How old is baby in dirty dancing movie

Baby, fresh out of high school and looking forward to her new adventures as an adult, is still a teenager in Dirty Dancing. With the movie being set in 1963, and Baby is 18 years old, while her love interest, Jonny, is 24 years old. Grey, 27 years old at the time, was eight years older than the character of Baby.

How old is Baby in the movie?

It tells the story of a social worker who investigates an eccentric family which includes "Baby", a 21-year-old man who acts like an infant. The film is considered a cult classic.

How old is Lisa in Dirty Dancing?



Amazingly the actress was 29 when she played the wannabe singer who donned a bikini for her cringe-worthy performance at the holiday camp talent show.

Did Baby and Johnny sleep together?

After Baby apologizes to Johnny for her father’s behavior, they dance and have sex.

How old were the cast of Dirty Dancing?

In the film, Johnny is 24, and Baby is 18. Jennifer Gray was 26 when she was cast as Baby, a character that was intended to be fresh out of high school. When Patrick Swayze was cast to play the role of Johnny in the film, he was 34 — a staggering ten years older than his character in the movie.

Is Lisa older than Baby?

Lisa Houseman is the older sister of Frances "Baby" Houseman. She comes to Camp Kellerman’s with her family in the summer of 1963.

What happened to Jane Brucker?

After Dirty Dancing, Jane Brucker appeared in the movies Stealing Home, Bloodhounds of Broadway and Dishdogz. But in recent years, she’s focused on her family with husband Raul Vega, whom she married in 2001 and with whom she has two daughters, Sally and Rachel.

Why does Kara get pregnant in old?

Trapped on the beach, children Trent, Maddox, and Kara are subjected to years’ worth of hormones, growing pains, and a series of firsts in the span of hours. Teenagers Trent and Kara act on their new feelings, resulting in Kara’s accelerated pregnancy and subsequent childbirth.

How do baby actors get paid?

Babies Are Usually Paid The Same As Background Actors They usually get the same pay rate as an extra or background actor, which is $126 per day. However, if the baby’s agent or guardian can negotiate better terms, an infant may be paid like a principal performer, which starts at $737 per day.

How did the girl get pregnant in old?

How does Kara get pregnant? Well, you see, it starts with the birds and the bees… No, this question is simply answered: Trent and Kara have sex during their bonding moment, and she becomes pregnant with their child.

How old are Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing?

Jennifer Grey was quite a few years older than her character, Baby. Baby, fresh out of high school and looking forward to her new adventures as an adult, is still a teenager in Dirty Dancing. With the movie being set in 1963, and Baby is 18 years old, while her love interest, Jonny, is 24 years old.

What does Jennifer GREY do now?


Next up, Grey will appear in the recently announced Dirty Dancing movie sequel. Not only will she reprise her role as Baby Houseman for the long-awaited follow-up film, but she will also serve as an executive producer for the project, according to Deadline.

Who is Baby’s sister on Dirty Dancing?


Jane Brucker

Jane Brucker, who played Baby’s glamorous older sister Lisa Houseman in Dirty Dancing, will appear as a guest judge in Fox’s new dance competition.

Why is Frances called Baby?


Through voiceover narration, Grey’s character recalls the summer of 1963, describing it as "a time when everybody called me ‘Baby,’ and it didn’t occur to me to mind." When the Housemans get settled at Kellerman’s, it’s heavily implied that Frances is called "Baby" because she’s the baby of the family.

Did Swayze Grey get along?


The pair are said to have got along fine during filming, but were never best friends. The director previously said there was some tension because Swayze was a trained dancer and would become easily frustrated while trying to teach Grey how to do the steps.

Is Dirty Dancing based on a true story?


It’s (loosely) based on screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein’s real life. Emphasis on "loosely." Bergstein did spend her summers in the Catskills, her father was a doctor, she did go by "Baby" and, naturally, she loved to dirty dance.

Where is Baby now from Dirty Dancing?


But she is now settled with actor Clark Gregg, who has appeared as Agent Coulson in multiple Marvel Avengers films and in Agents of Shield. Before that, he had recurring roles in The West Wing and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

Do Baby and Johnny end up together?


It turns out Frances is now married with an adorable young daughter. She’s writing books and taking salsa classes once a week at the local Jewish Community Center. Johnny is, apparently, still Johnny (though with seventies-style hair) and credits Baby with inspiring him.

Who died from Dirty Dancing?


