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Hideki Matsuyama/Places lived

Where does Hideki Matsuyama live?

Sendai, Japan

Hideki Matsuyama

Hideki Matsuyama 松山 英樹
Weight90 kg (200 lb; 14 st)
Sporting nationalityJapan
ResidenceSendai, Japan
SpouseMei Matsuyama ​ ( m. 2017)​

Which country is Matsuyama?


Matsuyama (松山市, Matsuyama-shi, Japanese: [matsɯꜜjama]) is the capital city of Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku in Japan and also Shikoku’s largest city, with a population of 509,835 as of June 1, 2019. … Matsuyama.

Matsuyama 松山市
PrefectureEhime Prefecture
First official recorded1 AD

What prefecture is Matsuyama in?

Ehime Prefecture

Matsuyama (松山) is the largest city on Shikoku and the capital of Ehime Prefecture.

What does Matsuyama mean in English?

Japanese (mainly western Japan and the Ryukyu Islands): ‘pine tree mountain’. One family is descended from the Chiba branch of the Taira clan; another descends from the Takeda branch of the Minamoto clan.

Why was the Matsuyama Castle built?

After Hideyoshi’s death, Katō joined into Tokugawa clan and fought against Toyotomi clan at the Battle of Sekigahara, whose income was 200,000 Koku. Thanks to this income, in 1602, Katō Yoshiaki originally built Matsuyama castle on Katsuyama in Matsuyama.

What hole is Matsuyama on?

In the final round of the 2021 ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP, Hideki Matsuyama hits an impressive fairway wood onto the green to set up an exciting eagle finish on the par-5 18th hole to win his 7th PGA TOUR title.

Is Ehime a city?

Ehime Prefecture (愛媛県, Ehime-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located on the island of Shikoku. … Matsuyama is the capital and largest city of Ehime Prefecture and the largest city on Shikoku, with other major cities including Imabari, Niihama, and Saijō.

Who wrote The Mirror of Matsuyama?


Iwaya Sazanamis Japanese fairy tales : the mirror of Matsuyama

Bib ID211358
AuthorIwaya, Sazanami, 1870-1933
DescriptionTokyo : Hokuseido Press, 1938 28 p., [1] folded leaf of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 16 cm.
SeriesJapanese fairy tales (Hokuseido)

Is Tokyo a city in Japan?

Tokyo, formerly (until 1868) Edo, city and capital of Tokyo to (metropolis) and of Japan. It is located at the head of Tokyo Bay on the Pacific coast of central Honshu. It is the focus of the vast metropolitan area often called Greater Tokyo, the largest urban and industrial agglomeration in Japan.

Has a Japanese golfer ever won a major?

Since then Hideki Matsuyama made history at Augusta National Golf Club becoming the first player from Japan to win a men’s major championship.

Where does Marc Leishman play in Virginia Beach?

2109 W. Great Neck Road

Marc Leishman, a Virginia Beach resident who was one of three player in this year’s British Open playoff, will be joined by 17 other tour players at the Sept. 28 event. The reception at One Fish Two Fish at 2109 W. Great Neck Road in Virginia Beach is open to the public, but tickets are limited.

Does Masters winner speak English?

He is so private that no one knew anything about his love life until well after he was married; probed why he had kept it a secret for so long he said, “Because no one asked.” The new Masters champ is so soft-spoken the joke among the press corps is that while he doesn’t speak much English he speaks even less Japanese, …

Who are Xander Schauffele parents?

Xander Schauffele is the only son of a golf coach father Stefan Schauffele and a mother who is immigrant of Taiwan. His father Stefan in his career was only able to be a golf coach.

Who lived in the Matsuyama Castle?

Matsuyama Castle was first built in the early 1600s by Kato Yoshiaki. Soon after, it became home to the Matsudaira family and remained so until the end of the feudal era.

When was Matsue castle built?


The castle was built in 1611 by the founder of the Matsue domain Yoshiharu Horio, who was previously a lord of Toda Castle. Toda Castle was surrounded by mountains and known as one of the toughest castle in the time of war, he entered the castle thanking to his achievements in the battle of Sekigahara (1600).

What is the Matsumoto castle made out of?

Matsumoto Castle is located in the basin of flatlands 590 meters above sea level. It is a “flatland castle” built on flat ground. Gates and scaffolds were built on the triple moats, earthen berm, and stone walls that surrounded the castle. Samurai lived inside the triple moat, strengthening the defenses.

What’s in the bag of Matsuyama?

Hideki Matsuyama uses a Cleveland RTX 4 Forged Proto wedge. Hideki Matsuyama uses Srixon Z-Forged irons. … Hideki Matsuyama uses a Srixon ZX5 driver. Hideki Matsuyama uses Srixon’s Z-Star XV golf ball.

What golf clubs does Hideki Matsuyama play with?

Here’s a look at the clubs that Hideki Matsuyama used to win the Sony Open:

  1. DRIVER: Srixon ZX7 (9.5 degrees) with Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 8TX shaft.
  2. FAIRWAY WOODS: TaylorMade SIM2 (15 degrees) and Cobra King Radspeed Tour (19 degrees) with Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 9TX shafts.

What ball does Matsuyama play?

Srixon Z Star XV

His ball is the Srixon Z Star XV which is a superb premium golf ball. It will appeal to higher swing speed players that want distance off the tee without compromising on feel around the green.

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