Breaking Records: San Clemente High’s Brett Ephraim Triumphs with Personal Best at Mt. SAC

San Clemente High’s star runner, Brett Ephraim, showcased an outstanding performance at the 75th Mt. SAC Cross-Country Invitational held at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut. In the highly competitive Division 1-2 boys’ team sweepstakes, Ephraim secured a remarkable victory, leaving spectators and competitors in awe.

Ephraim’s Personal Best Achievement

San Clemente High

Ephraim stunned the audience by clocking a personal-best time of 14 minutes and 50 seconds on the challenging 2.93-mile course. This impressive feat marked a significant improvement of 13 seconds compared to his previous year’s time at the same event. Ephraim’s dedication and determination were evident as he took the lead during the grueling uphill stretch at Reservoir Hill in the final mile of the race.

A Prestigious Win and Boost in Confidence

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Ephraim expressed his joy at winning this prestigious race, stating, “This is such a prestigious race with so much history, so to win it, it’s pretty special.” Initially uncertain about participating due to upcoming prelims and finals, Ephraim’s victory not only reinforced his confidence but also served as a testament to his resilience and skill.

Competition and Results

In a nail-biting finish, Ephraim clinched the victory just one second ahead of Riverside King’s Maximo Zavaleta, with Owen Frank of Mira Costa securing the third position in 14:57. Despite San Clemente’s exceptional performance, they narrowly missed repeating their previous year’s victory, finishing second with a score of 116 points, behind Great Oak’s 88 points.

Learning from Experience

Reflecting on his strategy, Ephraim shared his insights, “I’ve learned from running this course before that it’s not bad to start off somewhat slow and push harder on the downhill portion where you use less energy. I like how the race played out.”

Lessons and Next Steps

Even with his outstanding win, Ephraim acknowledged the importance of pacing himself. He said, “The last mile was pretty tough, but it was all my fault — I went out a little too fast… Next time I’ll start a tad bit slower. I was expecting to go under 14:40.”

Final Thoughts

San Clemente High’s Brett Ephraim’s victory at the Mt. SAC Cross-Country Invitational not only showcased his talent and determination but also highlighted the school’s strong athletic program. Ephraim’s achievement serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and a testament to the power of perseverance and strategic racing.

For more details on the race and other participants’ performances, stay tuned for updates from the cross-country season.

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Competitive Challenges and Noteworthy Moments

What was Brett Ephraim’s Winning Time at Mt. SAC?

Brett Ephraim showcased his exceptional skills by clocking a personal-best time of 14 minutes and 50 seconds at the challenging 2.93-mile Mt. SAC course. This remarkable achievement marked a significant improvement of 13 seconds compared to his previous performance at the same event last year. Ephraim’s determination and dedication were evident as he triumphed over the competition, leaving a lasting impression with his impressive time.

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