Actor Patrick Swayze

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Actor Patrick Swayze, whose turn as a smoldering dance instructor in “Dirty Dancing” made him one of the iconic film stars of the 1980s, died on Monday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 57.

Is Lisa Baby’s older sister?

I want to talk about Lisa . Lisa Houseman, is, of course, the older, more traditionally attractive sibling of Frances “Baby” Houseman who was portrayed by actress and Falls Church native Jane Brucker.

How old is Jennifer Grey now?


62 years (March 26, 1960)

Jennifer Grey / Age

Why is Penny so ill in Dirty Dancing?

Baby learns to dance so that she can cover for Penny, the professional dancer who regularly performs at nearby resorts. Penny is too sick throughout the film, as she’s recovering from a botched abortion. "The guy had a dirty knife and a folding table," a character describes.

Who was married to Patrick Swayze?


Lisa Niemi

Patrick Swayze / Spouse (m. 1975–2009)

Lisa Niemi Swayze is an American writer, dancer, choreographer, actress, and director. She is the widow of actor and dancer Patrick Swayze.

Where does the saying no one puts Baby in the corner come from?

Origin of Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner This expression is a famous quote from the 1987 film Dirty Dancing. This film is about a young woman, named Baby, who went on vacation with her parents to a resort. She learns to dance from one of the dancing instructors there, Johnny, and they develop a romantic relationship.

Whats the twist in Old?

What happened to Trent and Maddox in Old? This being an M Night Shyamalan film, there is still one twist to come: it turns out that Trent and Maddox did escape after all, and not only that, they’ve been able to inform the authorities of the beach and the sinister way it had been used.

What happened to Chrystal in Old?

His wife Crystal’s (Abbey Lee) calcium deficiency causes the most horrific deterioration scene in the whole movie; her bones crunch and become contorted into hideous and unnatural shapes as they crack and then heal too quickly.

What happens to the baby in Old film?

The baby sadly dies almost immediately after being born, as time passing so quickly also means it basically starves to death within a minute.

Who is the highest paid child actor?


Rico Rodriguez He has won more than 10 awards for his performance in this show. Later in 2012, a book was published that was written by Rico named Reel life lessons, so far. Rico started his acting career at an early stage and continues to do the same and is amongst the highest-paid child actor in Hollywood.

Do they use real newborns in movies?

Babies and young kids are cast in movies just like adult actors, but there are special rules in place about how long they can be on set. Oftentimes, a director wants a baby to cry on camera, and real babies are used for many of the scenes.

Do child actors go to school?


Ever wondered where your favorite child actors go to school? For children in the entertainment industry in California, school comes to them in the form of studio teachers. Linda Stone has worked as one for 36 years.

How Old were the kids at the end of the movie Old?


After two deaths in a row, Prisca discovered that their six-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter had aged 11 and 16, respectively. Even Charles’ daughter Kara aged from 6 to 11. At first, Prisca speculated that their uncontrollable aging might be a reaction to something they ate on the island.

Does Kara get pregnant?


During the Invasion Mon-El and Kara had an affair which led to Kara’s pregnancy with Mon-El’s child. Mon-El kept the child a secret from his mother. Mon-El’s baby daughter Rose Rose was born on Earth during the invasion of the Daxamites.

What was everyone’s illness in the movie Old?

While not clearly stated in the film from the very beginning we find out that Rufus has some sort of mental health disorder he is not keen on talking about, and the general consensus is that it is schizophrenia, though it is never explicitly diagnosed.

How tall is Patrick Swayze?


5′ 10″

Patrick Swayze / Height

How old is Frances in Dirty Dancing?


In Dirty Dancing (1987), Grey played Frances "Baby" Houseman, a teenager on a family vacation at a resort in New York’s Catskill Mountains. At the age of 27, she did a very convincing job of portraying an adolescent who falls for a dance instructor at the resort played by Patrick Swayze.

What happened to Johnny and Baby after the summer?

But the biggest change was probably the ending. A flashforward to Baby and Johnny’s future revealed him to be a Broadway star in a show based on their summer romance, while Baby was a married mom. They weren’t together anymore and it seemed like they hadn’t seen each other in years.

What did Demi Moore think of Patrick Swayze?


Demi Moore thought Ghost would flop Speaking at a 2013 AFI Night at the Movies screening of Ghost, Moore revealed that she had reservations about the film. “It’s a love story, and it’s a guy—a dead guy—trying to save his wife, and there is a comedy part, but really, really it’s a love story,” Moore said.

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