Garfield’s Gritty Triumph: Mud-Soaked Victory Over San Pedro Paves the Way to Playoff Clash with Gardena


Garfield beats San Pedro for playoff showdown with Gardena - Los Angeles Times

In the midst of mud-stained glory, Garfield High School’s football team emerged victorious in a gritty encounter against San Pedro, setting the stage for a playoff showdown with Gardena. This win, however, comes at a pivotal time for Garfield’s football field, soon to be replaced by an all-weather turf field.

The Mud Game

Coach Lorenzo Hernandez anticipates a historic match against Gardena, especially considering the field’s current state. The recent 38-21 triumph over San Pedro showcased Damian Cornejo’s remarkable comeback, rushing for 233 yards and scoring three touchdowns after missing three games due to a leg contusion. Cornejo’s enthusiasm for facing Gardena in the mud echoes his previous muddy encounter last season.

Game Highlights

  • Tied Battle: The first half against San Pedro remained deadlocked at 14-14, with Garfield grappling with lost fumbles.
  • Cornejo’s Comeback: Despite a tied score, Cornejo’s 30-yard touchdown pass to Paul Ramos gave Garfield a crucial 28-21 lead.
  • Strategic Shift: Coach Hernandez’s decision to rely on Garfield’s line and emphasize Cornejo’s role paid off, securing the win.

Standout Performances

Several players contributed to Garfield’s victory:

  • Dominic Vasquez: Registered his fifth interception of the season, caught a 24-yard touchdown pass, and had a tackle for a loss.
  • Jayden Barnes: Made a critical 25-yard gain setting up a Cornejo touchdown.
  • Joshua Estrada: Executed a game-changing sack on fourth down.

Playoff Outlook

Garfield’s journey in the Open Division aligns with seed predictions. As the second seed, they are set to face Gardena, the third seed, in a playoff showdown. The top-seeded Birmingham and fourth-seeded Carson will also clash, following their respective victories.

Looking Ahead

This game marked Garfield’s return to the field since the East L.A. Classic victory against Roosevelt. Despite alumni sentiment, the focus remains on reaching the Open Division championship game. Cornejo’s strategic absence in the previous game aimed at ensuring his peak condition for the playoffs emphasizes the team’s commitment.

With the playoffs progressing as anticipated, Garfield’s triumph over San Pedro sets the stage for an exciting playoff showdown with Gardena. The team’s resilience in the face of challenging conditions and strategic gameplay positions them as strong contenders in the Open Division.

Strategic Insights: Unraveling the Story Behind Garfield’s Victory and Upcoming Showdown with Gardena

What happened in Garfield vs San Pedro?

In a gritty clash during the Open Division quarterfinal, Garfield secured a 38-21 victory over San Pedro on Thursday night. Despite the field resembling more dust than grass, the highlight was Damian Cornejo’s stellar performance. After sitting out the previous three games due to a leg contusion, Cornejo made a triumphant return, rushing for an impressive 233 yards in 30 carries and scoring three touchdowns. His anticipation for the upcoming muddy face-off against Gardena adds an extra layer of excitement to Garfield’s playoff journey.

Does Garfield have a football field?

Damian Cornejo of Garfield showcased his prowess against San Pedro, scoring three touchdowns in the Bulldogs’ 38-21 victory. However, the state of Garfield’s football field is a concern. Currently, the field exhibits more dirt than green grass, prompting the decision to replace it with an all-weather turf field. The construction is slated to commence next month, highlighting the urgency to address the field’s condition.

Can you hear Gary Ryan perform Tango Saudade Flower of the Field?

Yes, you can experience the enchanting performance of Gary Ryan playing "Tango Saudade Flower of the Field," a captivating solo guitar piece. The composition, originally crafted for the UK National Youth Guitar Ensemble, had its debut in 2010. Gary Ryan’s rendition adds a beautiful atmospheric touch to this Guitar Quartet, creating a musical masterpiece worth exploring.

How did Garfield pick up a touchdown?

Garfield strategically gained yards by employing the wildcat formation with direct snaps. This tactical move led to significant plays by various key players. Dominic Vasquez made a substantial impact, securing his fifth interception of the season, catching a 24-yard touchdown pass, and contributing to a crucial tackle for a loss. Additionally, Jayden Barnes played a pivotal role, making a critical 25-yard gain that set the stage for Damian Cornejo’s subsequent touchdown.

How did Garfield secure victory over San Pedro for the playoff showdown with Gardena?

In a remarkable performance, Damian Cornejo played a pivotal role in Garfield’s triumph over San Pedro, rushing for an impressive 233 yards and scoring three touchdowns. This stellar display led Garfield to a decisive 38-21 victory in the City Section Open Division quarterfinals. Cornejo’s exceptional contribution, combined with strategic gameplay and key plays from other team members, sets the stage for an exciting playoff showdown with Gardena in the upcoming stages of the competition.

What were the key highlights of Garfield’s win against San Pedro?

In the Open Division quarterfinal, Garfield’s 38-21 victory over San Pedro showcased compelling highlights. Despite challenging conditions resembling three yards and a cloud of dust, Damian Cornejo made a triumphant return after missing three games due to a leg contusion. Cornejo’s exceptional performance included rushing for an impressive 233 yards in 30 carries and scoring three touchdowns. This, combined with strategic plays and noteworthy contributions from other team members, encapsulated the key highlights of Garfield’s memorable win.

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