Is tobias harris a good defender

He is a guy who is an elite defender and a terrific rebounder which helps the Sixers get those consistent stops. “Defense is a key thing and it pushes the ball as well,” said Tobias Harris.

What is Tobias Harris good at?


In a vacuum, Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris is a perfectly fine NBA player. He was a fringe All-Star last year, and he’s averaging 18.3 points, 7.6 rebounds and a career-high 3.9 assists this season. The problem for the Sixers is that the NBA isn’t a vacuum.

How bad is Tobias Harris?

For one thing, Harris had been an incredibly inefficient shooter. He’s shooting 45.8 percent from the field, 51.2 percent from 2, and a career-low of 29.9 percent from beyond the arc. To make matters worse, Harris is averaging 3.9 attempts from beyond the 3 point line on the season and a putrid .

Is Tobias Harris a good 3 point shooter?

Objectively speaking, Tobias Harris is a good shooter from 3. He has a career shooting percentage of 36.6, shot over 40 percent from 2017-19, and has attempted five or more 3s per game during three of his past five seasons.

Is Tobias Harris a good basketball player?

He is a very skilled basketball player but is heavily reliant on his mid-range and post-up game for consistent production. Harris has a career average of 16.3 points per game but has failed to ever crack an all-star game and has already played for five different teams during his career.

Is Tobias Harris good in fantasy?

Fantasy Impact The 29-year-old is averaging a career high 35.2 minutes per game this season which maintains his solid fantasy value.

How long is Tobias Harris contract?

The 76ers gave him a max-contract extension not too long ago. Harris is making $36 million this season and is under contract through the 2023-24 season. His salary gets up to $40.9 million in the final year of his deal.

What is the salary of Tobias Harris?


32.74 million USD (2020)

Tobias Harris / Salary

What did Tobias Harris say to fans?

Tobias Harris reacts to boos, appears to tell fans ‘don’t f—ing clap’ after making shot. In case you haven’t heard by now, Philadelphia sports fans will boo when they’re unhappy with the performance of their players.

Has Tobias Harris been an All Star?


Those are terrific numbers and worthy of being an All-Star, but instead, he was snubbed from the team. However, he understands he should have been in Atlanta on March 7, but it wasn’t meant to be. The important part is he has the Philadelphia fans back on his side after a tough 2019-20 season.

What did Tobias Harris say?

After making a shot, Harris hit back at the home crowd, when cameras appeared to capture him saying, “Don’t f–king clap.” Harris, the team’s highest paid player, is in third year of a five-year, $180 million contract.

Can Sixers trade Tobias Harris?


So the Sixers would definitely have to trade Harris (who is scheduled to make $37.6 million next season) and Simmons ($35.4 million) to make that happen. With around $32 million in cap space, the Thunder could find a way to make Harris’ salary work.

How many steals does Matisse Thybulle have?

76ers’ Matisse Thybulle: Four blocks, three steals in loss The wing has recorded at least three steals in 19 of his 55 appearances.

Is Seth Curry playing today?

Curry (ankle) is questionable for Sunday’s game against the Hornets, Alec Sturm of NetsDaily.com reports. Head coach Steve Nash indicated Saturday that Curry (ankle) will play against the Heat, Alex Schiffer of The Athletic reports.

What was LeBron James contract?

When will LeBron James be a free agent? After signing a two-year $85.7 million dollar contract extension in 2020, James is under contract with the Lakers through the 2022-23 season.

What is CJ McCollum contract?


CJ McCollum contract McCollum is in the first year of a three-year, $100 million dollar contract signed this past offseason. His contract runs through the end of the 2023-24 season.

Who was Tobias Harris traded for?

On February 6, 2019, Harris was traded, along with Boban Marjanović and Mike Scott, to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Wilson Chandler, Mike Muscala, Landry Shamet and a number of future draft picks.

Is Tobias Harris a member of Kappa Alpha Psi?


The NBA and Kaiser Permanente will donate $10,000 on Harris’ behalf to the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation, Inc., the 501(c)(3) arm of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., which provides grants for community projects, scholarships, after-school programs and more.

Why does Tobias Harris wear 12?

12 with 76ers to Honor Friend Who Died of Leukemia. Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris will wear No. 12 this season to honor former AAU teammate Morgan Childs, who died from leukemia at 16.

Who drafted Tobias Harris?

the Charlotte Bobcats

Drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats in the first round, 19th overall pick of the 2011 NBA Draft.

Who Will 76ers trade for?


The Sixers and Brooklyn Nets have agreed to a deal that will send Ben Simmons to Brooklyn in exchange for James Harden. Philadelphia will also give up Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two first-round picks.

Did Thybulle get hurt?

