How many characters did eddie murphy play in norbit


Murphy plays three wildly different roles–the super-nice, nerdy title character, Norbit Albert Rice; Norbit’s huge and foul-tempered wife, Rasputia; and the elderly and cynical orphanage owner Mr. Wong (Murphy’s funniest performance here)–and he manages to keep them all distinct and outrageous.

How many characters did Eddie Murphy play in the first coming to America?

Along with co-star Arsenio Hall, the two actors play a total of eight characters in the fairy tale-esque romantic comedy, and in addition to being individually hilarious, the energy between them lends to some of the best sequences in the film.

Does Eddie Murphy play all the Klumps?

Like the first movie, Murphy plays all the adult Klump members (Granny, Mama, Papa and Ernie). Janet is a superb replacement for Jada Pinkett Smith as Sherman’s girlfriend and, like the first film, Sherman is a sympathetic character while Buddy Love is charismatic.

How many parts did Eddie Murphy play in Coming 2 America?

Eddie Murphy has four roles in ‘Coming 2 America’ but there’s still not enough of him. Eddie Murphy and Jermaine Fowler in “Coming 2 America.” Eddie Murphy is the star of a sequel to one of his most popular movies in "Coming 2 America." Or is he? The actor returns as Akeem, a prince from the fictional nation of Zamunda …

How many movies has Eddie Murphy plays multiple characters?


To date, Eddie Murphy has played multiple characters in six movies, first doing so in Coming to America as a tribute to his childhood acting hero Peter Sellers. The sequel, Coming 2 America, will see Murphy reprise his original four roles, marking the seventh of his multi-character movies.

How many characters did Eddie Murphy play in Nutty 2?


seven different characters

Eddie Murphy Playing the two main roles plus Papa Cletus Klump, Mama Anna Klump, Grandma Ida Mae Jenson, Ernie Klump Sr. and Lance Perkins gained Murphy positive reviews from the critics, while the makeup used to transform him into seven different characters was widely praised.

How many rolls did Eddie Murphy play in Nutty Professor?

seven characters

Eddie Murphy plays seven characters in total in this film: Sherman Klump, Mama Klump, Papa Klump, Grandma Klump, Ernie Klump, Buddy Love and Lance Perkins the TV fitness coach.

What actor has played the most roles in one movie?

Johnson George as 45 separate roles including Mahatma Gandhi, Leonardo da Vinci and Jesus Christ in Aaranu Njan (2017). The 45 characters are recognized as the most for any actor in a single film by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Does Eddie Murphy play multiple roles in Coming to America 2?

Aside from playing Semmi and Prince Akeem, they also play two of the Mighty-T Sharp barbers. Murphy also portrays the iconic singer Randy Watson, and Hall plays the eccentric (and womanizing) Reverend Brown. And on top of that, Hall briefly appears as a woman Akeem and Semmi meet in a bar.

How much was Eddie Murphy paid for coming to America 2?

Eddie Murphy Salary Highlights In 1984 he earned $14 million for the first installment of Beverly Hills Cop. He then earned $8 million for Beverly Hills Cop II. He earned another $8 million the next year for Coming to America.

What movie did Eddie Murphy play all characters?

He also portrays three Brooklyn residents named Clarence, Saul, and Randy Watson, all of whom have big personalities. From 1995 to 2000, Murphy’s multi-character performances became a trend, evidenced by comedies like Vampire in Brooklyn, The Nutty Professor, Bowfinger, and Nutty Professor II: The Klumps.

What movie did Eddie Murphy play the most characters?

Six movies in which Eddie Murphy plays more than one character

  1. Norbit (2007): Norbit/Rasputia/Mr. …
  2. Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000): Professor Sherman Klump/Buddy Love/Cletus ‘Papa’ Klump/Young Cletus Klump/Anna Pearl ‘Mama’ Jensen Klump/Ida Mae ‘Granny’ Jensen/Ernie Klump, Sr./Lance Perkins.

Who plays the dance instructor in Norbit?


Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans is an ambitious aerobic dance instructor who cuckolds Norbit, while Eddie Griffin and Katt Williams are a pair of good-natured, semi-retired pimps.

Who was the old white guy in Coming to America?

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall revealed during their recent visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (via Insider) that Louie Anderson was cast in “Coming to America” as McDowell’s employee Maurice because the studio mandated a white comedian appear in the 1988 comedy.

Who plays the old wise man in Coming to America 2?


Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall brings a new character to life in Coming 2 America. As Baba — which carries such translations as "father," "grandfather," and "wise old man" — Hall is a wrinkly, wide-eyed old man with long white dreadlocks. He’s a shaman, of sorts, with the ability to see the truth — or so he claims.

Who is the female barber in coming to America 2?


Nomzamo Mbatha

The South African actor, who plays a royal groomer in the Eddie Murphy reboot, is about to be everywhere in the U.S. Ahead of the movie’s release, she spoke to Allure about her breakout role, dealing with imposter syndrome, and of course, her beauty routine.

Who is the most diverse actor?

Here are 19 such actors who showed tremendous range by playing roles as diverse as the following:

  1. Charlize Theron. …
  2. Johnny Depp. …
  3. Kamal Haasan. …
  4. Gary Oldman. …
  5. Edward Norton. …
  6. Rishi Kapoor. …
  7. Philip Seymour Hoffman. …
  8. Leonardo DiCaprio.

How many parts does Eddie Murphy play in Professor Klump?

seven characters

Murphy plays a total of seven characters in the film, including Sherman and most of Sherman’s family.

Who played 23 roles in one movie?


James McAvoy

In M Night Shyamalan’s latest horror film Split, James McAvoy plays a man with dissociative identity disorder (DID). He has multiple personalities, 23 to be exact.

Who played 2 parts in Deadwood?


Garret Dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt, Deadwood It’s a testament to Garret Dillahunt’s abilities as a character actor that he managed to play two completely different characters over the course of Deadwood’s run, without any real connection between them.

What is Tyler Perry worth?


1 billion USD (2022)

Tyler Perry / Net worth

Who plays multiple characters in Coming to America 2?

Eddie Murphy plays multiple characters in the trailer for Coming 2 America.

How many rolls did Arsenio Hall play in Coming to America?

Arsenio Hall plays four new and recurring characters in Coming 2 America, the sequel to 1988’s classic rom-com Coming to America – here’s an explanation for each one.

How much was Eddie Murphy paid for Beverly Hills Cop?

Murphy netted $15 million for his role in the movie, according to Entertainment Weekly. And it was partially due to his astronomical salary that caused the film to go over budget, stressing out studio bosses.

How rich is Martin Lawrence?

Today, Martin Lawrence’s net worth is $110 million. …

Net Worth:$110 Million
Source of Wealth:Professional Comedian/Actor
Last Updated:2021

Who played the big girl in Norbit?


Thandie Newton

Witness Norbit’s true love from his orphanage days, Kate, who was adopted, moved away and returns full-grown, saccharine-sweet, and played by the slender, elegant Thandie Newton.

Who played teenage Norbit?


Golden Raspberry Awards (2007)Worst DirectorBrian Robbins
Worst ActorCuba Gooding Jr.
Eddie Murphy (as Norbit)
Worst Supporting ActorEddie Murphy (as Mr. Wong)

Who plays the pimp in Norbit?

Eddie Griffin and Katt Williams are two perfect examples of this. Playing the retired pimps Pope Sweet Jesus (Griffin) and Lord Have Mercy (Williams) in the new Eddie Murphy film Norbit, these two recently sat down to discuss their work in this hilarious movie.

Why was Louis Anderson cast in Coming to America?


Apparently, Paramount Pictures “forced” them “to put a white person” in the film,” they told Jimmy Kimmel. "[T]he whole cast is Black — and this was back in the ’80s — so [Paramount] was like, ‘We have to have a white person! There has to be a white person in the movie,’” Murphy said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Who passed away from Coming to America?

Comedian Louie Anderson in 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. Louie Anderson, who appeared in 1988’s Coming to America and 2021’s Coming 2 America, has passed away at 68 years old. According to Variety, the Emmy winner died Friday (Jan. 21) in Las Vegas after battling cancer.

How old is Arsenio?


66 years (February 12, 1956)

Arsenio Hall / Age

Who plays Mika in Coming to America 2?

Kiki Layne in Coming 2 America In Coming 2 America, Kiki plays the character of Meeka, who is the eldest daughter of Prince Akeem.

Is Kevin Hart in Coming to America 2?

Last night (March 5), after the momentous release of Amazon Prime’s Coming 2 America, the Internet erupted with comparisons between the film’s lead Eddie Murphy, and Kevin Hart — who did not appear in the movie.

Who plays semi in Coming to America?

The new plot follows Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) as he is set to become King of Zamunda, but he discovers he has a son he never knew about in America. Akeem and Semmi (Arsenio Hall) return to America to honor the king’s dying wish to groom this son as the crowned prince.

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