How is the wizard of oz a christmas movie


Why is The Wizard of Oz in a Christmas story?


The weird kid in line He was just an extra on set and director Bob Clark thought he was really weird, so he put the kid in the movie. The actors who played Santa, his elves, and the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz were also local extras. Watch the scene here.

Was The Wizard of Oz a Christmas movie?

The Wizard of Oz (1939) – spiritually a Christmas film and so shown at Christmas – preaches the same love of the hearth, the same mindless gratitude. … The bar for cinematic Christmas saviours is quite low.

When did Wizard of Oz become a Christmas movie?


Even though it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving other than its message of being thankful for what we have, The Wizard of Oz became a holiday tradition when it began broadcasting on CBS each year, a tradition that began in 1956.

What holiday does The Wizard of Oz play?

The NBC Oz telecasts began the tradition of the film’s annual showings during the Easter and Passover seasons of the year as opposed to the winter showings on CBS.

What is the plot of A Christmas Story?


Based on the humorous writings of author Jean Shepherd, this beloved holiday movie follows the wintry exploits of youngster Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley), who spends most of his time dodging a bully (Zack Ward) and dreaming of his ideal Christmas gift, a "Red Ryder air rifle." Frequently at odds with his cranky dad (Darren McGavin) but comforted by his doting mother (Melinda Dillon), Ralphie struggles to make it to Christmas Day with his glasses and his hopes intact.

A Christmas Story / Film synopsis

Where is the Christmas story set?

Hammond, Indiana

The setting for the movie was based on Hammond, Indiana the home town of author Jean Sheperd. Sheperd grew up on Cleveland St and went to Warren G. Harding Elementary School. Just like Ralphie.

What year is Christmas story set?


While the original movie followed Ralphie, a 9-year-old boy who desperately wanted a Red Ryder BB rifle and was set in 1940, the new story will take place in the 1970s and sees an adult Ralphie return to his house on Cleveland Street to deliver his kids a magical Christmas like the one he had growing up.

Did they cancel The Wizard of Oz?

Frank Baum’s “Wizard of Oz” tales, has been canceled after one season, Variety has confirmed.

Who is the boy in a Christmas story?

Peter Billingsley

At the age of 12, Peter Billingsley played Ralphie Parker in the 1982 movie, A Christmas Story. He portrayed the role of a young boy who attempts to convince his parents that a Red Ryder BB gun was the perfect Christmas gift. Billingsley is an American actor, director, and producer.

When did Wizard of Oz come out in color?

On the positive side, the 1939 MGM film The Wizard of Oz was triumphantly realized in Technicolor, in the company’s new 3-strip color process. (The first Hollywood film using the 3-color process was made in 1935; five more were made in 1936, and twenty in 1937.)

Was Danny Kaye in The Wizard of Oz?


He hosted The Danny Kaye Show from 1963 to 1967; it won four Emmy awards and a Peabody award. His last cinematic starring role came in 1963’s The Man from the Diners’ Club. Beginning in 1964, he acted as television host to the CBS telecasts of MGM’s The Wizard of Oz.

What did they do to make Dorothy look younger?

But she wasn’t a perfect fit either so the studio literally shaped her for the role. Judy was 16 when she was chosen as Dorothy and had started to develop a young woman’s body. To make her appear younger, they taped down her breasts and put her in a tight corset to cover her curves.

Was Wizard of Oz the first color movie?


Contrary to a common misconception, Oz was not the first film made in color, but it was one of the first to prove that color could add fantasy and draw audiences to theaters, despite its release during the Great Depression.

Were there real monkeys in The Wizard of Oz?

The Winged Monkeys (aka Flying Monkeys), are fictional creatures created by L. Frank Baum, author and creator of the Oz Legacy. They first appeared in Baum’s first Oz book titled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, published in 1900 and are introduced in the twelfth chapter of the novel titled The Search for the Wicked Witch.

What happens at the end of Christmas story?

The final scene is Ralphie and Randy’s visit to see Santa which was filmed inside Higbee’s. Higbee’s kept the Santa slide that was made for the movie and used it for several years after the movie’s release.

What is the conflict of A Christmas Story?

Internal Conflict: MAN vs. Scrooge visits his nephew’s Christmas celebration with the Ghost of Christmas Present, and he experiences the push and pull between his greed and his old memories of joyous family time with his sister.

What’s the name of the kid who gets his tongue stuck on the pole?

Scott Schwartz to appear at Wize Guys Collectibles New Jersey native Scott Schwartz will always be known for putting his tongue where it didn’t belong. In the 1983 holiday classic “A Christmas Story,” his character, Flick, acted on a triple-dog dare, sticking his tongue to the school flagpole.

How much is the Christmas story house worth?


The home where the classic holiday movie "A Christmas Story" was filmed has been purchased on eBay by a California man for $150,000.

Was his tongue really stuck to the pole in A Christmas Story?

