How many goals did maradona scored in his career

He played 490 official club games during his 21-year professional career, scoring 259 goals; for Argentina he played 91 games and scored 34 goals. An Internet poll conducted by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association named Maradona the top player of the 20th century.

How many goals did Pele scored in his career?


On the subject of Pele’s official tally, he said: "Pele scored 1,091 goals for Santos and 1,282 in his entire career. Of these, 448 were scored in what would be considered friendlies and international friendly tournaments.

How many goals did Maradona scored 86?

The exploits of Maradona in 1986 will be hard to top. He had 10 goal involvements (five goals and five assists) in seven games and no player has done that since at a single edition of a World Cup. No other player at the tournament in Mexico managed more than six goal involvements, highlighting his level of superiority.

Who has scored the most goals in football history?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Footballers with 500 or more goals

1Cristiano Ronaldo803
3Lionel Messi*758

Is Maradona the greatest player ever?


Diego Maradona played for Barcelona and Napoli and is regarded as ‘the greatest ever’ by Lionel Messi and Zinedine Zidane said he was ‘on another level’ Diego Maradona was one of a handful of athletes who were able to transcend his sport.

Can Messi score 1000 goals?

Lionel Messi hit yet another landmark on Saturday when he became the first player to hit 1,000 goal contributions after netting four times against Eibar. The Barcelona captain now has 696 goals and 306 assists for club and country in his glittering career.

How many goals has Mbappe scored in his career?

This statistic presents the number of goals scored by Kylian Mbappé since his professional debuts (2016-2019), according to the position he had on the field of play. The French football player scored 63 goals as a centre-forward.

Who scored 1000 goals football?

great Pelé

Brazilian soccer great Pelé scores his 1,000th professional goal in a game, against Vasco da Gama in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana stadium. It was a major milestone in an illustrious career that included three World Cup championships.

How many goals did Maradona scored for Argentina?

34 goals

He played 490 official club games during his 21-year professional career, scoring 259 goals; for Argentina he played 91 games and scored 34 goals. An Internet poll conducted by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association named Maradona the top player of the 20th century.

Who scored 100 international goals first?

Ali Daei of Iran was the first player to reach 100 goals in international football, having scored 109 in his career.

How many international goals Maradona scored?

34 goals

He had scored 34 goals in 91 appearances, making him Argentina’s 5th-highest goalscorer and 10th-most-capped Argentine international. He earned his first cap when he was 16 years old in 1977, in a friendly 5–1 win against Hungary. … Statistics.


Can Ronaldo score 1000 goals?

So, can Ronaldo reach 1,000 career goals? If we add these 190 prospective goals to his current tally of 801, we see that Ronaldo would fall narrowly short of scoring 1,000 career goals (801 +190 = 991 goals).

Who scored the most goals in one match?

Australia set a world record for the largest victory in an international football match, winning the game 31–0. Australia’s Archie Thompson also broke the record for most goals scored by a player in an international match by scoring 13 goals. … Australia 31–0 American Samoa.

Event2002 FIFA World Cup qualification
Attendance3,000 (estimated)

Who is the highest goal scorer in the world?

Highest International Goal Scorers

RankPlayerInternational goals
1Cristiano Ronaldo111
2Ali Daei109
3Mokhtar Dahari89
4Ferenc Puskas84

Who is better Pele or Maradona?


Pele is the national hero of Brazil and a prolific scorer who scored 77 goals in 92 caps for Brazil. On the other hand, Maradona has less goals in his score list. However, if you really see, then Pele had a good team with him for Brazil while winning the World Cup. But Diego won the World Cup for Argentina on his own.

Is Messi or Maradona better?

In terms of pure numbers, Messi is the clear winner. He has won 10 league titles to Maradona’s three and 24 domestic trophies to Diego’s eight. Messi also has 10 continental and international club crowns to Maradona’s one. For the national team, Messi has not won a senior title whereas Maradona claimed the World Cup.

Is Messi greater than Maradona?


Messi beats Maradona hands down if greatness is judged solely on numbers. Messi has scored over 700 goals for club and country, while Maradona’s tally stopped at 345. Messi has won 10 league titles and four Champions League titles. Maradona, on the other hand, had three league titles and a Uefa Cup.

Can Messi overtake Ronaldo goals?

