How did the sorcerer’s stone get in harry’s pocket


Voldemort, whose face is attached to the back of Quirrell’s head, is using Quirrell to obtain the philosopher’s stone. Harry is forced to stand before the Mirror of Erised. It recognises Harry’s lack of greed for the stone and deposits it into his pocket.

How was the Sorcerer’s Stone in Harry’s pocket?

It put its hand into its pocket and pulled out a blood-red stone. It winked and put the Stone back in its pocket – and as it did so, Harry felt something heavy drop into his real pocket. Somehow – incredibly – he’d got the Stone.

Why was Harry able to get the stone out of the mirror?

Finally, Dumbledore tells Harry that he (Harry) pulled the Stone from the mirror because he (Dumbledore) made an enchantment that only the person who wanted the Stone without wanting to use it for immortality would be able to find it.

How did Quirrell get to the Sorcerer’s Stone?

Nothing would change. In fact, by going after the Stone, Harry endangered it, and almost enabled Voldemort to become immortal. When Harry reached the room with the Mirror of Erised, he found Quirrell – with Voldy inside him – standing in front of it, trying to get the Philosopher’s Stone out of it.

Why did Harry’s touch burn Quirrell?

Quirrell’s body manifests burns and blisters during his fight with Harry due to the protective power Harry’s mother left in his skin when she died for him.

Where did the Sorcerer’s Stone come from?


Harry Potter’s Sorcerer’s Stone was created by Nicolas Flamel during the 14th century. It was the only known stone of that substance to ever be in existence. Flamel, a famous alchemist and wizard, used the stone to concoct the Elixir of Life.

Where was the Sorcerer’s Stone hidden?

Dumbledore himself hid the Stone within the Mirror of Erised, so “only one who wanted to find the Stone — find it, but not use it — would be able to get it” (SS300).

Why was Harry able to get the stone out of the mirror quizlet?

Why was Harry able to get the Stone out of the mirror? He only wanted to find it, not use it.

Why was the philosopher’s stone changed to Sorcerer’s?

JK Rowling agreed to change the title of the book from "Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone" to "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone" because the publishers thought that American readers wouldn’t pick up a book called "Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone" because they would associate the word Philosopher …

What do Harry and Malfoy see out in the Forbidden Forest?

Death makes a sudden and violent appearance in these chapters. The spectacle of the dying unicorn that Harry glimpses in the forest is shocking not only because it is the first instance of death that we actually witness, but also because the unicorn is a symbol of innocence and purity.

What would Snape see in the Mirror of Erised?

Ever since their fight in fifth year, Snape had not been worthy of her love or even her friendship. Looking in the Mirror of Erised, the Lily that he saw would not have been called a Mudblood. Their friendship might have blossomed into love, which could have lead to their marriage and life as a happy family.

Why does Quirrell stutter?

Jeffery Johnson writes, “Quirrell feigns stuttering in order to appear weaker and this not be suspected of his crimes” and “when he stops pretending to be meek, Quirrell also stops stuttering, and is shown to be a powerful villain” (250). This casts people with disabilities as people who can’t be strong or powerful.

Why does Voldemort want the stone?


The Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone of the Harry Potter story is similar to the one of legend. Both can change metal into gold, both produce the Elixir of Life (which makes you immortal) and both were said to be created by Flamel. It was the Elixir of Life that drove Voldemort’s desire for the Stone.

What happened to the Sorcerer’s Stone?


Perusing the restricted section in the library, Harry discovers that the Sorcerer’s Stone produces the Elixir of Life, which gives its drinker the gift of immortality. After realizing that Voldemort might be after the stone, Albus Dumbledore had it moved it to Hogwarts for safekeeping.

How did Voldemort come back in Sorcerer’s Stone?

So here we go! Disclaimer: Spoilers for the entirety of the Harry Potter series. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the ritual that resurrected Voldemort was completely reliant on Voldemort’s Horcrux. Without a Horcrux, there wouldn’t have been anything left of Voldemort to return to a mortal form.

What did the Sorcerer’s Stone do?


Object information The Philosopher’s Stone was a legendary alchemical substance with magical properties. This ruby-red stone could be used to create the Elixir of Life, which made the drinker immortal, as well as transform any metal into pure gold.

How does Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone end?

At the end of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, good conquers evil on many levels. Most obviously, Harry – with the help of his friends – keeps Voldemort from taking the Sorcerer’s Stone. By doing so, they stop the Dark Lord from getting eternal life. Phew!

When did Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone come out?


November 14, 2001 (USA)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone / Release date

What are the obstacles to get to the Sorcerer’s Stone?


