How old was morgan freeman in shawshank

How old was Morgan Freeman when he did Shawshank?


As for The Shawshank Redemption, it was filmed between June and September in 1993, before being released the following year. At the time of filming, Freeman was 56 years old.

How old is Tim Robbins in Shawshank?


63 years (October 16, 1958)

Tim Robbins / Age

How old was Morgan Freeman when he became an actor?


When Freeman was 16 years old, he contracted pneumonia. He made his acting debut at age nine, playing the lead role in a school play.

How old was Morgan Freeman when he got his first big break?

Freeman, recipient of the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award, didn’t get his first big break until age 49. This came in 1986, when he was cast in the film "Street Smart." Since then, he’s made more than 50 films.

How old was Morgan Freeman when he did Driving Miss Daisy?


“Many actresses who wanted the role were too young,” he says, “like Lauren Bacall.” Morgan Freeman had played the role of Hoke in Uhry’s stage play, but Dad had some initial misgivings about his age as well (Freeman was 52 at the time).

Are Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman friends?

What is Morgan Freeman’s birthday?


Morgan Freeman, (born June 1, 1937, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.), American actor whose emotional depth, subtle humour, and versatility made him one of the most-respected performers of his generation.

Why did Alec Baldwin only play Jack Ryan once?


Harrison Ford replaced Alec Baldwin in the role of Jack Ryan for 1992’s Patriot Games because of a dispute between Baldwin and Paramount Pictures’ studio head David Kirkpatrick, although both men have different recollections of the split.

Who is Morgan Freeman’s current wife?

  1. Myrna Colley-Lee m. 1984–2010
  2. Jeanette Adair Bradshaw m. 1967–1979

Morgan Freeman/Wife

How old was Alan Rickman when he got his big break?

42 years old

Alan Rickman He was 42 years old at the time, and went on to have roles in the Harry Potter franchise and films including Love Actually.

What age did Samuel L Jackson start acting?


Jackson’s first acting role? One year after receiving his degree from Morehouse College, Jackson made his film debut in the political drama Together For Days. He was 24.

Where is Morgan Freeman today?

Freeman lives in Charleston, Mississippi, and New York City. He has a private pilot’s license, which he earned at age 65, and co-owns and operates Madidi, a fine dining restaurant, and Ground Zero, a blues club, both located in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Does Morgan Freeman have kids?

  1. Alfonso Freeman
  2. Saifoulaye Freeman
  3. Morgana Freeman
  4. Deena Freeman

Morgan Freeman/Children

What are the bumps on Morgan Freeman face?

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN) is a common condition consisting of one or many small dark papular skin lesions, on the face and upper body which appear on darker skin types. Morgan Freeman, the famous actor has many facial DPN’s and they are almost his trademark.

How does Morgan Freeman stay fit?


"I eat as seldom as I can. If they made a pill, I’d just take the pill. I wouldn’t bother with the other stuff. I take a handful of vitamins and supplements in the morning and wash it down with an antioxidant drink."

What does Miss Daisy call her driver?

Daisy Werthan (Jessica Tandy), an elderly Jewish widow living in Atlanta, is determined to maintain her independence. However, when she crashes her car, her son, Boolie (Dan Aykroyd), arranges for her to have a chauffeur, an African-American driver named Hoke Colburn (Morgan Freeman).

How old was Jessica Tandy when she did Driving Miss Daisy?

age 80

It is the only film based on an off-Broadway production ever to win Best Picture. Jessica Tandy (at age 80), became the oldest winner in history to win Best Actress.

Who is Morgan Freeman’s best friend?


Michael Caine

Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine have the best friendship ever.

Who turned down Shawshank role?


Kevin Costner

By 1994, there was no bigger movie star than Kevin Costner. Starting with his starring role in 1987’s The Untouchables, Costner went on a nearly decade-long run that saw him achieve critical and commercial dominance within the film industry.

Will there be a Shawshank Redemption 2?

MIDDLETON (CAP) – Castle Rock Entertainment has confirmed reports that it will make a sequel to its beloved 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption, chronicling the further adventures of characters Andy Dufresne and Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding, to be filmed partially in Massachusetts.

How old is Angelica Houston?


70 years (July 8, 1951)

Anjelica Huston / Age

How old is Annette Bening?


63 years (May 29, 1958)

Annette Bening / Age

Who is the richest Cusack?

In the 1990s, Cusack established the production company New Crime Productions. One of first projects he worked on with his new company was the film "Grosse Pointe Blank" (1997), which he starred in as well as co-wrote the screenplay for. … John Cusack Net Worth.

Net Worth:$50 Million
Nationality:United States of America

How old is actor Nick Nolte?


81 years (February 8, 1941)

Nick Nolte / Age

Is Morgan Freeman his real name?


Morgan Porterfield Freeman Jr.

Morgan Freeman / Full name

How old is Sly Stallone?


75 years (July 6, 1946)

Sylvester Stallone / Age

Who voices the Sorting Hat?


Leslie Phillips

Sorting Hat / Voiced by

Leslie Samuel Phillips CBE is an English retired actor, voice artist and author. He achieved prominence in the 1950s, often playing smooth, upper-class comic roles utilising his "Ding Dong" and "He-llo" catchphrases.

Is Air Force One a Jack Ryan movie?

"Air Force One" is not by Tom Clancy. Harrison Ford is not playing Jack Ryan. Could’ve fooled me. The movie, a slickly crafted action thriller, portrays the president as the now-familiar humble hero, a Vietnam veteran, Medal of Honor winner, Michigan football fan and family man.

Who plays Jack Ryan’s daughter in The Hunt for Red October?

Louise Borras

The Hunt for Red October (1990) – Louise Borras as Sally Ryan – IMDb.

Did Harrison Ford ever play Jack Ryan?


Harrison Ford Despite being Indiana Jones himself (and being the only Ryan actor to play the role in two movies), Harrison Ford’s Jack Ryan is one of the more critically divisive iterations for the character as first depicted in Patriot Games.

How many times did Morgan Freeman get married?

Megastar Morgan Freeman has been married twice. From 1967 to 1979, Morgan Freeman was married to Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, and the pair have two kids: daughters Morgana Freeman and Deena (Jeanette’s child from a previous relationship).

Who is Denzel Washington’s wife?


Pauletta Washington

Denzel Washington / Wife (m. 1983)

How old was Morgan Freeman in his first movie?


When Freeman was 16 years old, he contracted pneumonia. He made his acting debut at age nine, playing the lead role in a school play.

How old was Morgan Freeman when he got his big break?

Freeman, recipient of the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award, didn’t get his first big break until age 49. This came in 1986, when he was cast in the film "Street Smart." Since then, he’s made more than 50 films.

How old is Richard Harris?


72 years (1930–2002)

Richard Harris / Age at death

How old is Lawrence Fishburne?


60 years (July 30, 1961)

Laurence Fishburne / Age

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