Anna Song’s Impressive Victory: A Repeat Triumph in the City Section Girls’ Golf Championship

Palisades High School’s Anna Song secured her second consecutive City Section girls’ golf championship in a thrilling tournament that saw her surmount obstacles from the very start. In this FAQ-style article, we’ll delve into the details of Anna Song’s remarkable achievement.

Q1: What challenges did Anna Song face in the tournament?


Anna Song and her Palisades teammates encountered an unexpected challenge on the day of the City Section Championships. They arrived at Balboa Golf Course an hour before the scheduled tee-off time, only to find that the driving range was closed until 9 a.m. Coach Dave Suarez decided to take the team to Woodley Lakes Golf Course to warm up, but they were delayed by traffic, leaving Anna with minimal time to prepare.

Q2: How did Anna Song perform under pressure?

Anna Song wins first invitational title

Despite the early challenges, Anna Song displayed unwavering determination. Throughout the day, she battled not against her competitors but against herself, with a desire to surpass her own previous scoring record. The talented junior showcased precision in her game, carding a bogey-free five-under-par 68, reclaiming her title as the individual champion.

Q3: What were the key highlights of Anna Song’s performance?

Anna Song - World Amateur Golf Ranking Player Profile

Anna Song’s performance was characterized by precision and focus. She recorded birdies on holes two, four, five, 12, and 13, accompanied by 13 pars. While she had the chance to equal her record of six-under, her birdie putt on the 18th green just missed the cup. Nonetheless, her performance was exceptional, considering her earlier accomplishments during league finals and practice rounds.

Q4: Who are the other notable champions in the tournament’s history?

Anna Song now joins an elite group of players who have captured back-to-back titles in the 23-year history of the tournament. The select group includes Jee Hee Hwang of Birmingham, Paula Kerdpinyo of Marshall, Monica Petchakan of North Hollywood, Tiffany Yau of Van Nuys, and Carol Cheng of Granada Hills. Angelina Kim of Fairfax also won twice, but not consecutively.

Q5: What are Anna Song’s future aspirations?

Palisades runs away with City Section girls

With two consecutive titles under her belt, Anna Song is set to pursue an even more remarkable feat – becoming the second three-time winner in the history of the tournament. The only golfer to achieve this was Tiffany Yau, who secured titles from 2011 to 2013. Given Anna Song’s remarkable dominance, she is a strong contender for this prestigious achievement.

Q6: How did the leaderboard look for this year’s tournament?

In the 2023 City Section Championships, Momoka Takahashi of Cleveland secured second place in the 32-player field at two-over par, while Mackenzie Park of Marshall claimed the third position at three over.

Q7: What were the noteworthy stats of Anna Song’s victory?

Anna Song wins first invitational title

Anna Song’s victory this year was marked by a significant lead, winning by seven strokes, with the distinction of being the only player to finish under par. Her performance adds to the excitement for the next year’s championship, where she aims to match Tiffany Yau’s record of three consecutive titles.

Palisades’ Anna Song’s repeat victory as City Section girls’ golf champion showcases her remarkable skills and determination, leaving a significant mark on the tournament’s history.

Anna Song’s Legacy: A Dominant Force in Girls’ Golf

Who won the City Section Girls’ Golf Championship?

Anna Song, a talented sophomore representing Palisades, emerged as the champion of the City Section girls’ golf finals. She delivered a remarkable performance, carding an impressive six-under-par 67 at Balboa Golf Course. In addition to clinching the individual championship, Anna Song’s exceptional play also contributed to the victory of the Palisades Dolphins in the team championship. Her outstanding round marks a significant milestone in the history of the tournament.

Who is Anna Song of Palisades?

Anna Song, a sophomore hailing from Palisades, is a rising star in the world of girls’ golf. She recently made history during the City Section girls’ golf finals with a remarkable performance at Balboa Golf Course. Anna Song secured the individual championship by carding an outstanding six-under-par 67, a testament to her skill and precision on the course. Notably, she led the Palisades Dolphins to victory in the team championship. Her performance included an impressive eight birdies, highlighting her talent and potential in the sport.

Who won Granada Hills vs. Palisades?

In the matchup between Granada Hills and Palisades, it was Palisades who secured victory in a commanding manner, claiming the team title. This impressive win reinforces the strength and prowess of the Palisades team. Notably, their star player, Anna Song, brings a wealth of experience to the sport, having competed in junior golf tours and demonstrating a winning track record. With her remarkable skills, she is a strong contender for achieving the coveted three-time City champion status by the time she graduates.

Who are the other notable champions in the history of the tournament?

The City Section girls’ golf tournament boasts a rich history of remarkable champions, owing to its prestigious and demanding course. Notable past champions in this esteemed event include golf legends such as Lee Trevino, Davis Love III, Phil Mickelson, and Sergio Garcia. These illustrious names have left an indelible mark on the tournament’s legacy with their exceptional performances.

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Who is Palisades junior Anna Song?

Palisades’ junior golf sensation, Anna Song, is a rising star in the sport. Her remarkable skills were on full display during the City Section Championships at Balboa Golf Course in Encino, where she shot an impressive five-under 68 to secure her second consecutive City Section individual girls’ championship. Anna Song’s exceptional talent and dedication make her a prominent figure in the world of junior golf.

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