How to stop lateral movement in golf swing

How do you fix a hook shot?

How do you fix a hook shot?

How do I stop the lateral slide in my golf swing?

How do I stop my body movement in golf swing?

Best Drills to Stop Swaying in the Golf Swing

  1. Wrap or fold your arms across your chest and address and imaginary golf ball.
  2. Then, take some practice swings by just focusing on the turn of your shoulders and hips in the backswing.

What is lateral movement in golf?

Lateral Movement is shifting your weight from the left leg to the right.

Why do I sway in golf swing?


What is swaying in the golf swing? Swaying in the golf swing is when a player makes excessive lateral movements away from the ball during their backswing and downswing, often due to trying to hit the ball farther or trying to swing the club up and down the target line – rather than on a rotary plane.

Is there lateral movement in the golf swing?

How do I use more legs in my golf swing?

How do you use your legs when driving a golf ball?

How does the pelvis move in the golf swing?

How do I stop falling backwards in golf?

Why do I keep falling back in golf swing?

Many times, when the upper body is the primary power source in a golf swing, the lower body lacks behind and the arms and upper body become the dominant action in the golf swing. This can start to reduce or eliminate the proper weight shift on the downswing and lead to Hanging Back.

How much is a hip bump in golf?

The lateral bump of the lower body is one of the critical moves for a solid golf swing. The tour average amount of shift during the downswing is 3 to 6 inches, and most of that shift happens before the arms drop below chest height.

What do the knees do in the golf swing?

In golf the knees are imperative for a solid golf swing. During the takeaway the arms and left shoulder initiate the takeaway while the lower body remains still. … LESSONS.

Allow a small front knee flex to aid full turnVideoArticle
Hold Onto The Right Knee Position To Stop Golf Backswing SwayVideoArticle

Are Legs important in golf swing?


The legs in the golf swing are the primary movers, whereas the arms and torso follow, the legs lead. Making sure that your legs are in the proper position throughout your golf swing will allow you to unleash power that you never knew you had.

How do you tuck your pelvis under?

Is pelvic tilt curable?

Luckily, APT is eminently fixable. There are several anterior pelvic tilt exercises that can help you loosen up your hip flexors and strengthen your core and posterior chain, in addition to walking more and skipping the high heels.

How do you do a pelvic tilt?


Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent. Flatten your back against the floor by tightening your abdominal muscles and bending your pelvis up slightly. Hold for up to 10 seconds. Repeat.

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