How did dizzy gillespie get his nickname


When Gillespie was in the Frankie Fairfax band in Philadelphia he carried his new trumpet in a paper bag; that inspired fellow musicians like Bill Doggett to call him “Dizzy.” While Gillespie himself acknowledges the paper bag incident, he says the nickname didn’t stick until later.

Why was Dizzy called Dizzy?


His first professional job was in Frankie Fairfax’s band in Philadelphia; his early style showed the strong influences of his idol, trumpeter Roy Eldridge. Gillespie’s penchant for clowning and capriciousness earned him the nickname Dizzy.

What was Dizzy Gillespie nickname?


In 1956 during Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidency, Dizzy organized a band to go on a State Department tour of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia which earned him the nickname “the Ambassador of Jazz.”2 Gillespie played using the bebop style for the rest of his career.

Why is Dizzy Gillespie’s trumpet bent?


“Somebody fell accidentally on Gillespie’s trumpet as it was standing up on a trumpet stand, and as a result, the bell was bent,” says Hasse. “Gillespie picked it up, played it, and discovered he liked the sound, and that it projected better over the heads of the audience of people in the back of the nightclub.”

How did Birks Gillespie get his nickname?


Gillespie began playing trumpet at 14 after briefly trying the trombone, and his first formal musical training came at the Laurinburg Institute in North Carolina. Gillespie’s earliest professional jobs were with the Frankie Fairfax band, where he reportedly picked up the nickname Dizzy because of his outlandish antics.

What is unique about Dizzy’s trumpet?


On January 6, 1953, he threw a party for his wife Lorraine at Snookie’s, a club in Manhattan, where his trumpet’s bell got bent upward in an accident, but he liked the sound so much he had a special trumpet made with a 45 degree raised bell, becoming his trademark.

What race was Dizzy Gillespie?


By the late 1940s, Gillespie had begun leading a band that combined bebop with Latin elements; he was the first jazz musician to give a major role in his music to an Afro-Cuban sound, and fuse Brazilian and other Caribbean as well as Afro-Cuban influences with jazz.

Why did Dizzy puff his cheeks?

According to Diz in his memoirs, the puffed cheeks occured as a result of the way he was playing. In early photos of him, you can see him pocketing air in the upper lip.

What’s Charlie Parker’s nickname?


Charlie Parker’s nickname "Yardbird" came to be while he was on the way to a gig with some fellow musicians and involved a bird in a yard that had an unfortunate fate.

How did jazz great Edward Duke Ellington get his nickname?

He was born Edward Kennedy Ellington in the Shaw community of Washington, D.C. Ellingotn was from a middle-class family, he acquired the nickname Duke as a child for his manners, clothing, and personality. He began playing for friends and at parties and soon formed a small dance band named The Duke’s Serenaders.

What did Dizzy Gillespie receive in 1990?

In 1989, the year he became 72 years of age, Dizzy Gillespie received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences’ Grammy Award ceremonies. The honor—one of many bestowed on the trumpet virtuoso—recognized nearly 50 years of pioneering jazz performances.

Was Dizzy Gillespie married?


Lorraine Willis

Dizzy Gillespie / Spouse (m. 1940–1993)

What instrument does John Coltrane play?


alto saxophone

John studied clarinet and alto saxophone as a youth and then moved to Philadelphia in 1943 and continued his studies at the Ornstein School of Music and the Granoff Studios. He was drafted into the navy in 1945 and played alto sax with a navy band until 1946; he switched to tenor saxophone in 1947.

How did Wes Montgomery technique differ from that of other guitarists?

Wes Montgomery’s guitar technique differed from that of other guitarists because he struck the strings with his thumb instead of a pick.

What was Charlie Parker’s instrument?

Alto saxophone

Alto saxophone owned and played by Charlie Parker. The saxophone consists of seven parts: a body, neck, two [2] mouthpieces, two [2] ligatures and a reed. 2019.10.

Who was the trumpet player with big cheeks?

Dizzy Gillespie

Born on October 21, 1917, Dizzy Gillespie will always be remembered for his bent trumpet and his puffy cheeks while playing. Gillespie played in numerous styles of jazz, but is most remembered for his contributions to bebop and Afro-Cuban music.

What instrument does Thelonious Monk play?



Monk is famous for his unique piano style. He sometimes flattened his fingers when he played the piano and used his elbows and forearms to get the sound he wanted.

Why was Coleman called bean?


Early life. Hawkins was born in Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States, in 1904. He was named Coleman after his mother Cordelia’s maiden name. … The origin of Hawkins’ nickname, "Bean", is not clear.

Why did Gillespie puff his cheeks?

Because he was self-taught and didn’t learn how to hold proper embouchure. His facial muscles and tissue were deformed by years of playing incorrectly as a result, which weakens them over time and can make it tougher to play.

Why is it called B flat trumpet?

The most common trumpet is a B flat trumpet, which means when you play a C you will hear a Bb. … So, this means that if a trumpet player and a pianist want to play B flat concert scale together, the pianist will start on their B flat key, and the trumpet player will start on C, since C sounds a B flat.

