Bob Costas Optimistic: Dodgers’ Game 3 Comeback Against Diamondbacks

In a recent interview, legendary sportscaster Bob Costas shared his insights on the critical Game 3 matchup between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Dodgers found themselves in a dire situation, trailing the best-of-three National League Division Series 2-0. Costas, with his 50-year broadcasting career, discussed the challenges the Dodgers face and whether they can turn the series around.

A Sigh of Hope for the Dodgers

Bob Costas says Dodgers can beat Diamondbacks in Game 3 - Los Angeles Times

Bob Costas acknowledged that the Dodgers are not at their full strength, plagued by injuries to their pitching staff throughout the season. He also noted Clayton Kershaw’s unfortunate performance in Game 1, which raised eyebrows. The early struggles, he emphasized, are magnified when they occur in October. Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman, two of the Dodgers’ star players, have struggled in the series, further complicating the team’s situation.

> "Two games in baseball don’t prove much, except when they happen in October, and then it’s glaring."

Can the Bats Turn the Tide?

When asked about the Dodgers’ hitting, especially the postseason slumps of Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman, Costas remained optimistic. He highlighted the unpredictable nature of baseball, where a player can go from a batting slump to a hitting spree in just one game.

> "In baseball, a guy can pull out of it in one game. So, I’m not drawing any overarching conclusions from what happened the first couple of games."

Predictions? A Fool’s Errand

As for predicting the series outcome, Costas stressed the inherent unpredictability of baseball. He emphasized that any team can beat another on any given night in baseball, making predictions an exercise in futility.

> "Predictions in baseball are folly, just folly."

Addressing Playoff Format Critiques

The interview also touched on the critique of Major League Baseball’s playoff format, particularly the lengthy layoff for teams that don’t play in the wild-card round. Costas acknowledged the potential impact of such layovers on teams like the Dodgers but countered that no manager would prefer a wild-card "crapshoot" over a bye into the next round.

Costas proposed potential format tweaks to make the playoffs fairer. He suggested a best-of-seven division series and a revised wild-card format to avoid prolonging the World Series.

> "There are a number of suggestions about how to tweak this format to make it fairer."

Bob Costas’ insights provide a glimmer of hope for the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 3 against the Arizona Diamondbacks. While the odds may be stacked against them, the unpredictable nature of baseball leaves room for surprises. Dodgers fans, in Costas’ words, can take solace in the fact that a veteran announcer believes there’s a chance. The outcome remains uncertain, and that’s what makes baseball truly exciting.

In the midst of a challenging series, Costas also calls attention to the need for potential changes in the playoff format, raising questions about its fairness and the best ways to optimize the postseason experience.

Exploring Related Topics

Should Arizona Diamondbacks play Dodgers vs D-backs on TBS?

Arizona Diamondbacks fans undoubtedly appreciate it. Bob Costas has provided the play-by-play commentary for the D-backs’ National League Division Series showdown against the Dodgers, broadcast on TBS. Throughout the two remarkable upsets engineered by the D-backs, Costas has infused the broadcast with the same level of enthusiasm you’d anticipate during a mid-August game on the Dodgers’ home turf.

Will the Dodgers-Diamondbacks series go into Game 3?

Schilken: As you’ve been the voice behind the Dodgers-Diamondbacks series on television, there’s growing curiosity about your perspective as we approach Game 3. The Dodgers now find themselves in a win-or-go-home scenario, a situation they likely didn’t anticipate.

What if the Diamondbacks were advancing to the LCS?

Bob Costas, the TBS play-by-play announcer, humorously quipped, "If you had the Diamondbacks advancing to the LCS, good for you." Bob Costas, once again, found himself at the center of social media banter, as Diamondbacks fans playfully teased him over what appeared to be a preference for the Dodgers.

Did the Diamondbacks hit four home runs in the 3rd inning?

If we view a baseball game as, to some extent, a TV show (which it is – the medium through which most people, aside from the 48,000 spectators at Chase Field, witnessed the game), the pivotal moment came in the third inning. During that inning, the Diamondbacks managed an impressive feat, hitting four home runs. Analyst Ron Darling exclaimed, "I’ve never seen anything like this," and Costas chimed in with a similar sentiment, "Nor have I." Indeed, it was a remarkable display.

Can the Dodgers win Game 3 against the Diamondbacks?

Dave Roberts maintains his optimism for the Dodgers’ potential comeback in NLDS Game 3, despite two consecutive losses to the Diamondbacks. Even with their backs against the wall in the NLDS, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts holds a positive outlook. The Arizona Diamondbacks clinched victories in the first two games of the series, leaving the Dodgers in a challenging position.

How did the Dodgers win the Diamondbacks game?

The Los Angeles Dodgers demonstrated their mastery of winning baseball games. Mookie Betts ignited the offense with a three-run homer, while Cody Bellinger contributed a crucial two-run double. The result was a resounding 6-0 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Monday night, with Tyler Anderson delivering an outstanding performance. Notably, this win secured the Dodgers as the first major league team to clinch a playoff spot this season, and it’s a definitive achievement.

What time does the Dodgers V Ari Chevron_right NLDS play?

The Los Angeles Dodgers, favored at -150, face off against the Arizona Diamondbacks, at +125, in Game 3 of the NLDS. The game is scheduled for Wednesday at 9:07 PM ET at Chase Field. The Diamondbacks currently hold a 2-0 series lead and have a chance to sweep if they secure a victory. The Dodgers are favored at -147, while the Diamondbacks stand at +124.

Can the Dodgers sweep the Diamondbacks?

With the Diamondbacks holding a 2-0 series lead, the question remains: can the Dodgers complete a sweep? The Dodgers are favored at -147, while the Diamondbacks stand at +124. The starting pitchers for this critical game are Lance Lynn (13-11, 5.73 ERA) for the Dodgers and Brandon Pfaadt (3-9, 5.72 ERA) for the Diamondbacks.

When is Game 3 of the NLDS?

When is Game 3 of the NLDS? Game 3 of the NLDS between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks is scheduled for Wednesday at 9:07 PM ET at Chase Field. The Diamondbacks hold a 2-0 series lead and have the opportunity to complete a sweep with a victory.

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