How tall is thomas bryant


6′ 10″

Thomas Bryant/Height

What is Thomas Bryant salary?


Estimated Career Earnings

YearSalaryTotal Cash

How tall is gafford?


6′ 10″

Daniel Gafford / Height

Is Thomas Bryant injury?

Bryant (ankle) is not listed on the injury report ahead of Saturday’s contest against the Suns. Bryant sustained what coach Wes Unseld described as a "significant" sprained right ankle during Tuesday’s loss to the Bucks and was subsequently sidelined for Wednesday’s contest against the 76ers.

How tall is Thomas Bryant in feet and inches?


6′ 10″

Thomas Bryant / Height

What college did Thomas Bryant go to?

  1. Indiana University 2015–2017
  2. Huntington Prep School
  3. Bishop Kearney High School

Thomas Bryant/Education

How tall is Yurtseven?


7′ 0″

Ömer Yurtseven / Height

What is the height of Joel embiid?


7′ 0″

Joel Embiid / Height

When was Bryant drafted?


2017 (Round: 2 / Pick: 42)

Thomas Bryant / NBA draft

Who is Thomas Bryant related to?

Quick Facts

Full NameThomas Jermaine Bryant
Mother’s NameLinda Bryant
SiblingsNo siblings
Height6 feet 10 inches (2.08 m)

Is Rui Hachimura injured?

Wizards’ Rui Hachimura: Exits with ankle injury Hachiumura won’t return to Monday’s game against the Pistons after suffering a right ankle sprain, Josh Robbins of The Athletic reports.

How tall are basketball players on average?



The NBA average height for the 2019-20 season is 6’6”, the lowest number in the past 40 years. The last decade was the first decade in the league’s history in which player height has decreased compared to a decade earlier.

Who does Thomas Bryant play for in the NBA?


Washington Wizards

Thomas Bryant / Current team (#13 / Center)

Who is 31 on the Lakers?

All Players

11M. Monk6-3
12K. Nunn Knee: Expected to be out until at least Mar 31 Kendrick Nunn Knee: Expected to be out until at least Mar 316-2
15A. Reaves Lakers’ Austin Reaves: Starting vs. Wizards Austin Reaves Lakers’ Austin Reaves: Starting vs. Wizards6-5

How old is gafford?


23 years (October 1, 1998)

Daniel Gafford / Age

When did Thomas Bryant play for IU?

Thomas Bryant played center for the Indiana Hoosiers for two seasons between 2015 and 2017. Bryant was one of many Indiana players recruited from the state of New York and was recruited by Tom Crean.

How old is Omer yurt?

Notes: 17 year old Ömer Faruk Yurtseven, standing at 6’11”the center is one of the top prospects in Europe.

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