The answer is, not really. At least, it wasn’t stuck to the pole by the freezing temperatures and science. Instead, the prop department made sure Scott Schwartz, the actor who portrayed Flick, was believably adhered to the pole without causing damage.

Is A Christmas Story true?


The film is based on the semi-autobiographical short stories by Jean Shepherd, who has a cameo in the film. In the scene where Ralphie and his brother Randy go to see Santa, Shepherd plays the man who brusquely informs them that the line to sit on Santa’s lap begins about two miles back.

Is There A Christmas Story 2?

A Christmas Story 2 is a 2012 American Christmas comedy film directed by Brian Levant and starring Daniel Stern and Braeden Lemasters. The film is a direct sequel to the 1983 film A Christmas Story, which ignores the events of the 1994 film My Summer Story.

Was Vince Vaughn in A Christmas Story?

The movie will be directed by The Christmas Chronicles director Clay Kaytis and written by The Mule writer Nick Schenck. Peter Billingsley, the main character of the original movie will star in and produce the film with Vince Vaughn via Wild West Picture Show Productions.

How did Emerald City end?

The episode ends with Dorothy back in a calm Kansas. Karen Chapman somehow survived that bullet wound and is in the hospital. Dorothy has stayed quiet about what happened to her when she was swept up by that tornado.

Why did the Wizard of Oz get Cancelled?

Due to public health concerns, this show has been cancelled. We hope to re-schedule this film later in the year. 35 mm! Judy Garland is Dorothy in this sublime, candy-colored adaptation of L.

Is Emerald City Cancelled?


On May 4, 2017, Emerald City was cancelled. There will be no second season.

Who is the dad in A Christmas Story?

Darren McGavin

Darren McGavin Outside of doting on a leg-shaped lamp as Ralphie’s foul-mouthed father in A Christmas Story, McGavin was best known for playing the title role in the 1970s TV series Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

Why is the beginning of The Wizard of Oz in black-and-white?

Where the black and white turns to color those few frames on the film were hand painted to give the transition a smooth effect (where Dorothy is looking out of the house door). So to sum this up, The Wizard Of Oz was purposly filmed that way, and was never changed. Some people thought it was later "colored" in.

Why did Dorothy miss the Scarecrow most of all?

Dorothy will miss the Scarecrow the most because the Scarecrow joined Dorothy from almost the start of her trip. In essence, he was her FIRST friend in a scary strange land.

Who is Danny Kaye’s daughter?


Dena Kaye

Danny Kaye / Daughter

Who was Danny Kaye’s wife?


Sylvia Fine

Danny Kaye / Wife (m. 1940–1987)

Sylvia Fine Kaye was an American lyricist, composer, and producer, and the wife of the comedian Danny Kaye.

Why did Danny Kaye wear a pinky ring?

According to interviews in the documentary The Secret Life of Danny Kaye (which aired on March 26, 2012 on the BBC’s Radio 2) he ring that he wore on the pinky finger of his right hand was his mother’s wedding ring. In an October 1960 article, Danny listed "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" as his favorite movie.

Did Dorothy have to smoke cigarettes?


She was even forced to smoke up to 80 cigarettes a day to suppress her appetite. Not only was she forced to maintain this extreme weight control plan while filming The Wizard of Oz, but Garland also had to wear a corset and tape down her breasts to appear younger.

Was Dorothy on drugs in The Wizard of Oz?


By the time 17-year-old Garland finished filming Oz, she was already addicted to barbiturates and amphetamines. Her use of the drugs had started before the actress slipped into those ruby slippers, in part due to studio bosses who demanded she remain thin, and energetic enough to cope with arduous days of filming.

What do they eat in The Wizard of Oz?

Food: Mains: Serve sandwiches and name them "Glenda, the Good ‘Wiches" as well as Scarecrow’s Popcorn Chicken and heart-shaped mini pizzas in honor of the Tin Man. Desserts: Courage cookies, rainbow cupcakes, and broomstick candy apples. Drinks: Serve a green Witch’s Brew punch.

What’s the first film ever made?

  1. Thomas Edison
  2. Eadweard Muybridge


How old was Judy Garland when she did The Wizard of Oz?


47 years (1922–1969)

Judy Garland / Age at death

When did movies become color?


The first color negative films and corresponding print films were modified versions of these films. They were introduced around 1940 but only came into wide use for commercial motion picture production in the early 1950s.

Are any Munchkins still alive in 2021?

The surviving Munchkins are Jerry Maren, 93, who lives in Los Angeles, and Ruth Duccini, 95, who lives in Phoenix, Bulthaup said.

Who was the highest paid actor in The Wizard of Oz?

Despite the fact that Garland was the lead, she only made $500 per week for her work. Meanwhile, Scarecrow Ray Bolger and Tin Man Jack Haley were each making around $3,000 per week, CBR reported. Bert Lahr (Cowardly Lion) wasn’t far behind them at $2,500 per week.

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