Las Vegas Loyalty: Why the Athletics Face a True Blue Challenge in a Dodgers-Dominated Town

Las Vegas, once known for its desert landscapes and dazzling casinos, is gradually turning into a sports hub. The city has embraced various sports teams in recent years, including the Golden Knights in hockey, the Aces in the WNBA, and the Raiders in football. However, the question arises: can Las Vegas, a city with a growing sports scene, accommodate another Major League Baseball team, particularly the Oakland Athletics? Let’s explore why the Athletics moving to a Dodgers town could be a unique challenge for the franchise and why Las Vegas remains fervently loyal to the Dodgers.

Vegas’ Sports Success Stories

Athletics moving to a Dodgers town? Why Las Vegas feels true blue - Los Angeles Times

Las Vegas has witnessed remarkable success stories in the world of sports. The Golden Knights, in their inaugural season, reached the Stanley Cup Final and clinched the championship the following year, creating a passionate fan base for hockey in a city that once paid little attention to the sport. The Aces have made waves in the WNBA, hosting the Finals, and the Raiders, with a rich history linking Los Angeles and Oakland, have enjoyed unwavering support from their fan base.

Moreover, baseball has also taken root in Las Vegas, producing major league talents like Bryce Harper. The Las Vegas Aviators, the Athletics’ triple-A affiliate, have consistently drawn large crowds since their new ballpark opened in 2019. Last season, they led the Pacific Coast League in attendance, even selling out games in sweltering 114-degree heat.

The Dodgers’ Unshakeable Presence

However, despite the success of various sports franchises in Las Vegas, one team stands out as the undisputed favorite: the Los Angeles Dodgers. The connection between the city’s residents and the Dodgers is not merely based on technology but on decades of migration. People who moved to Las Vegas brought their Dodgers fandom with them, creating a thriving Dodgers community.

For example, the Rieckmann family’s story is a testament to the enduring bond between Las Vegas and the Dodgers. Shelly Rieckmann’s husband moved to Las Vegas as a child, and he passed on his love for the Dodgers to their children. Their 17-year-old son, Jackson, is a devoted Dodgers fan, and the family has even embarked on spontaneous trips to Dodger Stadium.

Brian Wedewer, who relocated to Las Vegas after the Northridge earthquake, highlights how thousands of Southern Californians move to the region each year. As a Dodgers fan, he believes that if the Athletics arrive in Las Vegas, many locals might be more excited about watching the Dodgers play in their city than the presence of the A’s themselves.

The undeniable popularity of the Dodgers is evident at the Fashion Show mall on the Las Vegas Strip. A Dodgers Clubhouse store, one of only two located outside Southern California, opened a year ago. This expansion was prompted by Franklyn McKesson, the store manager, who recognized the opportunity after moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

The Challenge of the Athletics’ Arrival

While Las Vegas has demonstrated its appetite for sports, it’s essential to acknowledge the unique challenges the Athletics face when moving to a Dodgers-dominated market. The Dodgers have become more than just a baseball team; they are a way of life, a symbol of connection for many residents who trace their roots to Los Angeles.

The Athletics may need time to establish a significant fan base in Las Vegas. The city is already "true blue," with a deeply rooted Dodgers culture. As Jimmy Kimmel, a famous Las Vegas Dodgers fan, points out, "It’s going to take the A’s a long time to change that."

In conclusion, Las Vegas is indeed "true blue," and the arrival of the Athletics in a Dodgers-centric town poses unique challenges. While the city has embraced various sports, the Dodgers’ enduring legacy and the migration of Dodgers fans have solidified their position as the top MLB team in the market. As Las Vegas continues to evolve into a sports destination, it remains to be seen whether the Athletics can carve out their own place in this "true blue" city.

Exploring Factors Impacting MLB Game Attendance

“Why are the Athletics considering a move to Las Vegas?”

The Athletics’ consideration of a move to Las Vegas stems from persistent challenges in replacing the aging Oakland Coliseum with a modern stadium in the Bay Area. In 2023, they unveiled plans to construct a new ballpark in the vibrant Las Vegas Valley, a decision that led to the breakdown of negotiations concerning the proposed Oakland Ballpark at Howard Terminal. This relocation effort seeks to provide the team with a more conducive and contemporary home venue.

Can you bring your own food into Dodger Stadium?

Can you bring your own food into Dodger Stadium? Yes, you can bring your own food into Dodger Stadium, but there are specific guidelines to follow. Your outside food must be in a clear bag smaller than 12"X12"X6" and should not be in glass bottles, cans, coolers, glass containers, or thermoses. However, unbroken, factory-sealed plastic bottles of non-alcoholic beverages of 1 liter or less are allowed.

What is the biggest baseball stadium?

What is the biggest baseball stadium? The Oakland Coliseum currently holds the title as the largest MLB stadium by capacity, accommodating 56,782 spectators. However, if the Oakland Athletics choose not to renew their lease after the 2024 season, and prior to their move to Las Vegas in 2027, Dodger Stadium will take the top spot with a capacity of 56,000.

How many fans can go to Dodger Stadium?

How many fans can go to Dodger Stadium? Dodger Stadium has a seating capacity of 56,000 spectators. It was opened on April 10, 1962, and designed by architect Emil Praeger. For more information, you can visit their official website at Dodger Stadium.

What is the cheapest MLB stadium?

What is the cheapest MLB stadium? In 2023, a study revealed that Diamondbacks’ Chase Field is considered the most affordable MLB ballpark for families. This is good news, especially considering the Arizona Diamondbacks’ strong performance in the National League. So, if you’re looking for an affordable option for a family outing, Chase Field might be your top choice.

Which MLB stadium holds the most fans?

Dodger Stadium

Which MLB stadium holds the most fans? The Los Angeles Dodgers claim the title for the highest attendance in baseball, attracting over 47,000 fans per game. While Dodger Stadium is the second-largest MLB stadium in terms of capacity (56,000), it’s surpassed only by the Oakland Athletics’ Oakland Coliseum (56,782).

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