Is the euro step traveling

Is the Euro Step Considered Traveling? The Euro step does not constitute traveling under current NBA rules. The NBA rulebook established a two-step rule in 2009, which permits a ball handler to take two steps in performing a layup or dunk.

Is the step back a travel?

At times, step-back jumper looks like a travel. Especially in real time rather than slow motion. Harden’s step-back jumper is an exception to the traveling rule. This is due to a section in the NBA rulebook that deals with traveling.

Is three steps a travel?

Three steps without dribbling, shooting, or passing the ball is travelling. This has been a point of contention for quite some time that star players get away with things like travelling or that the NBA doesn’t call games as tightly because it would ruin the flow of the game.

Is Double Euro step a travel?

This is NOT a travel, it is a legal move. Watch closely: Harden picks up the ball with his right foot still on the ground. This doesn’t count as a step. He then steps with his left foot, then again with his right foot, for a one, two count.

Is the Euro step from Europe?

A more significant twist to the story is that the step isn’t even European. While Marčiulionis and later Ginóbili popularized the move, which is simply gathering the ball off the dribble and stepping laterally rather than straight, it was seen in the NBA more than 60 years ago.

How many steps is a travel?

two steps

When a player has taken more than two steps without the ball being dribbled, a traveling violation is called. In 2018, FIBA revised the rule so that one can take a "gather step" before taking the two steps. A travel can also be called via carrying or an unestablished pivot foot.

Does a gather step count as a step?

Can I take 2 steps without dribbling?

b. A player who receives the ball while he is progressing or upon completion of a dribble, may take two steps in coming to a stop, passing or shooting the ball. A player who receives the ball while he is progressing must release the ball to start his dribble before his second step.

What does Euro stepping mean?

The Euro step, two-step, long lateral, or Ginobili Eurostep is a basketball move in which an offensive player picks up their dribble, takes a step in one direction, and then quickly takes a second step in another direction. It is intended to allow the offensive player to evade a defender and attack the basket.

How is the double step back legal?

Who has the best Euro step?

1. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat. Manu Ginobili isn’t willing to admit that Dwyane Wade now has the best Eurostep in the NBA, although he wouldn’t explicitly say that his own was the best in a 2011 interview with ESPN’s Sebastian Martinez Christensen: I think Wade is more explosive than I am.

Can you take 3 steps in basketball?

At first glance, it sure looks like Harden is taking three steps before he scores the ball, which would be against the rules and should be whistled as a travel. But if you look at the NBA rule book and watch the play again, it’s pretty clear this isn’t traveling. It’s a totally legal move.

What is a hop step?


The hop step, sometimes called the pro hop, is a combination of the euro step and jump-stop. This particular move can create a powerful tactical advantage on court and improve your team’s chances of getting a shot. Add more variety to your arsenal by mastering this move and storming the net like a pro.

Why is Euro step not a travel?

The NBA rulebook established a two-step rule in 2009, which permits a ball handler to take two steps in performing a layup or dunk. Since the Euro step is an offensive move that does not exceed the allotted two steps, it does not constitute a traveling violation.

Who invented step back?


While he might not have been the first to use the move, Jordan was the one who perfected it. The once gimmicky shot became an art form. Jordan used it often on the way to 6 championships.

What is a zero step in basketball?

The zero step refers to the step taken when gaining control of the ball. When dribbling, the zero step gathering happens as the ball is gathered in 2 hands or let it rest in 1 hand. Similarly when moving and catching a ball. Here is a link to a related Question with NBA reference NBA traveling – conflicting rules.

Can you take a step before dribbling?

If a player takes three steps or more before dribbling, or changes pivot foot, it’s a traveling violation. That means a player can take two steps before he has to dribble.

Is dragging your foot a travel?

This is a traveling violation. Once the offensive player establishes a pivot foot, he may move his other foot as many times as he chooses, but the ball must be out of his hands to pass or shoot before he moves his pivot foot.”

Is the zero step allowed in high school basketball?

Over time, officials realized that it was the same as a traditional, "one-two" layup, just with different timing and direction. I believe that it’s time that high school officials allow the gather step (or zero step) on all plays where a player is on the move as he or she gathers the ball.

How do you hit a step back?

Is Euro Step legal in high school?

EURO-STEPS, SPIN MOVES, AND JUMP STOPS – LEGAL OR ILLEGAL? If executed within the parameters of the 4.44 traveling rule, each of these plays is legal. If not executed within the rules, each of these plays is illegal.

How many steps can you take in a layup?

“A layup is the action of a player dribbling towards the hoop, taking two steps, and then laying the basketball into the hoop off the backboard.”

Can you take a step after a jump stop?

You cannot take two steps after a 1-2 jump stop, but you can take one step if it is with the non-pivot foot.

Is a gather step a travel in high school basketball?

Can you gather step in high school?

Traveling is also called, predominantly in a streetball game, "walking" or "steps." In high school and collegiate basketball you are allowed one and a half steps before a travel is called. If the pivot foot is lifted, a pass or try for made basket must be made before the pivot foot is replaced to the floor.

Can you pick up your pivot foot on a step through?


It is not a travel to lift your pivot foot To shoot and pass. The only time you can’t do it off a 1 step jump stop, Which occur while you catch ball on move with 1 foot on ground and than come to jump stop.

What is a step thru in basketball?

Can you take a step after pivoting basketball?

Having established a pivot foot, you may, within defined limits, pivot, shoot, pass or dribble.To pivot, you may step with the non-pivot foot in any direction, provided the ball of the pivot foot remains in contact with the court and does not move laterally.

Who invented the Euro step?


The Lithuanian Sarunas Marciulionis is credited with bringing the Euro step to the N.B.A. He played with four teams in the 1990s before it became common for international players to join the N.B.A. Ginobili then perfected and popularized the move.

Why do NBA players get away with traveling?

Because calling those stops the game and stopping the game takes time. The NBA and the rest of sports for that matter, work to make the games faster. This allows TV slots to be cheaper and in return, a better investment.

What is a basketball Euro step?


The Euro step also known as two-step, or long lateral the offensive player picks up their dribble, takes a step in one direction, and then quickly takes a second step in another direction. In this basketball move the offensive player gains the ability to fake out the defender to better attack the basket.

Why is James Harden step back not a travel?

James Harden found a loophole in the NBA rule books. He’s abusing something called the zero step. A zero step is basically when you gather the ball in preparation for the shot. In order to do a legal zero step it’s all about your hand placement.

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