How many games has lebron lost

He also won MVP honors during his time in Miami. He put up some impressive numbers in the regular season, and proved to be a game-winner. In his four-year stint with the Heat, James played 294 regular-season games, winning 215 and losing 79.

How many games have LeBron lost in his career?

461 losses

LeBron James has 461 losses in his career.

How many wins and losses does LeBron have?

LeBron James has an 893-470 record in his career.

How many losses has LeBron had?

LeBron James is one of the most winningest players in the history of the NBA. He has a staggering 869-441 win/loss record in the regular season and a 174-92 record in the NBA playoffs.

How many games has Jordan lost?

Michael Jordan lost 366 times in his career.

How many games has MJ missed in his career?

During the six Bulls championship seasons, Jordan missed a total of six games: Two in 1991-92 and four in 1992-93. He played in 82 games in each of the last three championship seasons. … 40+ point games with Bulls:

Michael Jordan165
Everyone else51

How many NBA wins does LeBron have?

LeBron James has won three National Basketball Association (NBA) championships. He won his first two championships with the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013. He won a third championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016.

How many games has LeBron lost in a row?

“No LeBron James team has ever lost five straight games until today”: LA Lakers earn an embarrassing record for the King in a loss against the Kevin Durant-less Brooklyn Nets.

How many playoffs did LeBron lose?

But here it is: LeBron James has been eliminated from the NBA playoffs in the first round. In his 14 previous postseason appearances, that had never happened.

Did Michael Jackson lose in first round?

1985: Jordan’s rookie season. The seventh-seeded Chicago Bulls lose in the first round to the Milwaukee Bucks 3 games to 1, the lone victory coming on a Jordan game-winner. 1986: The year Jordan broke his foot and played in 18 regular season games.

How many games did Michael Jordan scored less than 10 points?

13 games

Michael Jordan played 13 games with fewer than 10 points in his career.

What did MJ say to LeBron?

Interestingly enough, Jordan had a special message for LeBron. Jordan said, “You can do it. You can do it. Good Luck.” Fans have speculated the message to be hinted at the tough season the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James are facing.

Who has the worst losing streak in the NBA?

Regular season

128 (10 + 18)Philadelphia 76ers^
2 (tie)26Cleveland Cavaliers
2 (tie)26Philadelphia 76ers

What is the longest NBA losing streak?


26 games

The longest single-season losing streak in NBA history is 26 games, and it’s been achieved twice. The Cleveland Cavaliers quickly learned life without LeBron James isn’t easy. In the first season after he departed to Miami, the 2010-11 Cavs broke the NBA record with a 26-game losing streak.

What’s the longest winning streak in the NBA?

33 straight games

The Los Angeles Lakers own the longest winning streak in NBA history. They won 33 straight games in the 1971–72 season, compiling a season-best 69–13 record and went on to win the NBA Finals.

Did Jordan make the playoffs without Pippen?

JORDAN’S 1–9 PLAYOFF RECORD BEFORE PLAYING WITH SCOTTIE PIPPEN. Having no Scottie Pippen was not the only reason for Jordan’s struggles in the first 3 seasons of his career.

Did LeBron miss the playoffs?

2018-19 Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James’ first season in Los Angeles did not have a Hollywood ending. His streak of 13 consecutive playoff appearances was snapped during an injury-riddled season where James played just 55 games, his fewest in a single season to that point.

How many times LeBron got swept in the Finals?

This was also the first time that a team was swept in the NBA Finals since 2007, in which the Cavaliers were also the losing team. LeBron James, in his eighth consecutive NBA Finals appearance and ninth appearance overall, suffered the second Finals sweep of his career, having also played in the 2007 Finals.

How many times did MJ get knocked out of the first round?


For his first-ever first-round exit at 36 years of age, a loss doesn’t affect LeBron’s legacy. Michael Jordan suffered through 6 straight playoff failures before getting over the hump, 3 of which were first-round exits.

How many times did Jordan lose in 1st round?

3 times he lost the series in the first round. And a total of 15 games from 84 to 98 in the first rounds. In case you are wondering, He lost the series twice in the conference finals and twice in the conference semi finals. 3 times, he faced stiff competition with 0 help.

How many 1st round playoffs did Jordan lose?

Michael Jordan had 60 losses in the playoffs in his career.

Michael Jordan1791,152

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