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Les Twins, the renowned dance duo consisting of identical twin brothers Laurent Nicolas and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, have captivated audiences worldwide with their remarkable talent. While the original content did not provide specific information about their height, this FAQ-style article aims to answer the question of "How tall are Les Twins" and provide additional insights about the talented pair.

Les Twins’ Height

Les Twins: Biography, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth & More - City Dance Studios

Les Twins stand out not only for their exceptional dancing but also for their imposing height. The Bourgeois brothers, Laurent and Larry, are both 6’4" tall, which is equivalent to approximately 193 cm. Their towering stature adds to their stage presence, making their performances even more impressive.

Les Twins: A Dance Phenomenon

Les Twins gained widespread recognition due to their mesmerizing dance skills. They have been featured in music videos for several renowned artists, including Beyonce, Meghan Trainor, and Missy Elliott. Additionally, their appearance in the film adaptation of Cats showcased their versatility as performers, where they portrayed the characters Socrates and Plato.

Les Twins in 2021

In 2021, Les Twins embarked on a new journey, collaborating with Hennessy for a limited edition spirit collection. This collaboration also included an immersive virtual experience, allowing fans to engage with the duo in a unique way. It’s a testament to their ever-evolving careers and creative endeavors.

Are Les Twins Self-Taught Dancers?

Les Twins On Dancing With Beyonce & Their Response To Critics About

Les Twins are not only known for their exceptional height but also for being self-taught dancers. Laurent and Larry Bourgeois honed their dancing skills independently, and their journey led them to win the 2017 World of Dance competition, solidifying their reputation as top-tier dancers.

Les Twins: Beyond Dance

The Bourgeois twins have expanded their horizons beyond dance. They have had the privilege of touring with music icon Beyonce and collaborating with prominent artists like Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and Dr. Dre. Their journey is a testament to their commitment to the entertainment industry.

Contacting Les Twins

If you’re interested in booking Les Twins for an event or collaboration, you can fill out a booking request form for them. Alternatively, you can contact their office at 1.800.698.2536 to discuss your upcoming event.

Les Twins: The Height of Dance Excellence

World of Dance

In conclusion, Les Twins, Laurent, and Larry Bourgeois, are exceptionally tall dancers, standing at an impressive 6’4" (193 cm). Their remarkable journey in the world of dance and entertainment has solidified their status as some of the best dancers globally. Whether they’re dazzling audiences with their dance moves or exploring new creative endeavors, Les Twins continue to leave an indelible mark on the industry.

So, when you wonder, "How tall are Les Twins?" remember that they are not only towering in height but also in their accomplishments as remarkable performers.

Exploring the Stature of Les Twins

How Tall Are Les Twins?

Les Twins, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, are 6.4 feet tall, making them stand out in the world of dance and fashion. Their impressive height of 6 feet and 4 inches has attracted the attention of haute couture fashion brands, who have signed them as models. Their towering stature not only contributes to their unique presence but has also paved the way for numerous high-profile gigs and lucrative deals. As a result, Les Twins have amassed significant wealth, with an estimated combined net worth of $4 million. Their extraordinary height is undeniably one of the factors that have contributed to their success in the entertainment industry.

How Many Girlfriends Does Les Twins Have?

As of our latest information, we have no details about Les Twins’ current relationship status. However, in the past, one of the twins has been in at least one relationship. Please note that personal relationships may change over time, and the information provided is subject to updates.

Les Twins’ Age in 2020: In the year 2020, Les Twins were 31 years old.

Why Les Twins Are Famous: Les Twins have gained fame due to their exceptional talent in the world of dance. Their remarkable performances and unique style have made them renowned dancers, choreographers, and models in the entertainment industry.

Why Are Les Twins So Famous?

Les Twins’ fame is attributed to their exceptional talent and remarkable achievements in the world of dance. Their journey to stardom was already in motion before their appearance on World of Dance, as they had garnered a significant following. Here are five key factors contributing to their status as some of the world’s most beloved dancers:

  1. Notable Collaborations: Les Twins have had the privilege of dancing with A-list celebrities, including the likes of Beyoncé, which significantly elevated their profile in the entertainment industry.

  2. Unique Style: Their distinct and innovative dance style, blending various techniques, has set them apart from others and garnered a dedicated fan base.

  3. Worldwide Performances: Their electrifying performances on stages across the globe have left a lasting impact on audiences and dance enthusiasts.

  4. Media Presence: They have been in the spotlight, often seen with renowned figures such as the Jenners and Hadids, further increasing their visibility.

  5. Global Fan Base: Les Twins’ captivating performances have earned them a global fan base, solidifying their place as some of the world’s most cherished dancers.

Their journey to fame is a testament to their extraordinary talent and hard work.

What Do Les Twins Wear?

Les Twins are easily identifiable by their distinctive fashion sense, which includes:

  • Large Afros: The twins are known for their iconic large afro hairstyles, adding a unique touch to their overall appearance.

  • Backwards Pants: One of their trademark style choices is wearing pants backwards. This unconventional choice has become a part of their signature look.

  • Neck Warmers: They often sport neck warmers, which not only provide a stylish element but also contribute to their overall image.

  • Kneepads on Ankles: Kneepads worn around the ankles are another unconventional fashion statement that the twins have embraced. This unique choice showcases their bold and creative style.

Les Twins’ fashion choices are an integral part of their visual identity, making them stand out in the world of dance and entertainment.

What Nationality Are the Les Twins?

The Les Twins are identical twins from France. Their French nationality is an essential part of their background and identity. These remarkable dancers are renowned for their exceptional ability to seamlessly blend various dance styles, from hip-hop to classical, showcasing their outstanding musicality, precision, timing, fluidity, and uncanny synchronicity. Their French heritage is a significant influence on their unique dance journey and style.

What Are the Les Twins’ Real Names?

The Les Twins are identical twin brothers, and their real names are Laurent Bourgeois and Larry Bourgeois. They embarked on their remarkable career as New Style Hip-Hop dancers in Sarcelles, France. Their journey and contributions to the world of dance have made their names synonymous with exceptional talent and innovation.

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