Dodgers on the Brink: Playoff Drama Unfolds as They Face Elimination in Arizona

FAQ: Unpacking the Playoff Showdown in Chase Field

The Arizona Diamondbacks have not played a postseason home game in six years. When the playoffs finally return to Chase Field on Wednesday, with the home team one victory from eliminating the Dodgers, the ballpark will be rocking.

What’s the Playoff Situation in Arizona?

Dodgers face elimination in their second home in Arizona - Los Angeles Times

After a long playoff hiatus, the Arizona Diamondbacks are back on their home turf at Chase Field. They have a chance to eliminate the Dodgers, creating a buzz of excitement among baseball fans.

How Does This Compare to Last Year’s Playoff Scene?

Last year, the San Diego Padres made headlines by implementing strict ticket restrictions to ensure a hometown advantage during the playoffs. If you lived outside San Diego County, you couldn’t purchase a ticket. This controversial move paid off by creating an electric atmosphere at Petco Park.

> “What San Diego did last year, to kind of X the Dodger fans out because of zip code,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said, “I’ve never seen Petco Park that loud.”

Did the Diamondbacks Take a Similar Approach?

Arizona Diamondbacks playoff hopes: What are the Diamondbacks

Interestingly, the Diamondbacks chose not to implement such a strict restriction. Derrick Hall, the team president, explained that they have a sizable Dodgers fanbase in the Valley who are expected to show up. Instead, they aim to enhance the in-game experience to counter the Dodgers’ strong presence.

Attendance Dynamics: Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks break single-game attendance record in game vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers consistently draw crowds, even in away games, whereas the Diamondbacks face attendance challenges. The Dodgers are known for leading the MLB in attendance, a streak that has persisted for a decade. In contrast, the Diamondbacks, located in the fifth-largest city in the U.S., haven’t ranked in the top half of attendance since 2008.

When the Dodgers played at Chase Field this season, the average crowd was 27% larger than when they did not.

> “It’s so much fun,” Hall said. “They’re great supporters of the Dodgers.”

Dodger Fandom in Phoenix: More Than Meets the Eye

The impact of Dodgers fans in Arizona is evident. Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson once quipped, “there’s more Dodger fans than Arizona fans” when the teams play in Phoenix. This statement was corroborated by outfielder A.J. Pollock, who played for the Diamondbacks for seven seasons before joining the Dodgers.

In Conclusion: The Playoff Drama Unfolds

NBA Playoffs: Booker Unstoppable, Jokic Gets Physical as Drama Unfolds in Desert | Flipboard

As the Dodgers face elimination in their second home in Arizona, the dynamic between Dodgers and Diamondbacks fans takes center stage. The conflicting loyalties and the battle for home-field advantage promise an exciting showdown.

In Phoenix, the presence of Dodgers fans has been a hot topic, and it adds an extra layer of drama to the playoff series. As Chase Field comes alive, we’ll see whether the Diamondbacks can overcome their well-supported opponents and secure their playoff victory.

So, as the playoffs return to Arizona, expect the unexpected as the Dodgers and Diamondbacks clash in a thrilling contest at Chase Field.

The Dodgers’ Notable Absences: A Closer Look

Dodgers face elimination in their second home in Arizona – Los An…

Dodgers’ Second Home Showdown in Arizona

October 11, 2023 – 4 AM PT

The Arizona Diamondbacks have been absent from postseason home games for a substantial six-year stretch. This Wednesday, the playoffs make a long-awaited comeback to Chase Field, and the anticipation is palpable. Why? Because the home team is a single victory away from achieving what many consider a remarkable feat: eliminating the mighty Dodgers. The result? A ballpark that’s set to be absolutely electric, with fans on the edge of their seats.

In a stunning twist of fate, the Diamondbacks aim to make the most of their home advantage, an experience that has been a rarity for the past six years. But will they succeed in sealing the Dodgers’ fate? The baseball world watches with bated breath as this thrilling showdown unfolds.

When did the Arizona Diamondbacks & Dodgers last meet?

In the world of MLB playoffs, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Dodgers last locked horns in Phoenix on October 9, 2017. It’s worth noting that the Diamondbacks have been absent from hosting a postseason home game for a significant span of six years. However, the anticipation is at an all-time high as the playoffs make their triumphant return to Chase Field this Wednesday. What’s truly at stake? The home team is just one victory away from eliminating the Dodgers, setting the stage for a game that promises to rock the ballpark and the baseball world.

Will the Arizona Diamondbacks play a postseason home game?

Will the Arizona Diamondbacks Host a Postseason Game?

The Arizona Diamondbacks have experienced a lengthy six-year hiatus from hosting postseason home games. However, this drought is about to change as the playoffs make a grand return to Chase Field this Wednesday. The home team is on the brink of eliminating the Dodgers, setting the stage for an electrifying atmosphere at the ballpark. Yet, there’s a catch—Dodgers fans, likely in full force, will be part of the equation.

What’s happening with the Dodgers this offseason?

What’s Unfolding with the Dodgers this Offseason?

The offseason signifies a period of transitions and transformations for numerous players and baseball organizations. The Dodgers have certainly been no exception to this pattern in recent months. Notably, key figures from their 2022 lineup, including Trea Turner, Tyler Anderson, Cody Bellinger, and others, have bid farewell to the Dodgers and found new homes.

Are the Dodgers more fans than Arizona fans?

Do Dodgers Fans Outnumber Arizona Fans?

"They’re great supporters of the Dodgers," and this loyalty has not gone unnoticed. In a telling moment at their 2020 fan festival, outfielder Joc Pederson candidly stated, "there’s more Dodger fans than Arizona fans" during games in Phoenix. The undeniable presence of Dodgers fans adds a unique dynamic to the baseball scene in Arizona.

Are the Dodgers eliminated from playoffs?

The latest team to join the exclusive 100-win club, the Dodgers, now faces the pivotal question: have they bowed out of the MLB playoffs? Discover the latest updates on their playoff journey at Sportico.com.

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