How many 3 did shaq make

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Did Shaq make a 3?


On this day 25 years ago however, O’Neal did something he accomplished just once in his NBA career. He hit a three-point shot. The Orlando Magic were 35-14 as they arrived at Orlando Arena on Feb. 16, 1996 to take on the Milwaukee Bucks.

Did Shaq make a 3 pointer?

None of it. Shaq just wasn’t a shooter at all. But, despite that being the case, Shaq said he’d never shoot as badly as 1-13 from 3-point range if he had LeBron James kicking the ball out to him.

Who made the first NBA 3 pointer?

Chris Ford

Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics is credited with making the first three-point shot in NBA history on October 12, 1979.

How far back is the 3-point line?


Instead, the three-point line runs in a straight line from the baseline out 16 feet, nine inches, at which point the line begins to curve. The straight lines are an even 22 feet from the center of the basket, and on the arc, the distance is 23 feet and nine inches.

How many steals does LeBron have?



11.LeBron James2135
12.Alvin Robertson2112
13.Karl Malone*2085
14.Mookie Blaylock2075

Why are corner 3s easier?

While there are other explanations possible such as the the corner being an easier shooting background, a more likely explanation is that corner 3s are simply more open. This notion arose when I was examining who were the shooters deadliest from the corners when left wide open.

When did NBA adopt 3-point shot?


The NBA stayed firm in the game’s traditions. The league didn’t adopt the 3-pointer until 1979–Magic Johnson and Larry Bird’s rookie season.

Can you do a three-point turn?

Are they adding a 4 point line?

With nothing to do other than cutting player salaries, the NBA has randomly decided to implement a 4-point line once the 2019-20 season resumes.

Was Kobe a good 3-point shooter?

Kobe Bryant Hitting 3-pointers was a part of that. He’s No. 1 in Lakers history for 3-pointers made (1,827). Bryant shot 32.9% from deep for his career, but he ranks 17th in league history for 3-pointers.

How many minutes did Jordan average?

Michael Jordan had 41.8 minutes per game in the playoffs in his career.

Michael Jordan1996-972.6
Michael Jordan1997-982.1

How many 50 point games has Steph Curry had?


Most 50-Point Games

Player# Times
Stephen Curry10
Bernard King8
Kevin Durant8
Dominique Wilkins7

How many 50 point games Does Michael Jordan have?

Who has the most 50 point games in NBA history? Full list of player leaderboard

Player50-point games
1.Wilt Chamberlain118
2.Michael Jordan31
3.Kobe Bryant25
4.James Harden23

Who has the most steals all time?

John Stockton

NBA History – Steals Leaders

Steals Leaders
1John Stockton3,265
2Jason Kidd2,684
3Michael Jordan2,514

Who has the most steal titles?

Alvin Robertson holds the all-time records for total steals (301) and steals per game (3.67) in a season; achieved in the 1985–86 season.

How old is Thanasis ant?

Per Game

3 seasons2.9

How many games have Stephen Curry played?

826 games

Stephen Curry has 826 games played in his career.

How many 3 pointers has Ben Simmons made?

Let’s start this off with a simple fact. Ben Simmons made five career 3-pointers with the Philadelphia 76ers over the course of five years with the team. Another fact. James Harden just played his first game as a Philadelphia 76er and has already made 5 3-point shots as the team’s new point guard.

How many 3a does LeBron have?

Copyright 2022. landofbasketball.com – All rights reserved. … NBA All-Time 3-Pointers Made Leaders: Career Totals in the Regular Season – Top 50.

PlayerLeBron James
3-Pointers Made2,123
Total 3-Pointers Attempted6,136

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