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Although it might appear to be a very relaxed sport, However, does playing golf burn off calories? I mean, we golfers dress nice, there isn’t a lot of running involved, and there is a lot of time for breaks. That’s why we golfers are so successful. But despite appearances to the contrary, golf is actually a fairly strenuous sport to participate in. It is possible that the amount of calories burned while playing golf will come as a surprise to you. Now, the number of calories that are burned during a workout is the true indicator of how effective it is.

So… does playing golf burn up a lot of calories? The answer is yes, golfing does burn calories. Playing golf can burn as many as 600 calories in one hour. If you play 9 holes of golf and it takes you 2.5 hours to do so, you will have burned 1,500 calories. Using the same method of calculation, it is possible to burn 3,000 calories by playing 18 holes of golf in five hours.

There are many different aspects that play a role in determining how When you play golf, you don’t burn quite as many calories as when you run or lift weights, but you still do burn some calories.

Note: Before beginning any strenuous golf activity or making significant alterations to your typical golfing routine, you should consult with your primary care physician or a nutritionist first. It is recommended that foods high in protein be consumed in order to make up for the lost calories. And make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water or sports drinks that contain electrolytes throughout the entire game.

We are going to examine all of the different ways that playing golf can help you burn calories in this article. If you are interested in altering the number of calories you burn while playing golf, continue reading to learn how and where you can either burn more calories or cut back on the number of calories you burn so that you don’t burn too many. It is organized such that we start by discussing the factors that have the least influence and work our way up to the factors that have the most influence. The number of holes played, the amount of weight in your golf bag, and the strategy you employ to navigate the course are all elements that come into play. To get started, let’s consider the size of the round.

Golf Calories Burned Playing 9 Holes vs 18 Holes

The number of holes that are played is one of the factors that determines how many calories a golfer can burn while they are playing the game.

Golfing can result in a calorie burn of up to 600 per hour. depending on the other factors that will be discussed in the following sentence.

To put that into perspective, that is slightly less than the number of calories that are in a miniature M&M blizzard from Dairy Queen.

A round of nine holes can take anywhere from two to two and a half hours to complete on average. Therefore, at the very highest end of the calorie count, this would imply that a round of nine holes of golf burns approximately 1,500 calories for a golfer.

That comes out to just a hair more than the cost of a Big Mac meal from McDonald’s, complete with a large order of fries and a large Coca-Cola.

That would obviously be the equivalent of twice as many calories for an eighteen-hole round of golf.

Considering the same amount of calories and the same amount of time, that would mean a In the five hours that it takes to play eighteen holes of golf, a golfer will, at the very most, burn approximately 3,000 calories. .  That is in excess of the daily calorie intake that is recommended, which is 2,000 calories.

However, the number of calories that an individual actually burns depends on a variety of different factors. When it comes to the total number of calories burned from playing golf, the number of holes played is actually one of the factors that is the least significant.

Weight of the Golf Bag

Carrying your golf bag increases the number of calories you can potentially burn while playing the game, so be sure to do so. The typical weight of a golf bag ranges from 20 to 30 pounds, depending on the golfer and the kinds of clubs they bring along for a given round or course. When you add the weight of the bag onto your shoulders for an 18-hole round, you are doing approximately the same amount of work as it takes to backpack for a distance of 5 miles.

Getting Around


If you don’t carry your bags and ride in a golf cart from hole to hole, you can expect to burn only about 300 calories in an hour.

That would imply that in order to burn off that large Big Mac meal from McDonald’s that we mentioned earlier, you would have to play an entire round consisting of eighteen holes of golf.

Push Carts

Even if you aren’t carrying the weight of your bag and are instead using a pushcart to move around the course, you will probably still burn somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 calories per hour.

This is due to the fact that even though you won’t be carrying your clubs, the energy required to push the cart will more than make up for the difference. You will not need to carry your bag from one hole to the next in order to burn additional calories, which is a small but welcome relief.


If you want to burn 600 calories in an hour, you will need to walk while carrying your bag. This is the only way to accomplish this goal. The most strenuous way to burn calories while golfing is to walk from one hole to the next and from one shot to the next. Although you will burn some calories by swinging the club, the activity that will result in the greatest reduction in caloric intake is regular walking.

Topography of the Course

It is important to point out that just because you walked the entire round while carrying your bag does not necessarily mean that you burned 600 calories in an hour. Depending on how many literal highs and lows the course has, you might occasionally burn more or less calories than usual. The more of an incline you have to climb, the more calories you will burn in comparison to a course that is relatively flat.

Conclusion: How Many Calories Does Golf Burn Per Hour?

The answer is yes, golfing does burn calories. There are a lot of different aspects to consider, but On average, one hour of walking or using a push cart while playing golf burns off 600 calories. , which is equivalent to saying:

  • Playing nine holes of golf will burn off 1,500 calories.
  • Playing golf for the full round will burn off 3,000 calories.

If a golfer is walking while carrying their clubs, the amount of calories they burn in an hour while playing golf is comparable to the amount of calories burned while playing other sports.

As is the case with all forms of physical activity, the amount of calories burned while golfing is entirely dependent on the individual. Be sure to discuss any concerns or questions you have with your primary care physician before making any significant alterations to your current exercise routine. If you already play golf or are thinking about starting, you should know that it is a fun and effective way to burn off some calories and get a workout at the same time.

And just for fun…here is the entirety of Rory McIlroy’s workout routine.

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