How many third class passengers died on the titanic



Approximately 1,317 passengers died when the Titanic sank. 709 of them were third-class passengers. Three-quarters of them perished. The reason why many more of these passengers died compared to the first- and second-class members was that the third-class passengers were confined to their area of the Titanic.

How many Titanic survivors were 3rd class?

How many Third Class passengers survived the Titanic? Only an estimated 172 of the roughly 709 passengers traveling in Steerage were lucky enough to survive the disaster, just 24% of those journeying on a third class ticket.

Were there any 3rd Class survivors of the Titanic?

Third-class Titanic survivor stories were rare, but passenger Elin Hakkarainen was lucky.

How many 1st class passengers died on the Titanic?


How many First Class passengers died on the Titanic? An estimated 123 of the roughly 324 passengers journeying in first class perished in the accident, 39% of those traveling on a 1st class ticket.

What percentage of third class passengers died on the Titanic?

76% – the percentage of Third Class passengers who perished.

How much was a 3rd class ticket on the Titanic?

The first class tickets ranged enormously in price, from $150 (about $1700 today) for a simple berth, up to $4350 ($50,000) for one of the two Parlour suites. Second class tickets were $60 (around $700) and third class passengers paid between $15 and $40 ($170 – £460). 7.

How did third class passengers board the Titanic?

The third-class open space was a very large room all the way forward in the ship on D Deck, directly underneath the forward well deck above. It could be entered from outside via two wide staircases off the well deck or from below via another set of staircases from E Deck.

How much compensation did Titanic survivors get?


It wasn’t until July 1916, more than four years after the Titanic sank, that White Star and all the U.S. plaintiffs came to a settlement. White Star agreed to pay $665,000 — about $430 for each life lost on the Titanic.

Is there any Titanic survivors still alive?

No, there are no more living survivors from the Titanic. The last living survivor was Millvina Dean, who was the youngest passenger on the Titanic when she was only an infant. Dean was only two months old when her family decided to move from England to Kansas in the United States to open a tobacco shop.

Did Miss hanora O’Leary survive the Titanic?

She boarded the Titanic at Queenstown (ticket number 330919, £7 16s 7d). She was travelling in a group from the Kingwilliamstown area led by Daniel Buckley, and consisting of Hannah Riordan, Bridget Bradley, Patrick Denis O’Connell, Patrick O’Connor, and Michael Linehan. Nora was rescued, probably in lifeboat 13.

Did Miss Eugenie Baclini survive?

However, she did not get to grow up in her new homeland and Eugenie died from meningitis in the Bellevue Hospital on 30 August 1912, becoming the second of the 712 Titanic survivors to die (she was preceded in death by Mariyam Nakid, a fellow Lebanese passenger).

Why did so many 3rd class passengers died on the Titanic?

The reason why many more of these passengers died compared to the first- and second-class members was that the third-class passengers were confined to their area of the Titanic. Grilled gates had been installed in the lower decks to keep different classes of passengers from interacting with each other.

How many 2nd class passengers died on Titanic?

How many 2nd class passengers were on the Titanic? There were an estimated 284 passengers traveling in standard, or second class, a little over half of whom would perish in the disaster.

What millionaires died on the Titanic?


DIED: John Jacob Astor, millionaire To ensure the child would be born in the United States, the couple booked a trip home on the Titanic.

How many of each class died on the Titanic?

130 of the first-class passengers died during the sinking of the ship. The second-class passengers lost 166 people. Third-class passengers accounted for the largest loss of life among the passengers with 536. The ship’s crew suffered the most, losing over three-fourths of their numbers with 685 casualties.

How many dogs died in the Titanic?


At least nine dogs died when the Titanic went down, but the exhibit also highlights three that survived: two Pomeranians and a Pekingese. As Edgette told Yahoo News this week, they made it out alive due to their size — and probably not at the expense of any human passengers.

How many perished on the Titanic?


1,500 people

However, it is generally believed that of the ship’s approximately 2,200 passengers and crew members, some 1,500 people perished when the ship sank. According to the U.S. committee investigating the sinking, 1,517 lives were lost, and its British counterpart determined that 1,503 died.

What were 3rd class rooms like on the Titanic?

Third class The general room was where most passengers gathered, talked and socialised. There was a piano for passengers to make their own music in the evenings. There was also a male-only smoke room which was panelled and furnished in oak with teak furniture.

What did 3rd class eat on the Titanic?

Far more austere, third-class meals featured items such as hearty stews, vegetable soup, roast pork with sage and onions, boiled potatoes, currant buns, biscuits and freshly baked bread with plum pudding and oranges.

Who was the richest person on the Titanic?

John Jacob Astor

John Jacob Astor was the wealthiest passenger aboard Titanic. He was the head of the Astor family, with a personal fortune of approximately $150,000,000. Born on 13 July 1864 to William Astor, he was educated at St. Paul’s School, Concord and later went to Harvard.

How was third class treated on the Titanic?

