Did roman reigns win last night

At WWE WrestleMania 38, fans witnessed a historic moment as Roman Reigns emerged victorious in the main event, securing the Undisputed Universal Championship. Let’s delve into the details through some frequently asked questions.

Did Roman Reigns Win WrestleMania?

2022 WWE WrestleMania 38 results, Night 2 grades: Roman Reigns unifies titles, Stone Cold stuns Vince McMahon - CBSSports.com

Yes, Roman Reigns clinched a remarkable victory at WWE WrestleMania 38. In a shocking turn of events, he pinned Brock Lesnar to become the undisputed WWE champion. The event took place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, concluding the evening with Reigns’ triumphant win.

Who Did Roman Reigns Defeat?

Roman Reigns faced off against Brock Lesnar, a fierce competitor, in the main event. Despite Lesnar’s reputation, Reigns managed to outmaneuver him, securing the Universal Championship title.

Did Roman Reigns Win at WWE Day 1?

Indeed, Roman Reigns showcased his dominance at WWE Day 1 by winning the Universal Championship. He triumphed over Lesnar, who had previously captured the WWE Championship. This victory solidified Reigns’ position as the champion in the wrestling world.

Highlights of Roman Reigns’ Victory

2022 WWE WrestleMania 38 results, Night 2 grades: Roman Reigns unifies titles, Stone Cold stuns Vince McMahon - CBSSports.com

  • Title Defense at WWE Clash of Champions: Reigns dethroned Rusev for the United States Championship, showcasing his unwavering determination.
  • WrestleMania 38 Triumph: Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar, marking a significant milestone in his wrestling career and continuing the Roman Reigns era.
  • Continued Dominance: With Paul Heyman by his side, Reigns has maintained his reign as the Undisputed Universal Champion, proving his resilience and skill in the ring.


Roman Reigns’ victory at WWE WrestleMania 38 stands as a testament to his prowess and determination. His journey to becoming the Undisputed Universal Champion has captivated fans worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on Reigns’ remarkable wrestling career.

Did Roman Reigns Win Last Night? Absolutely, and his legacy in the WWE continues to grow stronger with each victorious bout.

Exploring the WWE Spectacle: Did Roman Reigns Secure the Win?

Who won in Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes?

In the thrilling face-off between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes, the match ended with Cody Rhodes emerging as the victor. This unforgettable battle remains etched in the memories of fans, leaving a lasting impact on both solo competitors and Reigns. Currently, Cody R has ascended to champion status, marking a significant milestone in his wrestling career.

Did Roman Reigns Win Last Night at SummerSlam?

Explore the most thrilling highlights from a night filled with action at SummerSlam. Among the notable moments, discover whether Roman Reigns emerged victorious in his match. The event showcased the best of WWE, capturing the excitement and intensity of SummerSlam’s epic battles.

Did Roman Reigns Win SummerSlam 2023?

In a historic display of dominance, Roman Reigns, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, extended his remarkable reign at SummerSlam 2023. Reigns achieved a significant milestone by retaining his title in a thrilling "Tribal Combat" match against Jey Uso. The main event in Detroit showcased Reigns’ prowess, marking another chapter in his legendary championship run, which now approaches an impressive 1,110 days.

Did Roman Reigns Lose to Cody Rhodes?

At WrestleMania, Roman Reigns secured a surprising victory over Cody Rhodes, leaving the WWE universe in shock and disappointment. Reigns managed to pin Rhodes down for the 1-2-3, a turn of events that upset many fans. Rhodes candidly discussed the reaction to his defeat on the latest episode of SI Media With Jimmy Traina, shedding light on the emotional response from the wrestling community.

Who Defeated Cody Rhodes?

In a highly anticipated showdown, Roman Reigns emerged victorious against the favored contender, Cody Rhodes, during the main event of WrestleMania 39 earlier this month. Reigns’ triumph marked a significant moment in the wrestling world, showcasing his dominance in the ring.

Is Cody Rhodes a Champion?

In his initial stint with WWE, Cody Rhodes achieved notable success, becoming a two-time Intercontinental Champion. Additionally, he excelled as a prolific tag team wrestler, securing an impressive six world tag team championships. This feat included three World Tag Team Championships and three WWE Tag Team Championships, accomplished alongside four different tag team partners. Rhodes’ championship legacy underscores his talent and contribution to the wrestling industry.

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