Why did Dizzy Gillespie go to Harlem?


Gillespie left Philadelphia in 1937 and moved to New York to try and become better known as a jazz player.

How did Dizzy Gillespie incorporate Latin music into his music?

3. How did Dizzy Gillespie incorporate Latin music into his music? Dizzy Gillespie was a huge contributor to Afro-Cuban Jazz. Hey took pieces of Latin and mixed them into his own Afro-Cuban genre.

Which Kansas City born jazz saxophonist is known as a pioneer of bebop group of answer choices?

Charlie Parker
OriginKansas City, Missouri
DiedMarch 12, 1955 (aged 34) New York City, New York, U.S.
GenresJazz bebop
Occupation(s)Musician composer

How did Dizzy Gillespie’s cheeks get so big?

The exceptionally large puff cheeks were a result from Gillespie’s decades of blowing the trumpet via puffed-up cheeks not using proper breathing techniques. Dizzy himself remarked that he wished to ‘fix his cheek problem’ but could not due to the decades of incorrect playing.

What was up with Dizzy Gillespie’s cheeks?


Doctors call Gillespie’s condition a laryngocele – a mass in the neck that is filled with fluid or air but the trumpeter said that scientists have studied his cheeks and gave them a name – “Gillespie’s Pouches”.

Should you puff out your cheeks when playing trumpet?

Experts always say never puff your cheeks out when you play trumpet.

What was Ella Fitzgerald’s nickname?


Ella Fitzgerald acquired a handful of nicknames that speak to her legend through the years – the First Lady of Song, Queen of Jazz, Lady Ella. The vocalist – who died in 1996 at age 79 – is prized for her phrasing, her tone and her improvisational talents, most often expressed in the form of scatting.

What did Pree Parker died from?


March 6, 1954

Pree Parker / Died

Why did they call Charlie Parker Yardbird?


The origin stories about his nickname Yardbird (usually shortened to Bird) include that it derived from a cousin mispronouncing his name as “Yarlie”, and that it was conferred by a musician after Parker rescued a chicken that had been struck by a car and then had it cooked for dinner.

What were Duke Ellington’s last words?

Ellington died on May 24 1974. His last words were: ‘Music is how I live, why I live and how I will be remembered’. More than 12,000 people attended his funeral.

When did Duke Ellington get his nickname?


When the piano player there was too drunk to play, Ellington’s boss would put him behind the piano thus bringing about his first composition, "Soda Fountain Rag." Also in 1913, Ellington got his famous nickname from a friend Edgar McEntree who noted his aristocratic manners and called him "Duke." In high school, …

What was Duke Ellington’s real name?


Born in Washington D.C. in 1899, Edward Kennedy Ellington, better known as “Duke,” began playing piano as a child.

Where did bebop come from?

Bebop pioneers: In the early 1940s, an innovative group of jazz musicians set out to create a new, more challenging style of jazz. The essence of bebop was born during late-night jam sessions with the Earl Hines Orchestra at Milton’s Playhouse in Harlem, New York.

What is Jason Gillespie’s nickname?


Jason Gillespie

Personal information
Born19 April 1975 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Height195 cm (6 ft 5 in)

What genres did Miles Davis play?


Miles Davis died on September 28, 1991, he was a leading figure in the bebop style of jazz and in combining styles of jazz and rock music.

What was Duke Ellington’s education?


Friendship Public Charter School – Armstrong Campus

Duke Ellington / Education

Friendship Armstrong Academy is a public charter school located in the Truxton Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Historically a black school, it is housed in the former Armstrong Manual Training School, also known as the Samuel Chapman Armstrong Technical High School.

What instrument did Miles Davis use?


Miles Davis
DiedSeptember 28, 1991 (aged 65) Santa Monica, California, U.S.
Occupation(s)Musician bandleader composer producer
InstrumentsTrumpet flugelhorn cornet piano electric organ

What was Dizzy’s big band?

  1. Dizzy Gillespie & His All Stars
  2. The Quintet
  3. The Giants of Jazz

Dizzy Gillespie/Music groups

Did Coltrane use drugs?

Coltrane was addicted to heroin in the 1950s, quit cold turkey, and later said he had heard the voice of God during his brutal withdrawal. He became a deeply religious man and believed music was a force for good.

Did John Coltrane attend college?

  1. William Penn High School
  2. Combs College of Music
  3. Granoff School of Music

John Coltrane/Education

What is John Coltrane’s most famous song?

To commemorate the half century that has passed since Coltrane’s death, many will revisit his most famous songs (“My Favorite Things,” “In a Sentimental Mood”) and records (Giant Steps, A Love Supreme, Blue Train).

Who was the most influential jazz guitarist in the history of jazz guitar style?


Wes Montgomery There’s really no arguing that Wes Montgomery is one of the most important figures in jazz guitar history. He is easily one of the most influential jazz guitarist, and many great guitarist who came after him would agree. He took the art of jazz guitar as a soloist to the next level.

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