How long should my wedges be

Some golfers on the PGA Tour use wedges (46-60 degrees) that all measure the same length as their short irons with no variance. Some use wedges that are a half-inch shorter than their irons, and others employ a progressive length change in 0.25-inch increments between each wedge loft.

How long should my wedges be for my height?

The pitching wedge should be ½” shorter than the # 9 iron in your set. The Gap wedge should be 1” shorter than your # 9 Iron. The Sand wedge can be the same length as the gap wedge or you can go 1 ½” shorter than the # 9 iron.

What is the standard length of a wedge?

Standard Club Length

ClubMen GraphitLady Steel

How long should my 60 degree wedge be?

You will want to hit your 60 degree wedge between 75 and 90 yards to score well. If you are hitting it over 100 yards you are swinging too hard.

How long is a standard 5 iron?

Standard Length for Irons The same is true for graphite golf irons: the standard length for a 1 iron measures 40 inches, a 5 iron is 38 inches and a 9 iron is 36 inches.

What is the average length of a pitching wedge?


7 Iron3736
Gap Wedge (46-52)35,534,5
Sand Wedge (54-56)35,2534,25
Lob Wedge (58-64)3534

How long is a standard 7 iron?


Fitting Charts

Men’s Standard Shaft Lengths
7 iron37″
8 iron36.5″
9 iron36″

What’s a 52 degree wedge for?

The 52-degree wedge or the gap wedge is one of the widely used wedges in golf. Many golfers consider the 52-degree wedge as a specialist club as it is usable for close-distance shots as well as a putter to hit long-range shots. The 52-degree wedge is uniquely positioned between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge.

What is the average golf club length?

Even though the Rules of Golf for competition allow the club shaft length of up to 48 inches, Golf Monthly notes that the average driver length used on the tour is ‘only’ 44.5 inches, while the average driver length in golf shops is about 45.5 inches.

Should your wedges match?

Your wedges are extensions to your irons so they should 99 percent be set up the same for proper gapping and dispersion.” At the very least, make the wedge heads match each other, he says. “We see so many golfers come through with a bouquet of brands of wedges,” he said.

Why are wedges shorter?

The wedges and shorter irons have a high amount of loft and therefore hit the ball higher than the longer irons and woods. Because of the extra back spin created by high amounts of loft, these clubs are best utilized for shorter controlled shots. For more control over any given shot, it is better to have a short shaft.

What loft is a normal pitching wedge?

between 44-47 degrees

A pitching wedge loft is usually between 44-47 degrees, with most golfers using one that comes with their iron set. However, better players often prefer to use a specialist wedge instead of the one that comes with the set to help with control and spin.

What is S200 shaft?

With S300 acting as the “standard” stiff flex, anything that comes in over or below 130 grams is deemed to be a lighter (S200) or heavier (S400) version. True Temper’s standard Dynamic Gold steel shaft.

Should wedges have heavier shafts?

Golfers who like to make half swings and pitch shots with their wedges generally use a heavier wedge shaft to add clubface and swing path consistency. Golfers who make full swings with their wedges and want faster clubhead speed generally play with club shafts similar in weight to their iron set.

How many degrees is a 4 iron?

4-Iron Loft | 19 to 24 Degrees There starts to be a relatively wide range of lofts when you look at 4-irons. A more standard 4-iron loft is between 21 to 24 degrees of loft, though some game improvement 4-irons will have lofts as low as 19 degrees.

How do I know if my golf clubs fit me?

What is the standard length of a pitching wedge?


1. Since my pitching wedge is 35.50", which is the same length as the 52° vokey gap wedge I like it to be 1/4" shorter than standard.

Should I adjust the lie on my wedges?

Having the correct lie angle on your irons and wedges is vitally important when it comes to consistent ball-striking and accuracy. … “Wedges are typically too upright and fit for full swing,” Sieckmann said.

Should my wedges be the same lie angle as my irons?

“Always have wedges that match the spec and set up for your iron set,” Sherburne says. “Now this assumes your irons are fitted correctly, but usually you want the same shaft, length and lie angle in your wedges as the irons to allow proper gapping.

What is S200 shaft?

With S300 acting as the “standard” stiff flex, anything that comes in over or below 130 grams is deemed to be a lighter (S200) or heavier (S400) version. True Temper’s standard Dynamic Gold steel shaft.

What pros use Ventus black?

Notable players who have gamed a Fujikura Ventus shaft at some point this season: Hideki Matsuyama, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Patrick Cantlay, Louis Oosthuizen, Jordan Spieth, Sergio Garcia, Garrick Higgo, Adam Scott, Lexi Thompson, and Nelly Korda.

Are wedge shafts stiff?

Wedge flexes are stiff. Some wedges come in lighter with less stiff flexes and some come in heavier. Usually the range between stiffness levels is about 5 grams in weight per shaft. It is recommended to keep your wedge shafts the same or heavier than your irons.

Should wedges have a stiffer shaft?

Who Should Play With Stiff Flex In Their Wedges And Why? Golfers with faster swings are best suited to stiff flex shafts. … If you are one of those players that swings a driver above 110 mph, then you may get the most out of your clubs with an extra stiff shaft on your lower degree wedges.

Why are wedges so heavy?

The heavier weight of golf wedges provides more momentum with shorter swings thereby helping get the ball up and out around the green. If you look at the swingweight specification for the name brand wedges you will notice they are higher in relationship to the numbered irons.

How heavy should my wedges be?

Be sure and check the swing weight of your wedges and use this rule of thumb: Pitching wedges and gap wedges should be 2 to 3 swing weights heavier than the #9 iron in your set. Sand wedges and 60º wedges should be 4 to 6 swing weights heavier than the #9 iron.

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