly unforgettable NFL moment.

What is the highest NFL score ever?

The NFL’s highest-scoring game on record took place on November 27, 1966, when the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants combined for an astonishing 113 points. The Washington Redskins established this record in a thrilling encounter, defeating the New York Giants with a final score of 72-41. The remarkable aspect of this game was the Redskins scoring 24 points in the fourth quarter, setting an enduring mark in NFL history.

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