Dodgers Offseason Pitch: Navigating Urgency for Aces Amid Rotation Woes


Dodgers meetings: Urgency for pitching, Clayton Kershaw update - Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Dodgers, under the leadership of Andrew Friedman as president of baseball operations, are facing a pressing need to fortify their starting pitching lineup. This urgency stems from a notable regression in the rotation’s performance during the previous season, culminating in a disappointing playoff exit against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Historical Context

In the past offseasons, the Dodgers have sought starting pitching reinforcements, but this winter presents a unique challenge. After leading the majors in rotation ERA for four consecutive years, they plummeted to 20th place with a 4.57 ERA in the regular season. This statistical decline prompted Friedman to acknowledge the necessity of a more aggressive approach to pitching acquisitions.

Front Office Perspective

Both Friedman and General Manager Brandon Gomes emphasized the heightened focus on bolstering the starting rotation. Friedman acknowledged a potential shift in strategy, stating, "It’s reasonable to say that [our aggression level in the pitching market] would be more than what it has been when we come off years of top production." Gomes echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need to strike a balance between depth and maintaining a high-end tier of pitchers.

Potential Targets

The upcoming free agency class offers several intriguing options for the Dodgers. Notable pitchers like Blake Snell, Aaron Nola, Jordan Montgomery, Sonny Gray, and Japanese star Yoshinobu Yamamoto are on the radar. Additionally, established aces like Corbin Burnes, Tyler Glasnow, and Dylan Cease could be potential trade targets.

Rotation Upgrade

Any addition from this pool of talent would mark a significant upgrade for the Dodgers’ rotation, expected to include Walker Buehler, Bobby Miller, and promising young arms like Ryan Pepiot, Emmet Sheehan, or Gavin Stone. This move would be the most substantial pitching acquisition since the signing of Trevor Bauer three years ago.

Financial Considerations

While the potential signings of Snell and Yamamoto could command hefty contracts exceeding $200 million, and trades would necessitate significant prospect capital, the Dodgers find themselves compelled to address their rotation woes aggressively. The team, known for strategic spending, may need to reconsider its approach given the unprecedented challenges faced during the past season.


The urgency for pitching in the upcoming Dodgers meetings is palpable, with the front office signaling a departure from previous strategies. As they pursue top-tier pitchers to rectify the rotation struggles of the past year, the franchise faces both financial considerations and the pressure to make impactful moves reminiscent of their previous acquisitions. Fans eagerly await the developments as the Dodgers navigate the intricate landscape of the offseason pitching market.

Unpacking the Key Themes at Dodgers Meetings: Pitching Needs and the Clayton Kershaw Update

Will Clayton Kershaw be able to help the Dodgers in 2024?

In 2024, the Dodgers face a notable absence in their pitching roster as Clayton Kershaw, set to continue his Hall of Fame career, undergoes shoulder surgery. Unfortunately, this surgery will sideline the seasoned pitcher for a significant portion of the upcoming season. Kershaw’s absence poses a challenge for the Dodgers, raising questions about how the team will navigate his temporary unavailability and maintain pitching prowess without the contributions of their veteran ace.

Are the Dodgers in the Shohei Ohtani Sweepstakes?

During a three-day session at the Omni Scottsdale Resort near Phoenix, the Dodgers laid the groundwork for a promising offseason. Confirming expectations, the team is actively participating in the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes, signaling a keen interest in the versatile player. The focus extends beyond Ohtani, as the Dodgers are actively seeking at least a couple of starting pitching additions to enhance their roster for the upcoming season.

Should the Dodgers be more aggressive in pitching this winter?

Acknowledging a notable regression in their pitching performance, Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman recognizes the imperative to adopt a more aggressive approach in acquiring pitching talent this winter. This acknowledgment hints at a potential strategic shift, particularly after the team opted for lower-cost alternatives such as Tyler Anderson, Andrew Heaney, and Noah Syndergaard in the past couple of offseasons. The question arises: Is a more assertive pitching strategy necessary for the Dodgers to address their recent pitching challenges effectively?

Is Clayton Kershaw still on the Dodgers?

Despite undergoing shoulder surgery with an expected absence during a part of the 2024 season, Dodgers president of baseball operations, Andrew Friedman, affirms the team’s commitment to having Clayton Kershaw conclude his illustrious career with them. Despite the temporary setback, the Dodgers express a steadfast desire for Kershaw to remain an integral part of their roster.

Why did Clayton Kershaw get pulled?

Clayton Kershaw faced an unexpected early exit, being pulled from the game after conceding six runs in the first inning, as reported by ESPN. The decision to remove the Dodgers’ ace from the mound during the initial inning raises questions about the factors contributing to this abrupt change and the impact it may have had on the team’s overall performance.

What is Clayton Kershaw’s pitching record this year?

24 13-5 1.06

In the current season, Clayton Kershaw has participated in 24 games, boasting a pitching record of 13 wins and 5 losses. His performance is further highlighted by an impressive WHIP (Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched) of 1.06, showcasing his effectiveness on the mound.

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