Decoding High School Volleyball: Playoff Seedings Unveiled 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the recently released high school volleyball playoff seedings by the Los Angeles City Section. Below, we have compiled essential information about the seedings, teams, and match schedules to keep you updated and excited about this thrilling event.

Open Division Seedings

High school playoffs volleyball seedings released - Los Angeles Times

In the highly anticipated Open Division, Palisades takes the lead as the No. 1 seed. This dominant team, with a remarkable 34-6 record, is set to face off against No. 8 seed Birmingham (6-28) in the quarterfinals on Wednesday at 4 p.m. Palisades has shown exceptional prowess, remaining undefeated against City opponents throughout the season.

Competitive Matchups

Venice, the Gold Division champion at Chatsworth, enters the playoffs as the No. 2 seed (34-9). They will host No. 7 seed Cleveland (18-22-1) in the quarterfinals, promising an intense battle on the court. The No. 3 seed, Taft (38-10), will face off against No. 6 seed Chatsworth (27-17), and No. 4 seed El Camino Real (20-8) will host the defending Open champion, Granada Hills.

Key Dates to Remember

  • Quarterfinals: Palisades vs. Birmingham on Wednesday at 4 p.m.
  • Semifinals: Higher seeds will host on Monday, October 30, at 7 p.m.
  • Finals: Scheduled for Friday, November 3, at Cal State Northridge.

Division I and II Seedings

In Division I, Marshall, the Northern League champion, secures the No. 1 seed (30-12-1). They will host a quarterfinal match on Thursday, October 26, at 4 p.m. against the winner of the match between No. 8 seed Kennedy and No. 9 seed Marquez. Meanwhile, University, last year’s Division II champion, takes the No. 2 seed in Division I, indicating another exciting competition ahead.

In Division II, GALA, the Division III reigning champion, claims the top spot. The Goddesses (26-6) will host a second-round match on October 26 against the winner of the match between No. 16 seed King-Drew and No. 17 seed Foshay.


The high school volleyball playoffs promise intense matches, showcasing the skills and determination of talented teams. Stay tuned for updates as these teams battle it out in the pursuit of glory. For more details and live updates, keep an eye on the official announcements regarding the "High school playoffs volleyball seedings released."

Remember, the love for volleyball and the spirit of competition unite us all in this thrilling journey through the playoffs. Let the games begin!

Exploring Themed Questions Surrounding Volleyball Playoff Seedings

Are Palisades & Dolphins Seeded in the Open Division Playoffs?

Yes, Palisades stands tall as the No. 1 seed in the highly competitive Open Division playoffs. This coveted position places them at the forefront of the eight-team division, exclusively featuring schools from the Western and West Valley leagues. The official announcement from the Los Angeles City Section revealed Palisades’ dominance, marking them as the team to watch in this thrilling volleyball playoff season.

Does HighSchoolOT Provide Projections for the Volleyball Playoffs?

Absolutely! HighSchoolOT offers comprehensive playoff projections for all NCHSAA’s seeded playoffs every year, including the volleyball playoffs across all classifications. These projections are intricately crafted, relying on the real-time RPI system, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date information for fans and enthusiasts. Unlike weekly updates, HighSchoolOT’s projections provide a dynamic perspective, keeping you in the loop with the latest developments in the volleyball playoff season.

Who Drew the No. 1 Seeds in the WPIAL Girls Volleyball Playoffs?

In the latest WPIAL girls volleyball playoff brackets, North Allegheny, North Catholic, Freeport, and Serra Catholic have all secured the prestigious No. 1 seeds. The WPIAL’s announcement, made on October 21st, highlighted these top-seeded teams, setting the stage for an exciting and competitive volleyball postseason.

Are There Any High School Volleyball Playoffs in South Dakota?

Yes, girls’ volleyball playoffs are indeed held in South Dakota. These playoffs are organized by the South Dakota High School Activities Association (SDHSAA) and feature competitive matchups. For comprehensive coverage, MaxPreps offers detailed information on the SDHSAA playoffs through their bracket system, ensuring fans stay updated on the exciting high school volleyball action in South Dakota.

Which Teams Are Top Seeds in High School Volleyball Playoffs?

In the upcoming 2021 playoffs, North Allegheny, North Catholic, and Bishop Canevin, last year’s WPIAL girls volleyball champions, are set to defend their titles as No. 1 seeds. The WPIAL volleyball committee announced these prestigious seeds, designating North Allegheny in Class 4A, Trojanettes in 2A, and Crusaders in A as the top contenders. Stay tuned for thrilling matchups as these teams aim to maintain their championship status in the highly anticipated high school volleyball playoffs.

3 Defending Champions Awarded Top Seeds for WPIAL Girls Volleyball Playoffs

In the 2021 WPIAL girls volleyball playoffs, last year’s champions, North Allegheny, North Catholic, and Bishop Canevin, have been granted the coveted No. 1 seeds. These defending champions, representing Class 4A, 2A, and A respectively, are gearing up to defend their titles. The WPIAL volleyball committee made the announcement, setting the stage for an intense competition as these top-seeded teams strive to maintain their championship status in the upcoming playoffs.

Is Palisades a Seed in the Open Division Playoffs?

Absolutely, Palisades holds the esteemed No. 1 seed in the competitive Open Division playoffs. Among the eight teams in this division, Palisades stands out as the top seed, exclusively featuring schools from the Western and West Valley leagues. The Los Angeles City Section unveiled the girls’ volleyball playoff brackets, confirming Palisades’ position as a key contender in this exciting tournament.

What’s New in the Division 1 Girls’ Volleyball Playoffs?

Get ready for an exciting twist in the Southern Section Division 1 girls’ volleyball playoffs. The latest pairings, revealed on Saturday morning, introduce a fresh pool-play format, bringing unprecedented excitement to the postseason. This innovative approach marks a departure from the traditional single-elimination bracket format, promising fans and teams alike a thrilling and unpredictable tournament experience.

Who Is a Top Seed in Valley Mission League?

In the Valley Mission League, Reseda, with an impressive 14-2 record, claims the No. 1 seed in Division III. Meanwhile, Central City Value, the runner-up from the Freeway League with a record of 16-10, secures the top spot in Division IV. Additionally, Animo Bunche, the fourth-place team in the Freeway League with a record of 10-8, emerges as the top seed in Division V. These rankings highlight the exceptional performance of these teams within the Valley Mission League.

Does HighSchoolOT Provide Playoff Projections?

Certainly! HighSchoolOT offers in-depth playoff projections annually for all NCHSAA’s seeded playoffs. This fall, exclusive projections for volleyball playoffs across all classifications are provided to HSOT Insiders. These projections rely on the real-time RPI system, ensuring up-to-the-minute accuracy, unlike weekly updates, providing valuable insights to fans and enthusiasts.

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