Freddie Freeman’s Historic 20th Stolen Base: A Game-Changer in MLB History

Freddie Freeman’s recent steal of second base during the Dodgers’ victory over the Detroit Tigers has earned him a special place in baseball history. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this remarkable achievement and address some key questions about it.

Why No Victory Lap for Freddie Freeman?

Freddie Freeman joins elite club with his 20th stolen base - Los Angeles Times

When Freddie Freeman reached second base after his 20th stolen base, fans might have expected an exuberant celebration. However, there were a couple of good reasons why he didn’t follow in the footsteps of legends like Rickey Henderson.
The first reason was an initial call of "out" by umpire Dan Bellino. It was only after a replay review that Freeman’s steal was confirmed. This turn of events made Freeman the 11th first baseman in MLB history to achieve the rare feat of hitting at least 20 homers and stealing 20 bases in a single season.
The second reason for the absence of a grand celebration was that despite this milestone, Freeman’s career stolen base count stands at 86. While impressive, it’s a long way from Rickey Henderson’s all-time record of 1,406 stolen bases.
Dodgers manager Dave Roberts humorously remarked, "He’s far from Rickey as far as that category," emphasizing the vast difference in their stolen base numbers. Nonetheless, this achievement marked a significant milestone in Freeman’s career.
Freddie Freeman’s accomplishment is all the more remarkable because he’s not known for his speed. At 34 years old, he defied expectations by reaching the 20-stolen base mark. His previous high was just 13 stolen bases in 2022.
Freeman attributes his success to hard work and preparation. He credits first-base coach Clayton McCullough for helping him analyze pitchers’ patterns, recognize the right situations to steal, and make the most of his opportunities on the basepaths.
He humorously acknowledges that the Freeman family isn’t known for speed, saying, "The Freemans aren’t known to be very fast." Nonetheless, he stays in good shape to ensure he can contribute in this area.
Stolen bases have seen an increase in recent times, thanks in part to rule changes. The increase in the size of bases and the limitation of pitchers to two pick-off attempts per plate appearance have made it more favorable for baserunners.
Freeman, always striving to be a well-rounded player, has also improved his baserunning skills over the years. In the 2023 season, he boasts an impressive 20-for-21 success rate in stolen base attempts, highlighting his growth in this aspect of the game.
Freddie Freeman’s journey to 20 stolen bases in a season is a testament to his versatility as a player. While he may not be challenging Rickey Henderson’s all-time record anytime soon, his accomplishment showcases his dedication to constantly improving his game.
As Freeman puts it, "This is one thing I never thought I’d do in my career, so it was pretty cool." With his MVP-caliber performance and his newfound prowess on the basepaths, Freeman continues to be a force to be reckoned with in Major League Baseball.
In conclusion, Freddie Freeman joins an elite club with his 20th stolen base, making history and proving that age is no barrier when determination and hard work are in play.

Freddie Freeman’s Impact on Baseball

How many steals does Freddie Freeman have?

Freddie Freeman’s stolen base count for this season is an impressive career-high 20 steals. The Dodgers’ first baseman achieved this milestone during a game where he joined an elite club with his 20th stolen base. In his own words, Freeman expressed his surprise and satisfaction, stating, "This is one thing I never thought I’d do in my career, so it was pretty cool."

Why did Freddie Freeman not pull a second base bag?

Two compelling reasons explain why Freddie Freeman refrained from pulling the second-base bag out of the ground and celebrating exuberantly, akin to Rickey Henderson. First, Freddie was initially ruled out by umpire Dan Bellino on catcher Jake Rogers’ one-hop throw, leaving no room for spontaneity. It was only after the call was overturned by replay review that the celebration began. Second, despite his impressive 20 stolen bases, Freeman’s career total stands at 86, a significant distance from Rickey Henderson’s all-time record of 1,406. These factors shaped Freeman’s restrained reaction after achieving this remarkable feat.

Who is Freddie Freeman?

Freddie Freeman, a standout player in Major League Baseball, has achieved a remarkable milestone. He is the fourth player in AL/NL history to record 25+ home runs, 50+ doubles, and 20+ stolen bases in a single season, showcasing his exceptional skills both at the plate and on the basepaths. While many consider him a strong contender in the NL MVP race, his achievements speak volumes about his contributions to the sport.

What happened to Freddie Freeman in the World Baseball Classic?

In the World Baseball Classic, Dodgers’ first baseman Freddie Freeman faced an unfortunate setback. During Canada’s game against Colombia, Freeman had to exit the match after just three innings due to a right hamstring injury. His performance in the third game of the tournament included going 0-for-2 at the plate, including a foul pop out to third base in the third inning. This injury temporarily sidelined Freeman during this international baseball event.

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