How many gold gloves does mike trout have

For Trout, the Gold Glove has been one of the only significant awards that has eluded him. He’s been included among the top several times, including each of the past two years, but he has never won.

Does Mike Trout have any Gold Gloves?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Mike Trout Does Not Win Gold Glove Award. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim phenom Mike Trout will win his share of offseason awards after his first year in the major leagues. But a Gold Glove for the defensive star will not be one of them.

Who has the most Gold Gloves all time?

Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux has won the most career Gold Glove awards, with 18.

Greg Maddux737272
Jim Kaat840232
Brooks Robinson28962,848
Ivan Rodriguez25432,844

Who has won 10 Gold Gloves?

Second base: Roberto Alomar (10) Alomar won 10 Gold Glove Awards in 11 seasons from 1991-2001 while playing for the Blue Jays, Orioles and Indians.

Who won 12 Gold Gloves?

Willie Mays

Willie Mays is tied with Roberto Clemente for the most Gold Gloves won by an outfielder, with 12 awards each.

Who won the Gold Gloves 2021?

Paul Goldschmidt

Paul Goldschmidt wins Gold Glove Other than his Astros losing in the World Series — that’s a big “other than” — it was a great year all around for Gurriel, who not only wins his first career Gold Glove Award, but also won the AL batting average crown by hitting .

Who has the most Gold Gloves at third base?

Brooks Robinson


Rawlings Gold Glove Award ® Most Gold Gloves By A Third Baseman
Brooks Robinson16
Mike Schmidt10
Nolan Arenado9

Who has the most Gold Gloves at first base?

Keith Hernandez

Keith Hernandez has won eleven consecutive Gold Gloves at first base, the most by any MLB player.

Who has the most platinum gloves?

Nolan Arenado named Rawlings Platinum Glove Award™ winner Nolan Arenado is now a 5-time Platinum Gold Glove winner, the most by any player. ST.

Who has the most Gold Gloves at catcher?

Iván Rodríguez

Iván Rodríguez has won the most Gold Gloves at catcher, with 13; all were won with the Texas Rangers or the Detroit Tigers (both American League teams), though Rodríguez has played in both leagues.

How many Gold Gloves did Brooks Robinson win?


In total, the 18-time All-Star and winner 16 consecutive Gold Glove Awards led the Orioles to six postseasons, including two World Series Championships. In 1964, Robinson took home American League MVP honors, putting up the finest offensive season of his career, leading the league with 118 RBI.

What shortstop has the most Gold Gloves?

Ozzie Smith

Ozzie Smith, known as "the Wizard of Oz", has won the most Gold Glove Awards at shortstop; he captured 13 awards in his 19 seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals.

How many Gold Gloves does Salvador Perez have?


He is a seven-time MLB All-Star, five-time Gold Glove Award winner, and received the World Series Most Valuable Player Award when the Royals won the 2015 World Series over the New York Mets.

Who won NL Gold Gloves?

Five Cardinals win Gold Glove Through the roller coaster of their 2021 season, the Cardinals entrusted their defense as their most steadying force. As it turned out, their defense was historically unrivaled.

How many Gold Gloves did Mickey Mantle win?

one Gold Glove Award

Surprisingly, Mickey received only one Gold Glove Award during his 18 year career. Mickey was received his Gold Glove Award in 1962. It’s believed that Mickey’s phenomenal speed caused many to not appreciate his fielding ability.

How many players get a Gold Glove?

In the inaugural year, one Gold Glove was awarded to the top fielder at each position in MLB; since 1958, separate awards have been given to the top fielders in each league. Thus, 18 Gold Gloves are normally awarded annually, one at each of the nine fielding positions for each league.

What Cardinals won Gold Gloves 2021?

Duvall was one of four first-time Gold Glove Award winners in the National League this season, along with Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Jacob Stallings, Cardinals second baseman Tommy Edman and Cardinals center fielder Harrison Bader.

What pitcher has the most Gold Gloves?

Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux has won the most Gold Glove Awards among all players, including pitchers, in Major League Baseball history. He won 18 awards, all in the National League; his streak of wins was consecutive from 1990 through 2002 until interrupted by Mike Hampton in 2003.

