Breaking News: Angel City Set to Name Becki Tweed as Permanent Coach

Los Angeles, CA – In a surprising turn of events, Angel City Football Club is reportedly on the verge of naming Becki Tweed as its permanent head coach, removing the interim tag she acquired in June after the dismissal of Freya Coombe. Although the deal has yet to be officially signed, The Athletic reported that a decision was made on Friday, with an official announcement anticipated later this week.

Tweed’s Remarkable Journey

Angel City reportedly will name Becki Tweed as permanent coach - Los Angeles Times

Becki Tweed took over as interim head coach when Angel City was struggling with a 2-6-3 record. However, under her leadership, the team experienced a significant turnaround, losing only once in the subsequent 14 matches. This remarkable feat propelled the team into the playoffs for the first time, marking a historic achievement for the club.

Player Support and Stellar Performance

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Tweed’s coaching prowess has not only reflected in the team’s performance but has also garnered immense support from the players. Several team members have spoken out in favor of Tweed, praising her ability to inspire and motivate the team. Defender Sarah Gorden emphasized, "There’s just so many things that she brings to the table for our team," while goalkeeper coach Daniel Ball stated, "I can’t imagine a world in where our club don’t hire Becki."

Tweed’s Background and Coaching Expertise

Originally from Bristol, England, the 34-year-old Tweed had a successful playing career in the Women’s Premier League before transitioning to coaching. She joined Angel City in January, following stints at Monmouth University and Gotham, and later working with the U-20 national team. Her diverse experience both as a player and a coach has undoubtedly contributed to Angel City’s recent success.

What’s Next for Angel City?

If and when Tweed’s appointment becomes official, Angel City will become the second team in the 12-team NWSL to fill its vacant coaching position since the end of the regular season. This move marks a pivotal moment for the club, signaling their commitment to Tweed’s vision and leadership.

As fans eagerly await the official confirmation, Angel City’s decision to reportedly name Becki Tweed as the permanent coach has already created a buzz in the soccer community. With the support of players and management, Tweed’s journey from interim coach to permanent head coach is indeed a testament to her coaching prowess and the team’s belief in her abilities.

Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting chapter unfolds in Angel City’s history.

Disclaimer: The reported appointment of Becki Tweed as the permanent coach is yet to be officially confirmed by Angel City Football Club.

The Road to Permanency: Angel City’s Decision-Making Process with Becki Tweed

Who is Angel City Coach Becki Tweed?

Angel City coach Becki Tweed, observed overseeing warmups prior to a match against the Orlando Pride at BMO Stadium on Oct. 2, stepped into the role of interim head coach following the departure of Freya Coombe in June. With her strategic leadership, the team underwent a notable transformation. Reports suggest that Tweed is on the verge of being named the permanent head coach, marking a significant milestone in her coaching career. Known for her impactful coaching style, Tweed’s journey from interim coach to the helm of Angel City exemplifies her dedication and expertise in the realm of women’s soccer.

Who is Becki Tweed?

In a significant development for Angel City, Becki Tweed is poised to become the team’s official head coach, shedding the interim status she assumed in June after taking over from Freya Coombe. Despite a team spokesperson’s non-confirmation, reports indicate Tweed’s imminent appointment. Having steered the team through a successful phase, Tweed’s coaching acumen has been evident. Her journey from interim manager to the potential permanent head coach reflects her impact on Angel City’s performance, marking her as a rising star in women’s soccer.

Who is Rebecca Susan Tweed?

Rebecca Susan Tweed, widely known as Becki Tweed, is a distinguished English women’s football manager and former player. Currently, she holds the position of interim head coach at Angel City FC in the American National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Tweed’s expertise doesn’t end there; she also serves as an assistant coach for the United States women’s national under-20 soccer team. Her impressive career includes roles as an assistant coach and interim head coach at NJ/NY Gotham FC, showcasing her versatility and impact in the world of women’s soccer.

Who is Kate Tweed?

Kate Tweed, a notable figure in women’s soccer, has an extensive background in coaching and playing. She made significant contributions as an assistant coach and interim head coach at NJ/NY Gotham FC. Tweed’s professional playing career spans six years in the FA Women’s Premier League, where she showcased her talent for Bristol City and Millwall. With a rich history in both coaching and playing, Tweed brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of women’s football.

Who is Becki Tweed, Angel City’s New Coach?

In a pivotal move in 2023, Angel City FC appointed Becki Tweed as an assistant coach on January 11. This decision marked her reunion with former Sky Blue FC head coach Freya Coombe and Gotham Reserves co-head coach Eleri Earnshaw. Following the mid-season dismissal of Coombe on June 14, Tweed was swiftly promoted to the role of interim head coach, taking the helm of Angel City FC. Her journey from assistant coach to interim head coach underscores her rapid ascension within the club, showcasing her expertise and adaptability in the competitive world of women’s soccer.

Why was Becki Tweed Chosen as Angel City’s Head Coach?

Becki Tweed assumed the role of interim coach at Angel City Football Club when the team was struggling in 11th place in the NWSL standings. The decision to promote Tweed came after the dismissal of Freya Coombe midway through the season, with ACFC general manager Angela Hucles Mangano expressing the need for a change at that crucial point. Tweed’s appointment was driven by the club’s strategic decision to bring in new leadership, aiming to revitalize the team’s performance and steer them towards a more successful trajectory in the league.

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