Did red rock kill lane frost

In the world of rodeo, Lane Frost’s name is synonymous with bravery and skill. His remarkable journey came to an end in a tragic event involving the legendary bull, Red Rock. This FAQ aims to shed light on the details surrounding the incident and answer related questions.

Did Red Rock Kill Lane Frost?

The story of Sisters bull Red Rock and his battle with Lane Frost

Yes, Red Rock, the notorious bucking bull, was involved in the incident that led to Lane Frost’s untimely demise.

How Did the Incident Occur?

During a match in Spanish Fork, Utah, Lane Frost faced Red Rock. In the final moments of the ride, at 9.63 seconds, Lane dismounted the bull, and Red Rock was defeated 4 to 3, marking a significant moment in rodeo history.

Lane Frost’s Legacy and Family

Lane Frost, a ProRodeo Hall of Famer, married Tracy Hedeman in 1986, and they had two sons together. After Lane’s passing, Tracy remarried and now resides on a West Texas ranch with her husband, Mike Macy.

Relationships and Connections

Lane Frost’s family ties in the rodeo world run deep. Joe Frost and Josh Frost, Lane’s second cousins, have made their mark as bull riders, continuing Lane’s legacy. Joe participated in the National Finals Rodeo multiple times, showcasing the Frost family’s talent and dedication.

Red Rock’s Infamy and Lane Frost’s Demise

The story of Sisters bull Red Rock and his battle with Lane Frost

Red Rock, an unrideable bull with a reputation, was the bull Lane attempted to conquer. Tragically, during the encounter, Red Rock’s horn struck Lane, causing fatal injuries. This incident left the rodeo community mourning the loss of a beloved champion.

Lane Frost’s Enduring Legacy

Despite the tragedy, Lane Frost’s legacy lives on. His story, depicted in the movie "8 Seconds," immortalizes his determination and love for rodeo. The bond between Lane Frost and Red Rock serves as a reminder of the risks these athletes face in pursuit of their passion.


The incident involving Red Rock and Lane Frost remains a poignant moment in rodeo history. Lane’s courage, Red Rock’s infamy, and the Frost family’s resilience continue to inspire rodeo enthusiasts worldwide. As we remember this chapter, Lane Frost’s spirit lives on, reminding us of the dedication and bravery inherent in the world of rodeo.

Remember, Lane Frost’s story, like many others in rodeo, is a testament to the courage and passion of these athletes, who face incredible challenges every time they step into the arena.

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Legacy and Impact of the Frost-Red Rock Encounter

The Story of Sisters Bull Red Rock and His Battle with Lane Frost

The iconic battle between Lane Frost and the notorious bull, Red Rock, became a pivotal scene in the 1994 biopic “Eight Seconds,” featuring Luke Perry as Lane Frost. Following Frost’s 4-3 series victory over Red Rock, a tragic turn of events unfolded. Frost met his untimely demise a year later while competing at a rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In a poignant tribute at Frost’s memorial during the national rodeo finals, Red Rock was brought back, symbolically honoring the fallen rider. This emotional moment underscored the significance of their intense rivalry, immortalized in the film, and left a lasting impact on the rodeo community.

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What Happened Between Red Rock & Lane Frost?

In a notable turn of events, the brindle brute, Red Rock, was temporarily un-retired to engage in a series of six one-on-one matches with Lane Frost, the 1987 PRCA world champion bull rider. The series commenced in Red Bluff, Calif., where Lane had a brief two-second ride, resulting in an unexpected encounter with the dirt. A week later, at Clovis, Calif., déjà vu struck as Lane’s ride lasted only two seconds before he found himself off the bull once again.

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Who is Lane Frost in 8 Seconds?

In the feature film "8 Seconds," Lane Frost was portrayed by Luke Perry. Frost, the 1987 World Champion Bull Rider, played a central role in the movie. During the same year, Red Rock, the iconic bull, was crowned the World Champion Buckin’ Bull. In 1988, John Growney orchestrated a series of rides between Frost and Red Rock, aptly named "The Challenge of the Champions." This cinematic portrayal captures the essence of Frost’s remarkable journey and his legendary encounters with the renowned bull, Red Rock.

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What Happened at Red Rock & Red Bluff?

The series of matches between Lane Frost and Red Rock commenced at Red Bluff, Calif. During the first encounter, Lane’s ride lasted a mere two seconds, leading to an unexpected meeting with the ground. A week later, at Clovis, Calif., a sense of déjà vu prevailed as Lane’s ride once again concluded after just two seconds. Remarkably, this attempt marked Lane Frost’s fourth endeavor to conquer the formidable bull. Notably, Lane had previously faced Red Rock at two National Finals Rodeos, in the years 1985 and 1986.

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What Happened to Bob Frost?

Bob Frost achieved a remarkable feat as the sole rider to score qualified rides on Red Rock, the 1987 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year. Unfortunately, his rodeo career met a tragic end at the 1989 Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo. After successfully riding the bull Takin’ Care of Business, Frost was struck by the bull, sustaining severe injuries. Tragically, he was pronounced dead at a local hospital following the incident.

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How Many Times Did Lane Frost Get on Red Rock?

In 1988, a pivotal showdown occurred between Lane Frost and Red Rock, the iconic bull, a year after both achieved the World Championship in 1987. Red Rock, who had remained unridden in over 300 outs, faced Frost seven times. Remarkably, Frost managed four successful 8-second rides in his attempts, with the competition culminating in a decisive "Game 7." This historic rivalry between Frost and Red Rock is immortalized in the ProRodeo Hall of Fame, honoring their remarkable achievements in the rodeo arena.

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