How to swing like jordan spieth

Did Spieth change his swing?

Prior to the 2022 Sentry Tournament of Champions, Jordan Spieth talks about improving his swing by returning to the form he had earlier in his career when he first received his PGA TOUR card.

Who has the prettiest swing in golf?

17 Prettiest Golf Swings of All Time

  1. Jeff Maggert.
  2. Ben Hogan. …
  3. George Knudson. …
  4. Tom Purtzer. …
  5. Retief Goosen. …
  6. Louise Suggs. …
  7. Adam Scott. Adam Scott plays a practice round at the 2021 Masters. …
  8. Payne Stewart. An error occurred. …

Does Jordan Spieth hit a draw or fade?

First off, it’s important to point out that Spieth is one of the few players on the PGA Tour who is comfortable working the ball both ways. He can hit a twenty yard cut off the tee, followed by a subtle draw with his approach.

Who is Jordan Spieth swing coach now?

Cameron McCormick

Jordan Spieth’s swing coach is Cameron McCormick. McCormick first started coaching in his home country of Australia in 1998.

Who has the perfect swing?

Four-time Major winner Rory McIlroy is widely considered to have the best swing in the game.

Why do pros prefer the fade?

Spin loft is exemplified as golfers find themselves much more accurate with their wedges than their driver. More spin equals more stability, and this leads us to why professional players opt for their fade.

What is Jordan Spieth working on in his swing?

Is a fade easier than a draw?

Hitting a draw is easy if your natural swing path sends you a bit from the inside. Hitting a fade is easy if you tend to hold the clubface slightly open as you swing inside out. Essentially to become a better player, you need to tun into the natural strengths and benefits of your golf swing.

What pro golfers interlock their fingers?

The most famous of these are Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, but other professional golfers such as Tom Kite, Michelle Wie and 2011 U.S. Open champion Rory McIlroy also use the interlocking grip. You can be sure that these champions have some good reasons to use this particular grip.

Should you interlock your fingers when golfing?

Most golfers get told that they MUST interlock their fingers when they hold the golf club. This actually isn’t necessary and tends to cause problems. … We recommend that golfers START with their palms facing each other and take a “baseball/ 10 fingered grip” so that the hands are in a more neutral position.

Is Spieth working with Butch Harmon?

After weeks of speculation, it has been confirmed that former world No. 1 Jordan Spieth is working with Butch Harmon. The news was corroborated by Golf Digest’s Dave Shedloski on social media this evening.

Is Butch Harmon helping Jordan Spieth?

Butch Harmon clears up Jordan Spieth rumors after famed instructor was recently seen working with star – CBSSports.com.

Did Jordan Spieth go to Butch Harmon?

Jordan Spieth reportedly has a new set of eyes on his swing. While the 27-year-old Spieth is still with longtime instructor Cameron McCormick, he also recently worked on his full swing with Butch Harmon, according to Golf Digest.

Is a slow golf swing better?

A slower, more deliberate golf swing may improve distance and control your game. Slowing your golf swing down may provide more control and your ability to get more distance in your golf game. By applying techniques with your backswing, downswing and follow through, you may lower your scores and improve your handicap.

Who has the best golf swing 2021?

In Sports Illustrated’s recent anonymous survey of tour pros (h/t Golf.com), 31 percent of PGA Tour professionals said Adam Scott has the prettiest swing on tour. Twenty percent selected Louis Oosthuizen, 27 percent said “me” and 22 percent picked another golfer.

How do I get a beautiful golf swing?

Who does Cameron McCormick coach?

Jordan Spieth’s

Cameron McCormick has been Jordan Spieth’s swing coach for 10 years by preaching practice to obtain results. It’s obviously working.

Do any pros use ten finger grip?

Scott Piercy is one of a handful of players on the PGA Tour with a 10-finger grip. In fact, since Bob Estes went to something else a few years back, Piercy is the only guy that I know of who still uses it. Most players either use an interlock grip or the overlap grip.

Does interlocking grip help with slice?

When you open your grip too much you can lose control of the club on contact, and this can sometimes result in a slice. A proper golf grip uses the interlocking grip where the pointer finger of the top hand interlocks with the pinky finger of the bottom hand.

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