Bob Costas Optimistic: Dodgers’ Game 3 Comeback Against Diamondbacks

In a candid interview on the Dodgers’ playoff performance, Bob Costas shared his insights on the team’s chances in Game 3 of the National League Division Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

When it comes to baseball and the playoffs, hope springs eternal, and Bob Costas believes there’s still a glimmer of hope for the Dodgers despite being down two games to none.

Dodgers’ Starting Pitching Dilemma

Bob Costas says Dodgers can beat Diamondbacks in Game 3 - Los Angeles Times

Costas emphasized the importance of starting pitcher Lance Lynn stepping up in Game 3. He also highlighted the need for Clayton Kershaw to return to form after a disappointing outing in the series opener. The question is, can they turn things around in time for Game 3?

Costas admitted, "Those are all a whole bunch of ifs," but as the saying goes, "It ain’t over ’til it’s over."

> "Those are all a whole bunch of ifs, aren’t they?" – Bob Costas

Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman’s Struggles

Mookie Betts Is a Superstar Rarity in the MLB Playoffs - WSJ

Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman, the Dodgers’ powerhouses, have not delivered as expected in the playoffs. They have a combined one for thirteen batting record. While it’s not time for sweeping conclusions, Costas pointed out that in baseball, a player can bounce back in just one game.

> "In baseball, a guy can pull out of it in one game." – Bob Costas

The Playoff Format and Its Critics

The conversation with Bob Costas also touched upon the MLB playoff format, which has faced criticism. With the playoffs now expanded to include 12 teams, some argue it’s become a daunting challenge for even the best teams to reach the World Series.

> "There’s no guarantee that the best teams will make it all the way to the World Series." – Bob Costas

Costas proposed some changes to the format to make it fairer. One idea involves making the division series a best of seven to provide a more legitimate test. To avoid extending the season into Thanksgiving, he suggested a modification in the wild-card format.

> "You don’t want to guarantee anything, but I think if the division series was a best of seven, that would be a more legitimate test." – Bob Costas

Despite the Dodgers’ challenging situation in the playoffs, Bob Costas’ insights suggest that there’s always a chance in baseball. With a history steeped in unpredictability, the sport reminds us that anything can happen. Can the Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks in Game 3? We’ll have to wait and see.

> "Predictions in baseball are folly, just folly." – Bob Costas

Bob Costas believes that in this exciting world of baseball, it’s anyone’s game, and the Dodgers could still turn the tide.

Remember to catch the action in Game 3 to see if Bob Costas’ hopes for the Dodgers will be realized.

Noteworthy Topics of Interest

Should Arizona Diamondbacks play Dodgers vs D-backs on TBS?

Arizona Diamondbacks fans are nodding in agreement. Bob Costas has been the voice of the D-backs’ National League Division Series matchup against the Dodgers on TBS. Throughout the two astonishing upsets achieved by the D-backs, Costas has injected the kind of enthusiasm one anticipates in a mid-August game on the Dodgers’ home broadcast.

Could the Arizona Diamondbacks have found their secret weapon in Bob Costas as they take on the Dodgers in a thrilling postseason showdown? It’s certainly been an energizing experience for D-backs fans.

Will the Dodgers-Diamondbacks series go into Game 3?

As the Dodgers-Diamondbacks series unfolds on television, fans are eager to gain insights into Game 3, given the Dodgers’ unanticipated "win-or-go-home" scenario.

In this pivotal moment, questions loom: Can the Dodgers overcome their predicament? Will they force the series into Game 3, defying expectations? It’s a high-stakes situation that has captured the attention of baseball enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more as we delve into the series’ thrilling progression.

What if the Diamondbacks were advancing to the LCS?

Bob Costas, the TBS play-by-play announcer, playfully posed a question, chuckling, "If you had the Diamondbacks advancing to the LCS, good for you." However, it’s no laughing matter for him, as he became a target on social media, facing criticism from Diamondbacks fans who believed he favored the Dodgers.

The scenario of the Diamondbacks advancing to the League Championship Series is a thought-provoking one. It opens up discussions on baseball, preferences, and fan sentiments, reminding us of the passionate spirit of sports enthusiasts. The journey of the Diamondbacks in the playoffs continues to be an exciting one.

Did the Diamondbacks hit four home runs in the 3rd inning?

In the world of baseball, where every game is, in a sense, a televised spectacle, the pivotal scene unfolded in the third inning. It was here that the Diamondbacks achieved an astonishing feat – hitting four home runs. Analyst Ron Darling, awestruck, exclaimed, "I’ve never seen anything like this." Bob Costas concurred, stating, "Nor have I." It was truly an extraordinary moment, one that left both analysts amazed by the unprecedented display of power.

What’s the playoff outlook for the Dodgers after Game 2 losses?

The Dodgers find themselves teetering on the edge of playoff elimination following their disappointing Game 2 defeat against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The image of Freddie Freeman walking back to the dugout after a crucial strikeout in the fifth inning at Dodger Stadium encapsulates the challenges they face. With their backs against the wall, the Dodgers are left to ponder their postseason fate.

What if the Dodgers win Game 4?

As the Dodgers and Padres engage in a best-of-five series, with the Dodgers enjoying the comfort of home-field advantage, all eyes are on Game 4. The series, having seen the Dodgers and Padres split the first two games in Los Angeles, and the Padres clinching the first game in San Diego, hangs in the balance. But here’s the intrigue: if the Dodgers clinch a win in Game 4, it paves the way for a thrilling return to Los Angeles for a high-stakes, winner-takes-all Game 5.

How did the Dodgers win their third consecutive game against San Diego?

The Dodgers achieved their third consecutive victory against San Diego through the remarkable performance of Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger, who both delivered crucial home runs. This win not only marks their third consecutive triumph but also elevates their season record to an impressive 2-0 during an extensive 11-game homestand. Additionally, Los Angeles has maintained a strong record against San Diego this year, winning four out of five encounters. These victories have propelled the Dodgers to a commanding lead of 3 1/2 games atop the NL West, showcasing their dominance in the division.

Will the Dodgers make the playoffs this season?

Amidst cheers and celebration led by Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, the team sealed the National League West title with a resounding victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks. When it comes to their playoff aspirations, there has been little doubt that the Dodgers would clinch a postseason spot this season.

Who won the Dodgers’ 4-1 win over the Cardinals?

In a commanding performance, the Los Angeles Dodgers secured a 4-1 victory against the St. Louis Cardinals. Will Smith’s impressive two hits and Michael Grove’s five solid innings on the mound, resulting in his first career win, were pivotal in this triumph. This win also solidified the Dodgers’ position as the No. 1 overall seed in the National League.

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