How tall is a golf cart

5.5 feet high

The average dimensions for a golf cart are 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 5.5 feet high. These dimensions are common to smaller golf carts that are commonly found for sale. For a larger golf cart that seats up to six people, the dimensions rise to 4 feet wide by 11.5 feet long, and 5.5 feet tall.

How tall is a Club Car golf cart?

The average height is 69 inches, with 47.25 inches wide and 91.5 inches in weight. Ground clearance is 4.5 inches on both models.

How tall is an EZ Go golf cart?

What are the dimensions of an ezgo golf cart?

Overall Length93.0 in (236 cm)
Overall Width47.0 in (119 cm)
Overall Height (no canopy)46.5 in (118 cm) (top of steering wheel)
Overall Height (with canopy)67.5 in (171 cm) (top of sun canopy)

How tall is a golf cart top?

Dimensions of Club Car Golf Cart

Model NameLengthHeight(W/ roof)
Villager 2 Gas92 in69 in
Villager 2 Electric110.1 in49.8 in
Precedent Stretch PTV144 in69 in
Onward 2 Passenger Gas92 in71 in

What size is a golf cart?

around 92 x 48 x 75 inches

The average golf cart dimensions are around 92 x 48 x 75 inches for a standard 2 seat golf cart. The dimensions of different types of carts will vary the most in length due to the number of seats a golf cart can have. More seats added to a cart will add to its length but usually minimal amounts to the width and height.

Who makes the shortest golf cart?

The SX-3 weighs only 303 pounds and it can easily fold down to just 28 inches. This Cricket mini golf cart model is only 32 inches wide, and it can fit below any RV camper or on a golf cart carrier platform.

Will a golf cart fit a 5X8 trailer?

Most standard golf carts will fit a 5X10 trailer with plenty of space and without effort to load/unload the cart. If your golf cart is a bit smaller, then a standard 5X8 trailer will be sufficient.

What is the length of a 4 seater ezgo golf cart?

Armed with this information, low speed vehicle fans may be able to determine just how much room is needed to store an EZ Go, Club Car, lifted or luxury golf cart. In general, the average 4 seater golf cart is about 5.5 feet tall, 8 feet long, and 4 feet wide.

How big is a golf cart garage?

Golf Cart Garage Door Size Golf cart garage doors are most often one of four sizes: 5 by 7 feet, 6 by 7 feet, 5 by 8 feet, and 6 by 8 feet.

Will a golf cart fit in a 6 foot truck bed?

The question as to will a golf cart fit in a truck bed does not possess a straightforward answer. The short answer is that standard 2 person carts may fit onto a truck’s bed. Those of you who own a long bed will be able to load a standard size cart and close the tailgate. However, if you have a standard bed.

How long is a 6 seater golf cart roof?

116" long

The roof is 116" long. Yes it will.

How wide are golf cart paths?

Fourteen feet is the preferred width for multi-use paths designed to facilitate golf carts, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

How tall is a lifted Club Car onward?


LxWxH114 x 49 1/2 x 80 1/2114 x 49 1/2 x 80 1/2
Wheelbase67 1/2 inches67 1/2 inches
Ground Clearance6 3/8 inches6 3/8 inches
Tread-Front and RearFront/Rear: 40 3/4/39 1/2Front/Rear: 40 3/4/39 1/2

How long is a 6 seater ezgo golf cart?


Gas72V Electric
Overall Length144 in (364 cm)144 in (364 cm)
Overall Width49 in (125 cm)49 in (125 cm)
Overall Height (w/o roof)55.5 in (141 cm)55.5 in (141 cm)
Overall Height (w/ roof)83 in (211 cm)83 in (211 cm)

Will a golf cart fit in a 6.5 truck bed?

When it comes to transporting a golf cart, the question of whether it will fit in the bed of a truck is daunting, but the short answer is yes. … Even better, a suitable transporting truck needs to have a bed that is about four feet wider between the tires and wells – to make sure your golf cart fits nicely.