On the Titanic, third-class passengers shared common bathrooms, ate in dining facilities with other third-class passengers, and slept in cabins four to a room. By the standards of the day, the accommodations on the Titanic for third-class passengers were excellent.

What was the difference between 1st 2nd and 3rd class on the Titanic?

First class passengers were the wealthiest on board, and were mostly business men or politicians. Second class were often professors or authors while third class or steerage was made up of primarily immigrants. All three classes were treated very differently when on board during the trip and after the sinking.

Did the Titanic have bathrooms?


Titanic had an impressive ratio of private bathrooms to passengers, more than any other ship in 1912. Virtually all of the suites on B and C Decks featured en-suite bathrooms. Although bed linen was changed daily, there was no laundry aboard because of limited fresh-water supplies.

Did anyone get in trouble for Titanic?


When the Titanic sank, leading to the loss of life and property, surviving passengers and the relatives of those who had died filed a levy of claims against the transport company which sold tickets to the mega ship’s maiden voyage.

Did anyone sue the Titanic?

After the Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912, hundreds of the survivors, families of victims, and owners of cargo filed claims against the White Star Line for loss of life, property, and for injuries sustained. Their claims totaled $16.4 million.

Did Titanic passengers get eaten by sharks?


Were There Any Shark-Attack Survivors From the Titanic? No survivors of the Titanic claimed to be attacked by a shark. There is no evidence of sharks attacking people in the water after the ship sank.

Does the iceberg from the Titanic still exist?


According to experts the Ilulissat ice shelf on the west coast of Greenland is now believed to be the most likely place from which the Titanic iceberg originated. At it’s mouth, the seaward ice wall of Ilulissat is around 6 kilometres wide and rises 80 metres above sea level.

How much does it cost to go down to see the Titanic?

For $59,680 per ticket, passengers will descend at 100 feet per minute through darkness and freezing waters, viewing several sections of the Titanic on a 12-hour round trip.

Who owns Titanic wreck?


RMS Titanic Inc.

Over 1,500 people died in the disaster. The wreck was discovered in 1985. RMS Titanic Inc. owns the salvage rights, or rights to what is left, of the Titanic.

What class was Margaret Marcella Daly on the Titanic?

Margaret Daly Miss Margaret Marcella "Maggie" Daly (1), 30, of Athlone, Co Westmeath, Ireland (2) boarded the Titanic at Queenstown as a third class passenger (ticket number 382650, £6, 19s) along with Bridget Elizabeth Noon , also of Athlone. Maggie was travelling from Westmeath to New York City.

Who were the 3rd class passengers on the Titanic?

ABBOTT, Mr Rossmore Edward163rd Class Passenger
ABBOTT, Mr Eugene Joseph133rd Class Passenger
ABELSETH, Miss Kalle (Karen) Marie Kristiane163rd Class Passenger
ABELSETH, Mr Olaus Jørgensen253rd Class Passenger

How long did it take to build the Titanic?

The White Star Line’s Titanic was built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Ireland, starting in 1909, with construction taking three years.

What was Eugenie Baclini lifeboat number?

Who Survived the Titanic?

SurnameFirst NamesLifeboat #
BacliniMiss EugenieC
BadmanMiss Emily LouisaC
BallsMrs Ada E.10
BarberMiss Ellen Mary (Maid to Mrs Tyrell William Cavendish)6

Did any babies died on the Titanic?

He was a young Finnish boy who died during the sinking of RMS Titanic. From 2002 to 2007, he was initially believed to be "The Unknown Child". …

Eino Viljami Panula
Died15 April 1912 (1 year, 36 days) Atlantic Ocean
Other namesEino Viljam Panula Eino William Panula
Known forThe Unknown Child

What did 3rd class passengers do for fun on the Titanic?

3rd Class passengers did not have much, but they still had fun. They liked the poop deck to meet people, relax, play deck games. All classes liked to look at the sea. 2nd Class played deck games like shuffle board and quoits.

How did most of the people died on Titanic?

The Titanic passengers were only exposed to hypothermia and not to cold-water inhalation into the lungs. Aspiration might have occurred after they became unconscious. Therefore, the primary cause of death was immersion hypothermia with its attendant consequences, and not drowning as recorded in the official report.

Are the Astor family still wealthy?

When comparing to its portion of America’s Gross Domestic Product, Astor I’s fortune is worth the modern equivalent of $121 BILLION dollars.

Who Cancelled their trip on the Titanic?

J. P. Morgan, owner of International Mercantile Marine, parent company of the White Star Line, canceled his booking aboard Titanic at the last moment. One name not appearing on the crew list is David ("Davy") Blair, who had come over from Oceanic to join Titanic at Belfast as second officer.

What percentage of second class passengers survived the Titanic?

As this table shows, first-class passengers survived at a rate of 62 percent, which is more than twice the rate of third-class passengers. … Titanic Passenger Survival Rates.

First class325202 (62%)
Second class285118 (41%)
Third class706178 (25%)
Totals1,316498 (38%)

How much did the Titanic weigh?


52,310 tons

Titanic / Weight

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