How can i contact michael jordan

Call Michael Jordan at 202-721-9507 (Jump 23, Inc.) or 704-262-2287 (Charlotte Hornets).

Where can I send Michael Jordan an email?

Your mail will be sent to Michael Jordan’s public address: Jump 23, Inc. 5335, Wisconsin Avenue NW Suite 720 Washington DC 20015-2092, USA.

Does Michael Jordan have a Facebook page?

As a matter of fact, Jordan’s current Facebook page has over 24 million likes, over seven million more than Bryant.

How can I message Michael Jordan?

Email Michael Jordan at [email protected]

Does MJ go to Hornets games?

Jordan looks to reserve the bulk of his public appearances in support of the Hornets’ community initiatives, as opposed to the spotlight he once dominated. "MJ rarely attends away games because he doesn’t want to deal with all the rah rah," Hornets general manager Rich Cho said.

How much is an authentic Michael Jordan signature worth?

This is a Michael Jordan Autograph Sample signed on a baseball, and Authenticated by PSA/DNA. A Michael Jordan single signed baseball is worth about $200. – $300. A Michael Jordan signed Photo is worth about $150.

Does Michael Jordan do private signings?

Throughout the long relationship, Jordan has been reliable and diligent at countless private signings. In the 1990s, he even knocked one out right before the Bulls held a title celebration in Chicago’s Grant Park. “His work ethic with his signings is the same that he had on the court,” Doull says.

Are MJ and Lebron friends?

The two don’t have a close relationship for reasons that are probably rooted in many competitive impulses. Maybe this is the beginning of a different relationship for the two. "I did not want to lose the opportunity to shake the man’s hand that inspired me throughout my childhood," James said.

How old was Michael Jordan when he started playing?

Pretend Jordan is a rookie at age 32. MJ started the season with only 17 games left. The Bulls were on the verge of missing the playoffs (34-31), but finished 13-4 with him in the lineup. They made the playoffs, barely, but lost in the second round to Orlando and Shaq.

What social media does Michael Jordan have?

Jordan (@jumpman23) • Instagram photos and videos.

Does Michael Jordan have a twitter?

Jordan (@Jumpman23) / Twitter.

Does MJ have social media?


Michael Jordan social media for Jordan brand In spite of the six-time NBA champion not being active on social media in this day and age, Michael Jordan has a virtual account for his ‘Jordan’ brand.

What is Kobe Bryant phone number?


I’m gonna see if you have what it takes." All you have to do is call 833-562-3824.

What is Lebron James email?

Lebron James Email Address Found 3 email address listings: @cavs.com. @yahoo.com.

Who represents Jordan?


David Falk

David Falk. Long Island, New York, U.S. David B. Falk (born 1950) is an American sports agent who primarily works with basketball players in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

How much money does Michael Jordan have?


1.7 billion USD (2022)

Michael Jordan / Net worth

How do I contact Shaquille O Neal?


Contact AthleteSpeakers today at 800-916-6008 to book Shaquille O’Neal for a keynote speech, virtual meetings, corporate appearance, grand opening, product announcement, moderated Q&A or for an exclusive meet and greet.

Who signed Michael Jordan?

“37 years ago, Nike made the best signing they ever would, and the GOAT made his debut”: Remembering Michael Jordan in his NBA debut and how he almost signed with Adidas. Michael Jordan, the best basketball player of all time, made his NBA debut on 26th October 1984, rocking a new brand of shoes, Nike.

How many signature shoes does Michael Jordan have?


Most Air Jordans are labelled with its edition number 1-35. There are 35 editions in total, numbered sequentially, with a new one coming out about once a year since the Air Jordan 1 debuted in 1985.

How Much Does Upper Deck pay Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan Net worth (Updated 2022)

NameMichael Jordan
SalaryApprox $130 Million
EndorsementNike, Hanes, Gatorade and Upper deck
Endorsement Earnings130 Million dollars
Philanthropy30 million dollars donated to activists projects

How much is a Scottie Pippen autograph worth?

PSA Price Guide


Who owns Upper Deck?

Upper Deck Company

TypePrivate LLC
FounderBoris Korbel (co-founder) Paul Sumner (co-founder) Richard McWilliam (co-founder)
HeadquartersCarlsbad, California , United States
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleJason Masherah (President)

Whats Micheal Jordans birthday?


Michael Jordan, in full Michael Jeffrey Jordan, byname Air Jordan, (born February 17, 1963, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.), American collegiate and professional basketball player widely considered to be one of the greatest all-around players in the history of the game.

Was Michael Jordan’s family poor?


Jordan grew up with a stable family life. His mother, Delores, was a bank teller who has since written several books. His father, James, was a maintenance worker turned manager at General Electric.

How tall is Michael Jordan really?


6′ 6″

Michael Jordan / Height

Do Michael Jordan have Instagram?

Jordan (@jumpman23) is on Instagram.

Where is Jordan located?



Jordan / Continent

Asia is Earth’s largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres. It shares the continental landmass of Eurasia with the continent of Europe, and the continental landmass of Afro-Eurasia with Africa and Europe.

Where is Michael B Jordan?


Personal life. Jordan has resided in Los Angeles since 2006. He grew up in a religious household and considers himself to be spiritual. As of 2018, he lives with his parents in a Sherman Oaks home that he purchased.

Who is B Jordan’s spouse?


Michael B. Jordan is officially in love – with Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey. "I love her," Jordan posted on Instagram alongside a photo of the model.

Does Michael Jordan have tattoos?


Michael Jordan has a tattoo above his left breast Jordan has a small tattoo above his left breast. It’s an omega horseshoe, and it was drawn on as a way of pledging his commitment to the Black fraternity Omega Psi Phi, which he was a part of while he attended the University of North Carolina.

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