how many golf courses in the us

The United States is one of the top nations in the world for golf, which means there are many golf courses.

According to my assessment and other available sources (source), the United States has by far the most golf courses in the world.

The number of golf courses in the United States accounts for around 43% of all golf courses in the globe.

With such a vast number of golf courses throughout the globe, it is reasonable to expect that the United States has a significant number of courses for golfers to choose from.

The short answer to “how many golf courses are there in the United States?” is around 15,500.

This number is always changing due to renovations, closings, and new golf courses that are coming onto the scene. It’s difficult to provide a precise figure since there are so many golf courses.privateand very under the radar in the US.

As a result, there is no 100% correct response. All of this is a wide approximation, but in my view, it is quite true. Our figure of 15,500 is an average of all sources and may be the most accurate available.

What Does the Number of Golf Courses in the US Mean?


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The issue is whether the number of golf courses is increasing or decreasing.

The sad news for golf fans is that the number is actually declining. That does not implythe game of golfis dying in the United States, but it does imply that many golf courses are failing in certain places.

The number of golf courses in the United States is declining in general, although it is unlikely to be evident for a long time. The number of golfers is actually increasing in the US but failing golf courses are starting to close their doors and not come back for financial reasons.

The great thing is that thebest golf courses in the United Statessuch as Augusta National, Pebble Beach, and many more are as popular as ever. You will still have no trouble locating a fantastic golf course to play on.

Where are Most of the Golf Courses in the US?

Now that you know about how many golf courses exist in the United States, you may be curious as to where the bulk of them are located.

Well, I can tell you that areas with colder climates that are unsuitable for golf do not have a lot of golf courses. North Dakota, Alaska, and Maine, for example, do not have nearly as many golf courses as the majority of states.

Florida, Texas, California, Ohio, and New York have the most golf courses.Florida is the state with the most golf courses.

It is a common rule that the more golf courses a state has, the warmer its climate. The population of the state also has a significant impact in this. States like New Mexico have a climate for golf, but the population is small, so it does not have the same number as Florida.

Hopefully, the warmer climate states will continue to grow the game and increase how many golf courses are in the US. In my perspective, the more golf courses there are in the United States, the better!

The financials for a golf course are tough to get under control and the lack of demand in certain areas is really killing some golf courses. Hopefully, the following generation will acquire a passion for this lovely game in order to conserve the courses.

I am curious, do you think that the number of golf courses in the United States will start to increase or decrease? If this is the case, how many golf courses will there be in the United States?

Personally, I believe that the number will continue to fall gradually. I do think that there is a bottom number that we will hit in golf courses in the States before the decline stops. Your guess is as good as mine as to whether it is 12,000 or 10,000.

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