Becki Tweed: The Mastermind Behind Angel City’s Revival

Becki Tweed, the unassuming soccer manager who led Angel City’s remarkable revival, has taken the NWSL by storm. Her journey from an assistant coach to an interim manager showcases her impressive leadership and coaching skills. As the team gears up for the playoffs, the question on everyone’s mind is, "Will she remain coach?" In this article, we delve into the Becki Tweed story, her impact on the team, and the debate surrounding her future.

A Challenging Beginning

Becki Tweed continuing to adjust to new role as Angel City

Tweed’s remarkable journey began in 2021 when she took over as an interim manager for NJ/NY Gotham after a rough patch led to the departure of Freya Coombe. Her ability to inspire players was evident as Carli Lloyd led a rousing cheer after one of Tweed’s speeches. This kickstarted Gotham’s eight-game unbeaten streak, securing their place in the playoffs for the first time in eight years.

A Second Shot at Redemption

Fast forward two years, and Tweed, alongside Daniel Ball, found themselves as assistants under Coombe, this time with Angel City. After a slump led to Coombe’s departure, Tweed was again entrusted with the interim role. Under her leadership, the team lost just one of its final 14 games, securing another playoff spot.

Tweed’s Winning Strategy

Tweed’s approach was straightforward but effective. She transformed training sessions into auditions, selecting the starting lineup based on performance, not reputation. This level of competitiveness engaged the entire team, resulting in an unbeaten streak that defied expectations.

"Becki makes soccer the priority," emphasized Ball. In a league where results matter more than individual stardom, Tweed instilled a culture of hard work and dedication. Her relentless work ethic translated directly to the field, where Angel City clinched their playoff berth through grit and determination.

Becki Tweed: The Unsung Hero

Becki Tweed’s journey to the top of women’s soccer coaching has been far from easy. A native of Bristol, England, she played modestly in the Women’s Premier League before embarking on a coaching career. Her rise from the fringes of the coaching staff to an interim head coach speaks volumes about her determination and skill.

Despite her accomplishments, Tweed is still seen by many as the interim head coach. Her remarkable turnaround at Angel City has yet to remove that label. When asked if she should be named the permanent head coach, Daniel Ball unequivocally stated, "What a stupid question. I can’t imagine a world where our club doesn’t hire Becki."

The Decision Looms

The decision about Tweed’s future lies in the hands of Angela Hucles Mangano, a founding Angel City investor and the team’s general manager. While the team is required to conduct a thorough search process before naming a permanent coach, Tweed’s incredible achievements make a strong case for her retention.

As the playoffs approach, Angel City fans, players, and staff will be eager to know whether the person who led their revival will remain at the helm. Becki Tweed’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, and her future as the coach of Angel City remains one of the most intriguing stories in women’s soccer.

In conclusion, Becki Tweed’s impact on Angel City’s revival is undeniable. The team’s impressive turnaround is a testament to her leadership and coaching prowess. As the team gears up for the playoffs, the question of whether she will remain coach lingers in the air, a testament to her remarkable journey from obscurity to the NWSL limelight.

The Uncertainty Surrounding Becki Tweed’s Future

Will Becki Tweed Remain Angel City Coach?

Becki Tweed’s impact on Angel City has been profound, reinvigorating the team’s performance. As the playoffs approach, the pressing question is whether she will continue to lead the team. In her role as the interim coach, Tweed’s influence has been evident on and off the field. Her ability to inspire and elevate the team’s performance has been nothing short of remarkable. With Angel City’s recent success, there’s a growing debate about her future as the head coach. Will Becki Tweed remain at the helm of Angel City’s soccer journey? The answer to this question carries immense weight in the world of women’s soccer.

Who is Becki Tweed?

Fast forward two years, and Becki Tweed, alongside Daniel Ball, returned to the coaching staff under Freya Coombe, this time in Los Angeles. Following a series of setbacks where Angel City lost three out of four games and slid to 11th place in the league, Coombe departed, and once again, Tweed was entrusted with the role of interim manager. Her influence on the team’s dynamics and performance has been palpable, as she played a pivotal role in spearheading Angel City’s remarkable revival.

Who is Rebecca Susan Tweed?

Rebecca Susan Tweed, hailing from England, is a prominent figure in the world of women’s football. She currently holds the position of interim head coach at Angel City FC in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), a revered soccer competition in the United States. Additionally, she serves as an assistant coach for the United States women’s national under-20 soccer team. Her journey in coaching began with NJ/NY Gotham FC, where she contributed as an assistant coach and even assumed the role of interim head coach. Rebecca Susan Tweed’s versatile experience and leadership have left an indelible mark on the women’s soccer landscape.

How has Tweed changed Angel City’s culture?

Becki Tweed’s influence on Angel City’s culture has been transformative. She has fostered an open and communicative environment, inviting players and staff to engage with her freely on any topic. While the answers may not always be what they expect, Tweed’s willingness to address their questions remains unwavering. Notably, she has emphasized that this is her first time as a head coach, underlining her approachability and the importance of open dialogue within the team.

What led to Angel City’s revival under Becki Tweed?

A midseason coaching change, introducing Becki Tweed as interim head coach, proved to be the turning point for Angel City FC. The team, initially languishing in 11th place, underwent a remarkable transformation, surging to fifth place and securing their first-ever appearance in the NWSL playoffs. Under the guidance of interim head coach Becki Tweed, Angel City FC experienced a significant upturn in performance and results, showcasing her instrumental role in the team’s revival.

Will Becki Tweed continue as Angel City’s head coach?

As Angel City’s interim coach, Becki Tweed is in the midst of a transformative journey. Since her promotion, the team has maintained an undefeated streak in four games. While their performance under her guidance has been impressive, Tweed remains focused on continual growth and development. The question on everyone’s mind is whether she will transition into a permanent role as Angel City’s head coach. The decision regarding her future with the team is a subject of much anticipation and discussion.

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