How to draw cat valentine from victorious

How do you draw a Valentine cat?

How do you do cat Valentine hair?

How do you talk like Cat Valentine?

How can I imitate Cat Valentine’s voice and laugh? Make your voice is as high as possible, and start a sentence by lengthening the words, such as "Hiiiiiii." The laugh starts low and gets higher, and she always does three "HA-HA-HAs."

How do you draw Pusheen Valentines?

How do you draw a easy cat?

How do you draw a simple cat?

How do you draw a heart cat?

Who’s Cat’s brother in victorious?

A fan theory is that Cat’s brother is Frankini, a character on Henry Danger, since Frankini mentions having a sister and the actor is the older brother of Ariana Grande in real life. Further evidence of this theory is discovered when Goomer mentioned he used to hang out with Frankini´s sister.

What color is cat’s hair from victorious?

Here Comes Vengeance! – The Loop

Cat Valentine
Hair Color:Red (dyed) Brown (natural)
Eye Color:Brown

How can I be like Ariana Grande?


Keep your make-up simple and understated. Ariana uses simple, fresh makeup that doesn’t distract from her natural beauty. Ariana loves keeping it basic since she’s very in to the 60s, she only uses; concealer/foundation, bronzer, mascara, a thick line of eyeliner, and a nude palette for her eye.

How do I look like a cat?


Shade oranges, blacks, and browns around your eyes and mouth to give a contoured look.

  1. Color in a V shape on your forehead to give your eyes depth.
  2. Shade your upper lip and bridge of the nose white to make your cat nose more prominent on your face.

Does Cat Valentine wear a wig?


Alas, this throwback hair wasn’t to last. It was a wig, and she’s now very much back to her more familiar hair. But it’s clear that Ariana’s been feeling the Victorious nostalgia. She’s always hanging out with the cast, like when they reunited for her 23rd birthday.

What color is cat Valentine hair?


In Pilot, Cat’s hair was red and curly, though throughout the rest of the series it’s still red, but straight. Except in The Blonde Squad, where she wore a blond wig along with Tori and Jade.

How do you draw a Pusheen cat draw so cute?

How do you draw a Valentine puppy?

How do you draw a Valentine’s cupcake?

How do you draw a cat cat?

How do you draw a black cat cartoon?

How do you draw a cat body?

How do you draw bark Knight and cat kid?

How do you draw a cartoon cat easy?

How do you draw a cat Emoji?

How do I make my cat cute?

How do you make a cat emoji on your keyboard?


Using ^ marks (hold one of the shift keys and press 6 on the numbers above the first row of letters) make good cat ears, and you can use either a w for a cat’s mouth, two underscores and a period in between them, or just a period for a nose.

Is Cat Valentine mentally ill?


Why is Cat the Way She Is? Her behavior and her family’s medical history all point to one thing. Cat likely suffers from bipolar disorder or a mental illness like ADHD or borderline personality disorder.

Is Goomer Cat’s brother?

Before #NewGoat aired, a lot of fans thought Goomer would be Cat’s brother who she often mentioned on Victorious. It is revealed in #MommaGoomer that he was adopted after his mom’s dog ran away. His father is French so he was named Gieux despite the fact Gieux isn’t a French or real name at all.

Is Frankini Cat’s sister?


Connections. Frankini’s sidekick, Goomer Goomer, a character previously introduced in Sam & Cat, appears in the episodes with Frankini. At one point, Goomer says that he used to hang out with his sister, implying Frankini may be the crazy brother of Cat Valentine, a main character from Victorious and Sam & Cat.

Why is Cat crazy in Victorious?


We know that Cat’s brother suffered from mental health and her parents were not the most caring and affectionate people, which could explain Cat’s erratic personality.

What’s wrong with Cat from Victorious?


As we’ve seen in the way Cat talks about her family, she endures an often troubled home life and the stresses of going through such an upbringing are one cause of bipolar disorder and could be a key factor in the way her character behaves.

How old is Cat Valentine now?

Who is Cat Valentine?

Cat Valentine
AgeJune 26th 1995 (age 16-17)
Resides inVenice, Los Angeles, California
OccupationBabysitter Student at Hollywood Arts
AffiliationsHollywood Arts High School Sam & Cat’s Super Rockin’ Fun-Time Babysitting Service

Is Ariana hair real?


Ariana Grande’s known for her sky high ponytail hairstyle, but her natural hair is actually curly and she rarely shows it off – so here’s what the ‘Sweetener’ star’s real hair looks like.

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