Angels’ GM Defends Phil Nevin: Shared Responsibility for Team’s Struggles

The Los Angeles Angels, following their second consecutive 73-89 season, entered the offseason amidst a cloud of uncertainty. Their loyal fanbase had grown weary of years of underperformance, and the fate of their two-way star, Shohei Ohtani, hung in the balance. The team’s manager had already been informed that he wouldn’t return for the 2024 season. Amidst all this, General Manager Perry Minasian addressed the media via Zoom to shed light on the situation.

Angels’ Offseason Woes

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The Angels’ recent struggles have left fans frustrated and longing for better days. After their disappointing finish, it was clear that changes were needed, but who should shoulder the blame?

GM Minasian made it clear that the decision to part ways with Phil Nevin, the team’s manager, was not solely due to Nevin’s performance. While the Angels fell short of expectations, Minasian stressed that Nevin should not bear the full brunt of the responsibility.

> "In sports, when you have certain expectations and you don’t meet those expectations, there are changes," Minasian said. "By no means does that mean Phil is to blame. … It’s all of us."

A Collaborative Decision

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The question arises: Whose decision was it not to bring Nevin back? Minasian clarified that it was a collaborative effort between himself and team owner Arte Moreno. In such decisions, ownership typically plays a crucial role. The verdict came after discussions the night following the final game of the season and further deliberations on Monday morning.

The Search for a New Manager

Angels search for new manager after ending Phil Nevin

With Nevin’s departure, the Angels find themselves in need of a new manager. Minasian indicated that he does not have a specific timeline for filling the vacancy, nor has he outlined the qualities he’ll seek in a new manager. However, he expects there will be "a large amount of candidates" interested in the position.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As the Angels wrap up their eighth consecutive losing season, they face a pivotal offseason with playoffs in mind for 2024. Minasian expressed his commitment to this goal, emphasizing that discussions about payroll and player acquisitions are yet to come. The aim is clear – the Angels are looking to rebound and make a mark in the upcoming season.

In conclusion, while Phil Nevin’s departure may have grabbed headlines, GM Perry Minasian emphasizes that the blame for the Angels’ woes cannot rest solely on the former manager’s shoulders. This offseason promises to bring changes and a fresh start for the Angels as they strive to reinvigorate their franchise and return to winning ways.

> "In sports, when you have certain expectations and you don’t meet those expectations, there are changes." – GM Perry Minasian

Stay tuned as the Angels embark on a journey to rebuild and redefine their future in the world of Major League Baseball.

Noteworthy Developments in Angels’ Offseason

Is Phil Nevin to blame for Angels’ woes?

Amidst the Los Angeles Angels’ tumultuous offseason following consecutive 73-89 finishes, General Manager Perry Minasian emphatically declared, "It’s all of us." He emphasized that Phil Nevin, the outgoing manager, should not bear sole responsibility for the team’s struggles. In his assessment, the Angels’ disappointing performance was a collective challenge. Looking ahead, Minasian anticipates a robust pool of candidates vying for the managerial position as the team seeks a fresh start.

Will Phil Nevin return as Angels manager?

The Los Angeles Angels made it clear on Monday that Phil Nevin will not be returning as the team’s manager. While it’s important to note that Nevin’s contract naturally expired at the end of the season, he was not offered a new contract, effectively ending his tenure as the club’s manager after a year-and-a-half.

What happened to Phil Nevin?

Following the Los Angeles Angels’ season-ending record of 73-89, Phil Nevin was relieved of his duties as the team’s manager. The decision to part ways with Nevin was announced by the team on Monday. Notably, General Manager Perry Minasian will continue in his current role and is set to address the media regarding the situation on Tuesday.

Why did angels not bring Nevin back in 2024?

General Manager Perry Minasian expressed his admiration for Phil Nevin, emphasizing that Nevin was not solely responsible for the team’s underperformance. Despite the Angels falling short in the win column, Minasian made it clear that the decision not to bring Nevin back in 2024 was a challenging one. According to Minasian, this choice was motivated by the need for change when expectations are not met in the world of sports.

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