Veteran wing Danny Green was projected to start in place of Thybulle alongside Tyrese Maxey, Seth Curry, Tobias Harris, and Joel Embiid. During Friday’s loss at Dallas, Thybulle aggravated the shoulder he originally hurt after taking a hard fall after a transition dunk against Boston on Jan. 14.

Is Matisse Thybulle a good defender?

Matisse Thybulle is the best defensive wing in the league. It is not a question, or a hot take, or unbelievable to say that. His abilities on the defensive end are elite, and his skills are unlike that of any other player in the league.

Should I pick up Matisse Thybulle?

Matisse Thybulle If Thybulle can remain consistent on both ends of the floor, he could definitely be a great pick-up down the line.

How many 3s does Seth Curry average?

Seth Curry has made 3.6 three-pointers per game in his last 5 games in his career.

Seth Curry532.2

What team does Deandre Jordan play for?


Philadelphia 76ers

DeAndre Jordan / Current team (#9 / Center)

The Philadelphia 76ers are an American professional basketball team based in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The 76ers compete in the National Basketball Association as a member of the league’s Eastern Conference Atlantic Division and play at the Wells Fargo Center.

What is Kyrie Irving’s contract?

Kyrie Irving signed with the Brooklyn Nets ahead of the 2019-20 NBA season. He signed a 4-year, $136,490,600 contract with an average salary of $34,122,650 per year. His contract is fully guaranteed and he was eligible for an incentive bonus worth $412,500 for this season.

How much is Westbrook contract?

Current Contract Russell Westbrook signed a 5 year / $206,794,070 contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder, including $206,794,070 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $41,358,814.

Is LeBron a free agent?

By that point, James will be a free agent and can decide where he wants to play. If his son develops into an elite prospect and is taken with a top-10 pick, LeBron would likely sign with that team.

What is DE Aaron Fox contract?

Current Contract

YearAgeBase Salary

Is CJ McCollum good?

His career rate of 39.6 percent, with nearly 1,300 makes, ranks 16th among all active players, according to Basketball Reference. Among the 15 players ahead of him, the only perennial high-usage offensive players are Stephen Curry (42.9 percent) and Klay Thompson (41.8).

How much did Zion Williamson get paid?

At just 18 years old, Zion entered the league as the number one overall pick by the New Orleans Pelicans in the 2019-20 season and has been rising to fame fairly quickly. … A Glance at Zion Williamson’s Asset Accumulation.

NameZion Lateef Williamson
Salary$10.2 million
Endorsement Earnings$15 million

How many times has Tobias Harris been traded?

Tobias Harris is in his third full season with the Philadelphia 76ers. After being acquired in a trade from the Los Angeles Clippers at the 2019 deadline — the fifth trade of his career — he has settled in nicely in Philadelphia, finding his role next to Joel Embiid.

When was Tobias Harris drafted?


2011 (Round: 1 / Pick: 19)

Tobias Harris / NBA draft

Is Gary Harris related to Tobias Harris?


The answer to this burning question is no, Gary and Tobias are not related. Gary grew up in Indiana, the son of two athletes, Gary Sr. and Joy Harris. He has one younger brother, Trey, who he’s quite close with.

Where did Tobias Harris go to high school?

  1. University of Tennessee 2010–2011
  2. Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School
  3. Half Hollow Hills High School West

Tobias Harris/Education

What is Tobias Harris career high?

NBA Regular Season Career Highs

Minutes Played46 v. Thunder on 10/30/15
Points39 v. Trail Blazers on 12/17/18
Rebounds20 v. Lakers on 01/24/14
Assists10 @ Raptors on 12/28/21
Steals5 @ Pistons on 11/17/14

What number is Tobias Harris?



Tobias Harris / Number (Philadelphia 76ers / Power forward, Small forward)

Who wore number 12 for the Sixers?

T. Harris

All Players

12T. Harris226
7I. Joe165
D. Jordan 76ers’ DeAndre Jordan: Thrives against former team DeAndre Jordan 76ers’ DeAndre Jordan: Thrives against former team265
30F. Korkmaz202

Does Tobias Harris have a brother?

  1. Torrel Harris
  2. Tyler Harris
  3. Terry Harris

Tobias Harris/Brothers

Is Tobias Harris an All-Star?


Sixers forward Tobias Harris speaks out on not being named an All-Star.

Where did Tobias Harris go to college?


University of Tennessee

Tobias Harris / College (2010–2011)

The University of Tennessee is a public land-grant research university in Knoxville, Tennessee. Founded in 1794, two years before Tennessee became the 16th state, it is the flagship campus of the University of Tennessee system, with ten undergraduate colleges and eleven graduate colleges.

What was the James Harden trade?

Harden was the centerpiece of a blockbuster trade to the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday that sent Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and two future first-round picks to the Nets.

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