Breaking News: Malibu Triathlon Receives Last-Minute Green Light from City Council

In a late-night decision following a marathon six-hour meeting, the Malibu City Council has given the green light for the Malibu Triathlon to proceed as scheduled this weekend. This unexpected move came after passionate appeals from supporters of the iconic event and despite growing concerns in the city about the disruptions caused by large-scale commercial gatherings.

Tidewater Goby Discovery Threatens the Triathlon

A tiny endangered fish could force cancellation of Malibu Triathlon - Los Angeles Times

This year, the Malibu Triathlon faced the threat of cancellation due to the unforeseen discovery of the tidewater goby, an endangered fish species, in an underpass along the biking course. The organizers of the event received confirmation of the tidewater goby’s presence in the Zuma Beach underpass only in late August. Their modified course route was not officially approved until early September. Unfortunately, by this time, Malibu officials contended that it was too late to issue a permit for the triathlon, as city regulations stipulate that nearby residents must be informed of such events at least 32 days in advance.

A Councilmember’s Determination

Malibu Triathlon gets last-minute approval from City Council - Los Angeles Times

Councilmember Paul Grisanti voiced his determination, stating, "I think we should make this happen and be done with it." In a pivotal moment around midnight, Grisanti proposed that the council grant the triathlon’s permit. The council voted 4-0 in favor, asserting that the law allowed for a five-day notice of the event. Moreover, they noted that the event had been widely publicized, and organizers had already sent notices to affected residents earlier in the month. However, one council member, attorney Bruce Silverstein, abstained. Earlier in the meeting, Silverstein expressed his desire for a clear legal justification for his vote, emphasizing, "I can’t bring myself to approve something if I don’t see a code basis to do it."
Before the council’s decision, numerous supporters of the Malibu Triathlon passionately addressed the panel. Former council member Pamela Conley Ulich urged the council to "do the right thing," emphasizing the importance of showcasing the "Malibu way of life."
The last-minute approval from the City Council has paved the way for the Malibu Triathlon to continue its longstanding tradition of bringing together athletes of all skill levels to swim, run, and bike along the picturesque coast, all while raising funds for a vital cause: cancer research at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. This decision demonstrates the unwavering commitment of the community to support philanthropic endeavors, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Exploring Local Charitable Races

Will the Malibu Triathlon go ahead this weekend?

The Malibu City Council, following a marathon six-hour meeting that stretched past midnight, made a pivotal decision early Tuesday: they have given their approval for the Malibu Triathlon to proceed as scheduled this weekend. This significant development comes in the wake of fervent appeals from ardent supporters of the race, even as concerns grew within the city regarding the impact of large-scale commercial events. Will the Malibu Triathlon go ahead this weekend? The resounding answer is yes, as the City Council’s resolute decision ensures the event’s continuation.

What is the 2006 Malibu Triathlon?

In the picturesque setting of Zuma Beach, the 2006 Malibu Triathlon unfolded as athletes converged to participate in a time-honored event. This triathlon, steeped in tradition, saw participants engaging in a challenging race that encompassed swimming, cycling, and running along the stunning coastal backdrop. For decades, this annual gathering has drawn thousands of athletes each fall, all driven by a common purpose: to contribute to local charitable causes, notably including the renowned Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The 2006 Malibu Triathlon stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of athleticism and philanthropy.

Is the Malibu Triathlon an influencer junket?

Is the Malibu Triathlon merely an influencer junket? According to Dr. Villablanca, a prominent figure in the event’s 38-year history, the answer is a resounding no. She staunchly defended the triathlon’s integrity, emphasizing that the organizers’ tireless efforts in collaboration with the city and multiple agencies distinguish it from influencer-oriented gatherings. Dr. Villablanca underscored the event’s commitment to meeting all necessary requirements and concluded that drawing the line with the Malibu Triathlon would be ill-conceived.

Can a triathlon avoid a tidewater goby?

Can a triathlon successfully evade encounters with the tidewater goby? Unfortunately, the challenge faced by race organizers was twofold. They had to design an alternate race route that circumvented the presence of the tidewater goby, an endeavor that took time. Regrettably, this effort culminated after the critical 32-day notification deadline had expired. As a result, city officials declined to issue the necessary permit for the triathlon, which had been slated for September 30th and October 1st.

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