Isaiah stewart siblings

Does Isaiah Stewart have kids?

Isaiah Stewart doesn’t have a son and daughter as of now as she is not married yet. Also, he is too young to be a father to any child as of now as he is just 20 years old as of now. Similarly, regarding Isaiah Stewart’s family, he is the son of Dela Stewart and Shameka Holloway.

Where is Isaiah Stewart parents from?


Player Bio Isaiah Stewart II was born May 22, 2001in Rochester, New York and grew up playing soccer and boxing. His father, Dela, is a native of Jamaica who eventually moved to New York where he met Isaiah’s mother, Shameka Holloway.

What college did Isaiah Stewart go to?


University of Washington

Isaiah Stewart / College

The University of Washington is a public research university in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1861, Washington is one of the oldest universities on the West Coast; it was established in Seattle approximately a decade after the city’s founding.

Did Isaiah Stewart lose his eye?

Pistons coach Dwane Casey said Stewart needed eight stitches to close the wound, adding that he did not think what Stewart did in reaction to the play merited a suspension. “His eye got cracked all the way open. He was upset for a reason,” Casey said.

How tall is Curry Really?


6′ 2″

Stephen Curry / Height

Did Isaiah Stewart get hurt?

Stewart will be re-evaluated in one week after undergoing tests Tuesday that revealed a bone bruise in his right knee, Keith Langlois of the Pistons’ official site reports. Stewart suffered the injury during the second quarter of Monday’s win over Atlanta and was quickly ruled out for the rest of the game.

Does Grant Hill have a brother?

Thomas Hill (basketball)

What happened to Isiah Stewart?


As they were trying to untangle themselves, James flung his arm at Stewart to get Stewarts’ arms off his, but in the process James elbow caught Stewart squarely in the face. The aftermath caused Stewart to lose his cool, as tried to attack the entire Lakers bench multiple times.

Who is the best Jamaican basketball player?

1. Patrick Ewing (1962 – ) With an HPI of 65.15, Patrick Ewing is the most famous Jamaican Basketball Player. His biography has been translated into 40 different languages on wikipedia.

Are there any Jamaicans in the NFL?

Jamaica’s Patrick Chung (Philadelphia Eagles)

Where is Andre Drummond parents from?


Born in Mount Vernon, New York to Jamaican parents, Drummond moved to Middletown, Connecticut as a 7-year-old with his mother and sister, then went to Woodrow Wilson Middle School before starting high school at Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut.

What happened with Stewart and James?

21, James and Stewart fought for positioning after a free throw when James hit his left elbow against Stewart’s eye, causing blood to spread all over Stewart’s face. A scuffle then erupted, and multiple players and personnel from both sides had to prevent Stewart from rushing LeBron on at least three occasions.

Who punched Stewart?

LBJ said that he did not mean to hit the young center. By now, you’ve probably already seen the clip 100 or more times. Lakers star LeBron James caught Pistons center Isaiah Stewart in the face with a closed fist and sparked a brawl over the weekend. But it was Stewart’s reaction that really went viral.

How did Isaiah Stewart get bloodied?

The incident, which happened in the third quarter of a game between the Lakers and Pistons last Sunday, occurred when James and Stewart wrestled for positioning during a free throw. Their arms seemingly got tangled and James swung his elbow, making contact with Stewart’s face.

Did LeBron get fined for Isaiah Stewart?

First, he was suspended for a game after an on court altercation with Detroit Pistons forward Isaiah Stewart. Now, he’s been hit with a $15,000 fine from the NBA for making an obscene gesture during the Lakers win over the Pacers in Indiana on Wednesday night.

Who is Brook Lopez brother?

  1. Robin Lopez
  2. Alex Lopez

Brook Lopez/Brothers

Is Jayson Tatum taller?


Brad Stevens says Jayson Tatum has grown to 6’10. To clarify, Tatum is still listed at 6-foot-8 on the Celtics’ official website and his NBA.com stats page. At least the head coach and young forward got some amusement out of the situation, though.

What is Isaiah Stewart contract?

Current Contract

YearAgeBase Salary
2024-2523QO: $7,399,732

Is Isaiah Stewart a good defender?


In his rookie season, Stewart established himself as a good defender of the pick and roll, allowing 0.82 PPP. This season, the former lottery pick has shown further improvement, allowing only 0.71 PPP, placing him in the category of the leagues best defensive bigs.

What happened to Isaiah eye?

The hit loosened the retina, but it didn’t detach until two years later after his family had moved to Texas and he went up for a dunk before a middle school basketball game. Multiple surgeries were unable to repair his sight. … With no peripheral vision on the right side, he keeps his head constantly moving on the court.

What is Isaiah Stewart fine?

The incident will reportedly cost James around $284,000 in pay. Stewart will lose $45,000 in salary, in essence for seeking revenge during an aggravated moment. Stewart also received a $950,000 fine from the NBA, according to reports.

How much of the hawks does Grant Hill own?

The group owned a combined 32.3 percent of the franchise.

Where is Calvin Hill now?

the Dallas Cowboys

Following his retirement, Hill worked in the front office for the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Orioles. He now is with the Dallas Cowboys.

Is Grant Hill Calvin Hill’s son?

The New King of the Hills : College basketball: Grant Hill, the son of former NFL star Calvin Hill, is making a name for himself at Duke.

Is Grant Hill still married?

She has been married to former basketball player Grant Hill since 1999; they have two daughters. …

Years active1994–present
Spouse(s)Grant Hill ​ ( m. 1999)​
Musical career

Is Thomas Hill related to Grant Hill?

Thomas Lionel Hill Jr. (born August 31, 1971) is a retired American professional basketball player. A 6’5" shooting guard, Hill played at Duke University from 1989 to 1993, winning two NCAA Championships (1991 and 1992). His teammates at Duke included Grant Hill (no relation), Christian Laettner, and Bobby Hurley.

Who is Scottie Barnes dad?

Scottie is the son of Kathalyn Wilkins…has two brothers, Jon French and Shawn Barnes…his mom is the person he looks up to the most because of all she has sacrificed for him to be who he is…

Is Cade Cunningham rich?

Cade Cunningham’s net worth in 2022 is $4 million. Cunningham is a professional basketball player that currently plays for the Detroit Pistons in the NBA. He was drafted as the top overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft.

Where is Isaiah Stewart parents from?


Player Bio Isaiah Stewart II was born May 22, 2001in Rochester, New York and grew up playing soccer and boxing. His father, Dela, is a native of Jamaica who eventually moved to New York where he met Isaiah’s mother, Shameka Holloway.

What nationality is Anthony Davis?



Anthony Davis / Nationality

How old is Rajon Rondo?


36 years (February 22, 1986)

Rajon Rondo / Age

Who did the Lakers trade for DeAndre Jordan?


In addition to cutting DeAndre Jordan to make room for DJ Augustin, the Lakers will also sign Wenyen Gabriel to a two-way contract.

How tall is PJ Tucker Really?


6′ 5″

P. J. Tucker / Height

What nationality is Frank Kaminsky?



Frank Kaminsky / Nationality

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