Las Vegas Loyalty: Will the Athletics Thrive in a Dodgers Town?

In the heart of Las Vegas, a city known for its glitz, glamour, and a diverse array of sports teams, a question looms: Are the Oakland Athletics prepared to challenge the deep-rooted love for the Los Angeles Dodgers among the local residents?

A Tale of Sports Success

Athletics moving to a Dodgers town? Why Las Vegas feels true blue - Los Angeles Times

Las Vegas has seen a surge in sports success stories. The Golden Knights triumphed in the Stanley Cup, the Aces drew attention to the WNBA, and the Raiders have enjoyed unwavering support. Even baseball has been thriving, with native talents like Bryce Harper making their mark.

The Las Vegas Aviators, the Athletics’ triple-A affiliate, have been packing their new ballpark since 2019, topping attendance charts in the Pacific Coast League. The love for sports is undeniable, but will it translate to support for the Athletics?

The Dodgers: A Lifestyle Brand

The Dodgers aren’t just an MLB team; they are a lifestyle brand. Their fan base extends far and wide, with perhaps no enclave more loyal outside of Southern California than Las Vegas. Generations of Angelenos have moved to Las Vegas, carrying their Dodgers fandom with them.

Shelly Rieckmann’s family is a testament to this loyalty. Her husband’s Dodgers fandom was passed down through the generations, and they’ve made the pilgrimage to Dodger Stadium more times than they can count. Migration, not just technology, has strengthened the bond between the city and the Dodgers.

Unique Challenges Await the Athletics

For the Athletics, the road ahead may be bumpy. Las Vegas already has a clear favorite in the MLB market – the Dodgers. Even Brian Wedewer, a real estate broker and Dodgers fan, believes that the Dodgers’ arrival would generate more excitement than the Athletics’.

Evidence of the Dodgers’ standing in Las Vegas is visible at the Fashion Show mall on the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Here, a Dodgers Clubhouse store thrives, thanks to a manager who recognized the city’s affinity for the Dodgers.


As the Athletics contemplate their move to Las Vegas, they must navigate the formidable presence of the Dodgers, deeply ingrained in the hearts of the city’s residents. The love for the Dodgers isn’t just a passing phase; it’s a part of the city’s identity.

The question remains: Will the Athletics manage to carve out their own niche in a town that already bleeds Dodger blue? Only time will tell if Las Vegas truly feels "true blue" for the Athletics.

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Are the Dodgers a’s coming to Las Vegas?

Is the arrival of the A’s in Las Vegas causing a frenzy akin to the Dodgers’ presence? Brian Wedewer, a Las Vegas real estate broker and devoted Dodgers fan, offers some insights. He believes the Athletics’ arrival will certainly garner attention but may not reach the same level of excitement as the Dodgers’. Meanwhile, evidence of the Dodgers’ influence in Las Vegas is unmistakable, with a bustling Dodgers Clubhouse store located inside the iconic Fashion Show mall on the Las Vegas Strip.

When did Dodgers move to Los Angeles?

When exactly did the Dodgers make their monumental move to Los Angeles? Following the 1957 season, the Dodgers relocated to Los Angeles due to the city’s refusal to construct a new stadium to replace the aging Ebbets Field. Initially, the team spent their first four seasons on the West Coast at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before making Dodger Stadium their permanent home in 1962.

Are the Dodgers still in the market?

Is the presence of the Dodgers still prominent in the market? Clear evidence can be found at the Fashion Show mall along the bustling Las Vegas Strip. On the second floor, right in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods, you’ll discover one of only two Dodgers Clubhouse stores situated outside of Southern California. The other resides in Honolulu.

Will the Dodgers be excited if the a’s get here?

Will the Dodgers embrace the arrival of the A’s in Las Vegas with excitement? According to Brian Widewer, a local real estate broker and ardent Dodgers fan, the response may not be overwhelmingly enthusiastic. He suggests that while the A’s may find their footing in the city, it’s possible that more people will be thrilled about the Dodgers playing in Las Vegas rather than the mere presence of the A’s. Expectations are optimistic, but not to the extent of being extraordinary, as Widewer puts it.

Are the Athletics moving into Dodgers territory? Why Las Vegas fe…

Is Las Vegas becoming a part of Dodgers territory? The Dodgers are not just an MLB team; they have evolved into a lifestyle brand with fans, ranging from casual to die-hard, scattered far and wide. However, their most loyal enclave outside of Southern California might just be the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Over the years, an exodus of Angelenos to this bustling city has transformed it into what feels like an extension of Los Angeles itself.

Are the Dodgers the most popular team in Las Vegas?

Are the Dodgers the reigning champions of popularity in Las Vegas? According to Jimmy Kimmel, the renowned Las Vegas Dodgers fan, extensive research would likely reveal that the Dodgers hold an undisputed stronghold as the most beloved team in the city. Kimmel suggests that it will be a substantial challenge for the A’s to alter this established perception, indicating the Dodgers’ enduring prominence in Las Vegas.

Who are the Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers?

Who are the Diamondbacks facing in the best-of-five NLDS on Saturday at Dodger Stadium? The Los Angeles Dodgers, boasting an impressive 100-62 record. In recent years, no team has been a more formidable foe for the Diamondbacks than the Dodgers. After losing the season series to the Dodgers in both 2017 and 2018, the Diamondbacks have struggled, with a discouraging 23-57 record against their NL West rivals.

Should the Dodgers focus on Arizona?

Should the Dodgers shift their attention to Arizona? As the series begins, the Diamondbacks come in with significant momentum and a strong desire to defeat their longtime divisional rivals. Noah, a USC graduate with a B.A. in Journalism and a minor in Sports Media Studies, serves as the beat writer for Inside the Dodgers, covering the action.

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