Las Vegas: Can the Athletics Compete with the Dodgers’ Dominance?

Las Vegas, the vibrant city known for its bright lights, entertainment, and sports scene, is currently buzzing with excitement and apprehension. The question on everyone’s mind: Could the Athletics be moving into a Dodgers town? Here, we delve into why Las Vegas feels true blue.

A City of Champions

Athletics moving to a Dodgers town? Why Las Vegas feels true blue - Los Angeles Times

Las Vegas has witnessed a sports revolution in recent years. The arrival of the NHL’s Golden Knights, the WNBA’s Aces, and the NFL’s Raiders has transformed the city into a sports powerhouse. These teams have quickly cultivated passionate fan bases and achieved remarkable success, setting a high standard for any newcomer, including the Oakland Athletics.

Baseball’s Growing Presence

While baseball may not have been the first sport that came to mind when thinking of Las Vegas, the city’s baseball scene is thriving. Natives like Bryce Harper have made their mark in the MLB, and the Las Vegas Aviators, the Athletics’ triple-A affiliate, have become minor league giants in terms of attendance.

Last season, the Aviators led the Pacific Coast League in attendance, with even the scorching July heat failing to deter fans. However, the Athletics are gearing up to face a unique challenge – a market where the Los Angeles Dodgers already reign supreme.

A Migration-Powered Fandom

The Dodgers’ dominance in Las Vegas is not solely due to technology but, rather, migration. Many residents originally from Southern California have brought their Dodgers fandom with them. This transfer of allegiance has become a family tradition for some, passed down through generations.

For instance, the Rieckmann family, whose son proudly declares his unwavering support for the Dodgers, has a long history of attending games at Dodger Stadium. Similarly, Brian Wedewer, a Dodgers fan and Las Vegas resident, has observed a steady influx of Southern Californians moving to the area.

Dodgers’ Market Supremacy

Evidence of the Dodgers’ stronghold on the market can be found at the Fashion Show mall on the Las Vegas Strip. The Dodgers Clubhouse store, nestled on the second floor, testifies to the team’s popularity. This store, along with another in Honolulu, demonstrates the Dodgers’ status as a lifestyle brand that extends far beyond Southern California.

In interviews with locals, it’s clear that many are more excited about the prospect of the Dodgers playing in their city than the Athletics moving in. While the A’s arrival is anticipated, it’s the Dodgers’ presence that truly captivates Las Vegas.


Las Vegas may be in for a major shift in its sports landscape as the Athletics contemplate a move to this Dodgers-dominated town. While the A’s have a strong presence and potential, the deep-rooted loyalty to the Dodgers, fostered through migration and generations, presents a formidable challenge. Las Vegas, for now, remains true blue.

In a city that loves winners, only time will tell if the Athletics can carve out their own niche in a town that’s already a Dodger’s paradise.

The Ongoing Debate: Athletics’ Potential Move to Las Vegas

Are the Dodgers a’s coming to Las Vegas?

Is the possibility of the Athletics relocating to Las Vegas causing a massive stir? According to some locals, not quite. As one resident put it, "It’ll do well, but we’re not super off the wall, like, ‘Oh my God, the A’s are coming.’" This sentiment reflects a prevailing attitude in Las Vegas, where the Dodgers hold a dominant position in the sports market. Evidence of the Dodgers’ market supremacy can be seen at the Fashion Show mall on the bustling Las Vegas Strip, where the Dodgers Clubhouse store draws attention from passersby.

When did Dodgers move to Los Angeles?

When did the Dodgers make their historic move to Los Angeles? Following the city’s refusal to construct a new stadium as a replacement for the aging Ebbets Field, the team relocated after the conclusion of the 1957 season. Initially, they called the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum home for their first four seasons on the West Coast before settling into the iconic Dodger Stadium in 1962.

Are the Dodgers still in the market?

Are the Dodgers still a prominent presence in the market? Undoubtedly, as evidenced by the bustling Fashion Show mall on the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Positioned on the second floor, right in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods, stands one of the two exclusive Dodgers Clubhouse stores outside of Southern California. The second one, interestingly, is located all the way in Honolulu.

Will the Dodgers be excited if the a’s get here?

