Corey Seager Faces Uncomfortable Question About Dodgers: Rangers’ Star’s Candid Response

Corey Seager, the star shortstop of the Texas Rangers, found himself in an uncomfortable situation shortly after clinching his second World Series win in four years with the Rangers. In a post-game news conference, a reporter posed an awkward question that left Seager at a loss for words – a question about his former team, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A Puzzling Inquiry


Seager had just been named the World Series MVP for the second time as a member of the Rangers, celebrating their championship victory against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Still riding the high of this triumphant moment, the timing of the question seemed perplexing.

The reporter in question asked, "Why did the Dodgers let you go?" Seager, who had been visibly pleased moments before, suddenly appeared uncomfortable and unsure, responding with a hesitant "I don’t know." He even turned towards the session moderator for help.

The reporter pressed further, asking, "You don’t have an answer?" Seager responded with a shrug and an uneasy smile, choosing to redirect his focus to the next question.

A Remarkable Journey

Corey Seager’s journey to the Texas Rangers had a significant impact on the Dodgers. Selected by the Dodgers in the first round of the 2012 draft, Seager quickly rose to prominence. He was named the National League rookie of the year just four years later.

In 2020, Seager’s contributions played a pivotal role in the Dodgers’ World Series victory. He was named the MVP of both the NL Championship Series and the World Series, leading the Dodgers to their first championship since 1988. However, during spring training in 2021, Seager turned down an eight-year, $250-million contract extension from the Dodgers.

From Dodgers to Rangers

Seager became a free agent in the following offseason and made a surprising move, signing a 10-year, $325-million contract with the Texas Rangers. This decision raised eyebrows, considering the Rangers had finished the previous season with a dismal 102-game loss record.

The Rangers’ fortunes dramatically turned around in 2023, resulting in their first-ever World Series championship. Seager expressed his elation in a postgame news conference, stating that he was "lost for words" when talking about the team’s success.

Corey Seager’s journey from the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Texas Rangers has been marked by moments of uncertainty, bold decisions, and ultimately, triumph. While the awkward question about the Dodgers may have momentarily flustered the star shortstop, it doesn’t diminish his remarkable achievements with the Rangers. The 2023 World Series win is a testament to the vision and determination that Seager and his new team share.

So, in the midst of an unexpected inquiry, Corey Seager remains a crucial player in the ongoing story of baseball, contributing to the Rangers’ historic success and etching his name further into the annals of the sport.

Rangers’ Corey Seager is asked an awkward question about the Dodgers, but his journey continues to be a captivating and evolving tale within the world of baseball.

A Curious Reporter’s Intriguing Inquiry: Corey Seager’s Response

Corey Seager Refuses To Answer Postgame Question About Dodgers

After the Texas Rangers’ series-clinching victory, a curious reporter inquired why the Los Angeles Dodgers had allowed Corey Seager to depart, subsequently enabling the Rangers to secure a substantial deal with him two years prior. In response, Seager maintained a poised smile and awaited the next query, demonstrating his reluctance to cast any shadow over his former team following his personal accomplishments.

Did Corey Seager ask a question about the Dodgers?

It’s quite unusual that any questions regarding the Dodgers arose, and the specific question asked is undeniably perplexing. It’s akin to inquiring about someone’s ex immediately after their wedding. Corey Seager’s adept handling of the situation ensured it didn’t mar his celebratory night.

Who is Corey Seager?

Corey Seager, the Texas Rangers’ shortstop, recently secured the World Series MVP title after a decisive Game 5 triumph against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix. Notably, Seager had previously attained the same prestigious award in 2020 while representing the Los Angeles Dodgers. His exceptional performance left him momentarily speechless in the wake of this victory.

Why did Corey Seager win the World Series?

On Wednesday night, the Texas Rangers clinched their inaugural World Series victory, and a pivotal contributor to their success was none other than Corey Seager. Throughout the postseason, this superstar shortstop consistently rose to the occasion, ultimately securing his second World Series MVP accolade, underscoring his invaluable role in the Rangers’ historic achievement.

Was Corey Seager ‘lost for words’ in 2022?

In 2022, the Texas Rangers faced a challenging season, posting a 68-94 record. However, their fortunes dramatically transformed this year, resulting in the organization’s maiden World Series triumph. In a postgame news conference following this historic win, Corey Seager expressed his elation by stating he was "lost for words," emphasizing the remarkable turnaround and the profound impact of this achievement.

Why did the Dodgers let Corey Seager go?

Corey Seager’s departure from the Los Angeles Dodgers raised questions, particularly after he declined an eight-year, $250-million contract extension offered during spring training in 2021. Subsequently, in the following offseason, he made a surprising move by signing a substantial 10-year, $325-million contract with the Texas Rangers. This move was intriguing, given that the Rangers had endured a challenging season, losing 102 games the year prior.

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