Lionel Messi To summarise, Messi – at his current rate – would have 74 more goals and 136 more assists, making for a total of 210 additional goal contributions, than Ronaldo across the same amount of games.

Can Messi score 800 goals?

However, Lionel Messi started his career 2 years later than Ronaldo, so surely he can become the second in history to score 800 goals. The Argentine has scored a total of 756 goals, for his country he has scored 80 goals, 672 goals for his childhood club FC Barcelona and 4 for his current club Paris Saint-Germain.

Does Messi score more than Ronaldo?

With two years on Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo has made more appearances in his career and has scored more goals. The Portuguese superstar has bagged a staggering 804 goals since making his professional debut for Sporting Lisbon, while Messi has 759 – 672 of which came for Barcelona.

How many career goals does Neymar?

Neymar’s Statistics and Figures with the Brazilian National Team: Number of Matches: 107. Number of Goals: 68. Assists: 47.

How many goals Neymar has scored in his career?

On the eve of completing 11 years of his first goal (March 15th of 2009), the Paris Saint-Germain and National Brazilian Team striker has 398 goals, on 628 games on his career.

What is Ronaldo’s career goals?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s career has been built on achieving the seemingly impossible with an ever present ruthless efficiency in front of goal. … Cristiano Ronaldo goal scoring record: List of all-time top scorers though totals are up for debate.

1.Cristiano Ronaldo807
2.Josef Bican805

How many players scored 700 goals?

Wayne Gretzky (894), Gordie Howe (801), Jaromir Jagr (766), Brett Hull (741), Marcel Dionne (731), Phil Esposito (717) and Mike Gartner (708) are the other players to score 700 NHL goals.

Who has scored more than 700 goals?

#1 Josef Bican Josef Bican claims the honour as football’s leading goalscorer of all-time. He scored 805+ goals in 530+ games.

Who scored most goals in 2021?

Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) The 33-year-old Polish centre-forward has scored the most goals this year, 69 in 55 appearances. He was also nominated for the Ballon d’Or but lost it to Lionel Messi. Lewandowski’s tally of 296 in the Bundesliga is only second to Gerd Mueller’s record (365) n the competition.

How many goals has Ronaldinho scored in his whole career?

Ronaldinho 2005/2006 Season: Ronaldinho 2006/2007 Season: Ronaldinho 2007/2008 Season: 5. … Ronaldinho Career Statistics:


How many goals did Messi scored in his career?

Adding up all the records that Lionel Messi has accumulated in his entire career, he reaches a total of 756 goals in 949 games played. He has a scoring average of 0.80 goals per game and is already among the top six scorers in the history of this sport.

Why did Barcelona sell Maradona?


It was the end for Maradona and Barcelona. He was sold that summer to Napoli, a move seen as a better option than staying to serve out a three-month ban he was handed for his role in the violence. The incident was a sign of his temperamental nature and what was in store for the rest of his career.

What is the age of Sunil Chhetri?


37 years (August 3, 1984)

Sunil Chhetri / Age

How many international goals has Harry Kane scored?

Kane is just four goals behind him and given his solid record at World Cups — he won the Golden Boot at the 2018 FIFA tournament — it’s fathomable that he equals, or surpasses, the record in Qatar in November. … Most England goals all-time.

NameHarry Kane
Years2015 – present

How long did Pele play for the Cosmos?


Youth career
YearsTeam( Gls )
1975–1977New York Cosmos(37)

Will Ronaldo get 800 goals?

Ronaldo breaks 800-goal barrier "Very happy to become the first football player to score more than 800 official goals," Cristiano said on his official social media channels. "What an amazing and unforgettable run this is becoming. "Thank you to all my supporters for always standing by my side. 801 and still counting!"

Who is the goat of football history?

“As football fans we have all grown up mesmerised by the most iconic players of our respective generations. However, when it comes to debating the Greatest of all Time, crowning the G.O.A.T. … The G.O.A.T. Index Top Ten:

1.Cristiano Ronaldo100%
2.Lionel Messi94%
4.Ferenc Puskás57%
5.Ronaldo Nazário52%

Can Ronaldo score 800 goals?


Cristiano Ronaldo became just the second player in football history to score 800 career goals during Manchester United’s victory over Arsenal.

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