What size trailer do I need for a 4 person golf cart?

Mediumweight Trailers. Trailers in this category typically range from 5 x 8 to 5 x 10 feet in size. These trailers generally provide ample space for the average golf cart to fit onto. Many consider the prime golf cart trailer size to be 5 x 10, as it can fit 2-seater and most 4-seater carts.

How wide is a garage door for a golf cart?

The most common sizes for golf cart doors measure 5 by 7 feet, 6 by 7 feet, 5 by 8 feet and 6 by 8 feet. However, if you are not comfortable with this garage door product, you can buy door from a foot to three inches garage door sizes shorter. For example, a 5-foot width and 6-foot height sizes are available.

How much room do you need for a golf cart?

The average dimensions for a golf cart are 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 5.5 feet high. These dimensions are common to smaller golf carts that are commonly found for sale. For a larger golf cart that seats up to six people, the dimensions rise to 4 feet wide by 11.5 feet long, and 5.5 feet tall.

How tall should a garage door be for a full size truck?

Taller vehicles: If you want to store your heavy-duty truck or recreational vehicle in your garage, you may need to make your garage door size as high as 12 feet. Accessories such as a snowplow on the grill or extended side mirrors may mean that you should increase the width to 10 feet for a comfortable fit.

Can you pull a golf cart behind a camper?

There are a few ways to transport a golf cart with an RV. If you tow a trailer, you can put the golf cart in the bed of your truck since most will fit in an 8-foot bed. If you have a toy hauler, you can roll the golf cart into the trailer.

How do you haul a golf cart in a truck?

Can you fit 5 people on a 4 person golf cart?

As long as your golf cart is one of the more heavy duty ones, you shouldn’t have any issues.

How heavy is a golf cart?

The average golf cart weight ranges between 800 and 1100 pounds, but this varies on several factors. Some things that can affect the weight of your golf cart include: Battery weight. Golf cart size(seats)

What are golf cart paths made of?

Most cart paths are built using only “fiber mesh” reinforcement, usually for speed and cost reasons, whereas most concrete work is reinforced with wire mesh or re-bars. Fiber mesh increases tensile strength and controls hairline cracks caused by shrinkage.

Do golf courses allow lifted carts?

If your cart is primarily used on a course or the street, you should either not lift it or go with an adjustable long travel kit. Golf courses do not allow aggressive tread or all terrain tires due to the damage they cause to turf.

Can golf carts get wet?

While it is safe to use your golf cart in somewhat wet weather, make sure your cart is in an optimal working state. Just like a motor car, a golf cart can receive damage from heavy rainfall. So, make sure you pull off the road in a torrential downpour! It is best to waterproof your golf cart.

Can you store a golf cart outside in the winter?

If you plan on storing it outside, or in a semi-enclosed area that is still exposed to the weather, be sure to protect the car with a secure cover once you have completed the initial winterizing maintenance. Leave the forward/reverse switch in the neutral position.

What is the length of a cricket golf cart?

Compact Golf Carts for Sale The Cricket ESV is a small but mighty mini golf cart, built for efficiency and convenience. At 50 inches long and 32 inches wide, this small golf cart fits into tight spaces. Our folding golf carts are also simple to store — the Cricket ESV is 28 inches tall when folded down.

How fast does a cricket golf cart go?

approximately 8 to 10 mph

A Cricket golf cart can go approximately 8 to 10 mph, the Grasshopper model goes 14-17 mph depending on load and grade.

How much is a cricket mini?

List Price:$67.99 Details
You Save:$18.99 (28%)

Will a golf cart fit in the back of a Tacoma?

It most likely can fit in the bed, but do you guys just drive the cart up over the wheel well and leave the cart kinda helter-skelter in the bed when you tie it down? It’d be helter-skelter because the wheel wells are 9 inches high, and the golf cart is 7.5 inches high.

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