The first challenge is to circumvent a ferocious three-headed dog to reach the access trapdoor; the second challenge is to escape from the throttling tendrils of Devil’s Snare, a plant that strangles its victims; the third challenge is to retrieve a flying key from among hundreds and unlock the door into the next …

Who set the traps in the Sorcerer’s Stone?

After that, the Stone was placed in a special chamber and guarded by seven enchantments and creatures, provided by the professors at Hogwarts: Professor Sprout’s web of Devil’s Snare; flying keys, charmed by Filius Flitwick; a life-size board of Wizard’s Chess, transfigured by Professor McGonagall; Professor Quirrell’s …

What is the 3 headed dog in Harry Potter?


Fluffy is an extremely large three-headed dog, apparently loyal to Hagrid. He is apparently modeled on Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guards the entrance to the Underworld in Greek mythology.

How did Malfoy trick Harry in the wizard’s duel?

How did Malfoy trick Harry after challenging him to a wizard’s duel? He cast a spell on him. He told him the wrong room.

Why did Harry move into Dudley’s second bedroom?

The Dursleys moved him because they were worried that Dumbledore (or whoever was sending them Harry’s acceptance letters) had made it clear that they were aware that Harry was being kept in a cupboard. Shortly after they moved him, the letters reflected the change, even if they were still a bit sarcastic.

Why was Harry able to walk through the black fire?

The bottle third from the left side contained a potion that allowed the drinker to pass unharmed through the flames and proceed to the final chamber where the Philosopher’s Stone was kept.

Why is it Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in America?


"So," you might be thinking, "why did they change it to Sorcerer’s Stone for us Americans?" Warner Bros. It was changed by the American publisher, Scholastic, because it thought American children wouldn’t want to read a book with "philosopher" in the title.

Are there two versions of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?

Two versions of the film are being released. It is to be known as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the US. Any scenes that mention the philosopher’s stone were filmed twice: replacing sorcerer for philosopher. Enquiries about tickets begun three months before its release.

Is Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone and philosopher’s Stone the same movie?

First it’s a book/movie and the names are interchangeable. Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s stone, the red stone, the elixir of life, the Green Lion at one point it has been called Virgins milke and by many others. Names are changed continuously as media changes cultures.

What does unicorn blood do in Harry Potter?

In Philosopher’s Stone, this message wasn’t limited to just the Elixir of Life. It was made clear in other ways, too. Take unicorn blood, which can be drunk in order to extend a person’s life; hence why we glimpse Professor Quirrell/Voldemort slurping from a unicorn carcass in the Forbidden Forest.

What was the note that Harry found pinned to the invisibility cloak when it was returned to him?

In the first book, Dumbledore gives Harry an invisibility cloak, which is claimed to have been passed down by his father James Potter. The cloak is accompanied by a note, which reads: ‘Your father left this in my possession when he died. It is time it was returned to you.

What does Firenze centaur tell Harry?

Harry sees another centaur, who recognizes him, and tells him he must leave the forest. The centaur, Firenze, tells Harry to ride on his back.

What would Hermione see in the Mirror of Erised?


According to her, and going back to 1997, Hermione would have seen Voldemort defeated and dead (just like Harry did), herself and her friends alive and well, and herself in a romantic embrace with Ron.

What did Ginny see in the Mirror of Erised?


First for Ginny, here she is looking at her reflection: she sees an older version of herself, maybe 14 or 15 years old, dating Harry. Ginny from an early age showed love interest in Harry, and that’s why her deepest desire would be him noticing and falling in love with her as well.

What did Ron see in the mirror?

Excited, Harry shows Ron the mirror, so he can see Harry’s parents. Instead, Ron sees only himself wearing a Head Boy’s badge, and holding the Quidditch Cup.

How did Voldemort live on Quirrell’s head?

Voldemort needed Quirrell to keep drinking Unicorn blood to keep,he,Voldemort alive. Had Quirrell obtained the Stone and mixed elixer of life to restore Voldemort to a new body,would Quirrell,discarded,have died? When Harry touched him the unicorn blood did not keep him alive.

Who let the troll into Hogwarts?


Quirinus Quirrell

Quirrell’s challenge was to break through all the magical defences the Stone had. Quirinus Quirrell On Hallowe’en, he let a troll into the Dungeons of Hogwarts Castle. This was a diversion so he could reconnoitre the defences around the Stone.

Did Dumbledore know Quirrell was Voldemort?

Dumbledore knew that Quirrell was possessed by Voldemort and purposely set things up for him to reach the Philosopher’s Stone. So we know that Dumbledore figured that Lord Voldemort would come back someday. Dumbledore also knew that the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching post was cursed.

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