Who has won the most Silver Slugger Awards?

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds (in white uniform) has won the most Silver Slugger Awards of any player, 12.

Who has the most MLB Mvps?

Barry Bonds


RankMost Valuable PlayerAward Shares
1.Barry Bonds (7 wins)9.30
2.Stan Musial* (3 wins)6.96
3.Albert Pujols (3 wins)6.91
4.Ted Williams* (2 wins)6.43

How many Golden Gloves does Arod?

two Gold Glove Awards

He was also a 14-time All-Star, winning three American League (AL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, 10 Silver Slugger Awards, and two Gold Glove Awards.

How many Gold Gloves does Ozzie Smith have?


Known as “The Wizard of Oz,” Ozzie Smith combined athletic ability with acrobatic skill to become one of the greatest defensive shortstops of all time. The 13-time Gold Glove Award winner redefined the position in his nearly two decades of work with the San Diego Padres and St.

What did Carlos Correa say about Derek Jeter?

On Wednesday, Correa said on a Spanish-speaking podcast that “Derek Jeter didn’t deserve any of the Gold Gloves he won,” citing the Hall of Famer’s -165 defensive runs saved in his career.

How many platinum gloves does Ivan Rodriguez have?

With his latest Gold Glove Award, Molina joined Bob Boone (seven), Johnny Bench (10) and Ivan Rodriguez (13) as the only catchers to win the award at least seven times.

Is Brandon Belt married?

Haylee Stephenson Belt

Brandon Belt / Spouse (m. 2010)

How many Gold Gloves did Wade Boggs win?

two Gold Glove Awards

Boggs went on to be awarded three straight All-Star appearances, had four straight . 300-plus seasons, and even collected two Gold Glove Awards for his defense.

How many Gold Gloves did Scott Rolen have?

eight Gold Glove Awards

Scott Rolen hit with consistent power and played superb defense at the hot corner. Defensively – both by traditional statistics and advanced measurement – he was one of the best third basemen of his generation, winning eight Gold Glove Awards.

Does Salvador Perez have a platinum glove?

(Editor’s Note: This story was updated Nov. 8 to modify the reference to the Platinum Glove Awards. Because Andrew Benintendi and Michael A. Taylor won Gold Gloves, they are in the running to win Platinums, while Salvador Perez and Whit Merrifield aren’t because they did not win Gold Gloves).

Did Mark McGwire win a Gold Glove?

Working diligently on his defense at first base, McGwire bristled at the notion that he was a one-dimensional player. He was generally regarded as a good fielder in his early years, even winning a Gold Glove Award in 1990, the only one that the Yankees’ Don Mattingly would not win between 1985 and 1994.

What disease did Mickey Mantle have?

On January 7, 1994, Mantle was diagnosed with hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, and liver cancer. All his life Mickey had feared that he would be a victim of cancer like his father and uncles. It was the reason he often gave for his self-destructive behavior.

What was Mickey Mantle worth when he died?

Mickey Mantle Net Worth

Net Worth:$10 Million
Date of Birth:Oct 20, 1931 – Aug 13, 1995 (63 years old)
Height:5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Profession:Baseball player

What did Roger Maris died of?


Roger Maris, who hit 61 home runs in 1961 to set major league baseball’s single-season record, died today after a two-year struggle with cancer. Maris, who was 51, died at M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, where he had been hospitalized since Nov. 20.

How Gold Glove is determined?

Given out since 1957, the Gold Glove honors the best defenders at each position in each league. Major League managers and coaches, voting only within their league and unable to vote for players on their own teams, account for 75 percent of the selection process. The other 25 percent goes to the sabermetrics community.

Did Carlos Correa win a Gold Glove?

Carlos Correa wins 1st Gold Glove HOUSTON — Astros shortstop Carlos Correa and first baseman Yuli Gurriel have been named Gold Glove Award winners at their positions in the American League, giving the Astros two winners for the first time since 2015. Correa and Gurriel are both first-time winners.

What is the Golden Glove award soccer?

The ‘Golden Glove Award’ is presented to the most outstanding goal keeper at each FIFA World Cup finals. An award has been given to the best goalkeeper since the first World Cup in 1930.

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