Will the Dodgers be more thrilled if the A’s make their way to Las Vegas? According to local resident Widewer, it’s likely that many will be more enthusiastic about the Dodgers playing in the city than the arrival of the A’s. While the Athletics’ presence is anticipated, it might not generate the same level of fervor as the Dodgers’ appearances. As Widewer puts it, "It’ll do well, but we’re not super off the wall, like, ‘Oh my God, the A’s are coming.’"

“Why are the Oakland Athletics considering a move to Las Vegas?”

Why are the Oakland Athletics contemplating a move to Las Vegas? The decision stems from a series of unsuccessful endeavors to replace the aging Oakland Coliseum with a modern stadium within the Bay Area. In 2023, the team made a significant announcement, revealing plans to construct a new ballpark in the Las Vegas Valley. This development subsequently led to the breakdown of negotiations regarding the proposed Oakland Ballpark at Howard Terminal.

Where can you play pro football in Las Vegas?

Where can you catch pro football action in Las Vegas? Look no further than The D Las Vegas, where they offer 12th-floor private Man Caves, equipped with interactive games, four TVs, and a dedicated cocktail server. Alternatively, head to SAHARA Las Vegas, where CASBAR Lounge hosts weekly viewings of professional football games, ensuring you won’t miss a moment of the action.

Is Las Vegas a good place to play baseball?

Is Las Vegas a baseball enthusiast’s dream? Absolutely! In recent years, the city has emerged as a burgeoning hotbed for the sport. Native talents like Bryce Harper have made their mark in the majors, showcasing the city’s baseball prowess. Furthermore, the Las Vegas Aviators, the Athletics’ triple-A affiliate, have become minor league sensations, attracting fervent crowds since the inauguration of their new ballpark in 2019.

Is Topgolf Las Vegas a good place to watch sports?

Is Topgolf Las Vegas a prime spot for sports enthusiasts? Undoubtedly! Featuring a massive 48-foot video wall, Topgolf Las Vegas offers an exhilarating sports-watching experience. Discover why this venue sets the bar high for game-day excitement in this video from the informative VEGAS ON show.

Does Las Vegas have a gambling market?

Is Las Vegas a prominent player in the world of gambling? Absolutely! Once a prohibited market for major sports leagues, gambling has now stepped into the limelight, making Las Vegas a highly sought-after destination. The NHL’s Golden Knights paved the way as an expansion team in 2017, followed by the WNBA’s Aces (formerly the San Antonio Stars) in 2018, further solidifying Las Vegas’ position in the gambling market.

“Why are the Athletics considering a move to Las Vegas?”

Why are the Athletics contemplating a move to Las Vegas? This decision arises from a series of unsuccessful endeavors spanning several years to replace the aging Oakland Coliseum with a modern stadium within the Bay Area. The pivotal moment came in 2023 when the team announced its intention to construct a new ballpark in the Las Vegas Valley, leading to the collapse of negotiations concerning the proposed Oakland Ballpark at Howard Terminal.

What is the history of the Los Angeles Dodgers?

What is the historical journey of the Los Angeles Dodgers? The Dodgers’ roots trace back to the 19th century when the team originated in Brooklyn, New York. The franchise, which we now recognize as the Dodgers, was initially established in 1883, operating as a member of the minor league Inter-State Association of Professional Baseball Clubs.

Who is the most famous Las Vegas Dodgers fan?

Who holds the title of the most renowned Las Vegas Dodgers fan? Jimmy Kimmel, the beloved late-night talk show host, is undoubtedly the front-runner. Kimmel’s deep-rooted Dodgers fandom dates back to his childhood when his family relocated from Brooklyn to Las Vegas. Interestingly, his father had already been a passionate Dodgers fan even before the franchise’s cross-country move.

Why did the Dodgers rename Las Vegas 51s?

Why did the Las Vegas 51s undergo a name change? In 2001, when the team became the primary farm club of the Los Angeles Dodgers, this affiliation prompted a rebranding effort. The new moniker, "Las Vegas 51s," pays homage to the nearby Area 51, a military base shrouded in legends of UFOs and extraterrestrial technology, situated to the north-northwest of Las Vegas.

What happened in Los Angeles before Dodger Stadium?

What existed in Los Angeles prior to the establishment of Dodger Stadium? Before the iconic stadium’s presence, there were three vibrant neighborhoods: Palo Verde, La Loma, and Bishop. These neighborhoods collectively formed a thriving, predominantly Mexican American community, now recognized as Chavez Ravine. However, this community was eventually displaced to make way for the baseball team’s new home.

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