Las Vegas: The Dodgers’ Second Home – Impact of Athletics’ Arrival

Las Vegas, known for its vibrant nightlife, high-stakes casinos, and desert heat, has an unexpected connection to the world of sports – a profound love for the Los Angeles Dodgers. This article delves into why the Athletics moving to a Dodgers town is causing quite a stir in the true blue hearts of Las Vegas residents.

Las Vegas: A City of Sports Success

Athletics moving to a Dodgers town? Why Las Vegas feels true blue - Los Angeles Times

Las Vegas has seen its fair share of sports success stories in recent years. The Vegas Golden Knights captured hearts by reaching the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season, and the Las Vegas Aces have gained a dedicated following in the WNBA. The Las Vegas Raiders, with their iconic brand, enjoy unwavering support wherever they play. Baseball, too, has found a home in this city.

The Las Vegas Aviators, the Oakland Athletics’ triple-A affiliate, have been a massive hit since opening their new ballpark in 2019. Last season, they led the Pacific Coast League in attendance, even hosting their 11th sellout of the year in sweltering 114-degree heat on July 4th.

The Dodgers’ Undeniable Foothold

However, the Athletics face unique challenges as they consider a move to Las Vegas. The city already has a clear top MLB team in the market – the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Las Vegas residents’ connection to the Dodgers is not merely a result of modern technology allowing access to out-of-market games; it’s deeply rooted in migration stories. Families like the Rieckmanns, whose members moved to Las Vegas with their Dodgers fandom intact, exemplify this connection. Shelly Rieckmann and her family have made the pilgrimage to Dodger Stadium, watching games and returning home as lifelong fans.

Brian Wedewer, a Las Vegas-based Dodgers fan and Orel Hershiser’s close friend, business partner, and neighbor, highlights the steady influx of Southern Californians into the region. He predicts that when the Athletics arrive, the excitement generated by the Dodgers coming to play in Las Vegas might surpass the enthusiasm for the A’s themselves.

Dodgers: A Lifestyle Brand

The Dodgers’ significance in Las Vegas goes beyond the ballpark. Evidence of their standing in the market can be found at the Fashion Show mall on the Las Vegas Strip. On the mall’s second floor, right in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods, is one of the two Dodgers Clubhouse stores located outside Southern California. The other is in Honolulu.

Franklyn McKesson, the store manager, recognized the opportunity to open the store after moving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles. The fact that this Dodgers merchandise haven opened a year ago reflects the unwavering loyalty and fan base that exists far beyond Dodger Stadium.


As the Oakland Athletics contemplate moving to a Dodgers town, Las Vegas stands out as a city deeply entrenched in Dodger blue. With a fan base that has been nurtured over generations and a lifestyle brand that transcends the ballpark, the Athletics face a true challenge in winning over the hearts of Las Vegas residents. Only time will tell if Las Vegas will continue to be true blue or if the Athletics can carve out a new niche in this sports-loving city.

Noteworthy Related Topics

Are the Dodgers a’s coming to Las Vegas?

Are the Dodgers A’s Coming to Las Vegas?

Is Las Vegas ready to embrace the Athletics amidst its deep-rooted Dodgers fanbase? While some may anticipate a surge of excitement, locals suggest a measured response. As one resident puts it, "It’ll do well, but we’re not super off the wall, like, ‘Oh my God, the A’s are coming.’" This sentiment echoes throughout the city, where Dodgers’ dominance is evident, even at the Fashion Show mall on the iconic Las Vegas Strip. The Dodgers Clubhouse store, bustling with fans, underscores the enduring popularity of the Dodgers. So, are the Dodgers A’s truly making their mark in Las Vegas? Let’s explore. ????️⚾

When did Dodgers move to Los Angeles?

Wondering when the Dodgers made their move to Los Angeles? Following the 1957 season, the Dodgers relocated to Los Angeles due to the city’s refusal to construct a new stadium to replace the aging Ebbets Field. Their initial years on the West Coast were spent at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where they played for the first four seasons. It wasn’t until 1962 that they found their permanent home at the iconic Dodger Stadium. ????️⚾

Are the Dodgers still in the market?

Curious about the Dodgers’ presence in Las Vegas? Undeniable evidence of their market standing can be found at the Fashion Show mall, right on the Las Vegas Strip. Head up to the second floor, and you’ll encounter one of two Dodgers Clubhouse stores located beyond Southern California. The other is situated in Honolulu, illustrating the enduring appeal of the Dodgers well outside their home territory. ⚾????️

Will the Dodgers be excited if the a’s get here?

In contemplating the Athletics’ potential arrival, one Las Vegas resident offers insights: "I’d say if the A’s get here, in a lot of ways there probably will be more people excited that the Dodgers come to play here than the fact that the A’s are here," remarks Widewer. While the idea of the A’s coming is met with optimism, it’s evident that the prospect of the Dodgers gracing Las Vegas with their presence generates a particular level of excitement. ⚾????

“Why are the Oakland Athletics considering a move to Las Vegas?”

The Oakland Athletics’ consideration of relocating to Las Vegas stems from a history of unsuccessful endeavors to replace the aging Oakland Coliseum with a modern stadium in the Bay Area. In 2023, the team unveiled plans to construct a new ballpark in the Las Vegas Valley. This decision led to the breakdown of negotiations concerning the proposed Oakland Ballpark at Howard Terminal, marking a pivotal moment in the team’s search for a new home. ⚾????️

Why is the Los Angeles Dodgers logo important?

The Los Angeles Dodgers logo holds immense significance as one of the world’s most iconic sports symbols. This logo has been a cornerstone in shaping the team’s brand identity. While the Dodgers’ storied history began in Brooklyn in 1899, it wasn’t until 1958 that the renowned Dodgers script, now synonymous with the franchise, was officially introduced. ????⚾

Where are the Los Angeles Dodgers based?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are an American professional baseball team rooted in the city of Los Angeles. As active members of Major League Baseball (MLB), they participate in the National League (NL) West division. ????️⚾

Are the Dodgers the most popular team in Las Vegas?

Jimmy Kimmel, arguably the most renowned Las Vegas Dodgers fan, suggests that the Dodgers are unquestionably the most popular team in Vegas. In a phone interview with The Times, Kimmel stated, "If you did a research study, you would find that the Dodgers are by far the most popular team in Vegas," adding, "And I think it’s gonna take the A’s a long time to change that." ????⚾

When did the Dodgers get their name?

According to the MLB, the name "Trolley Dodgers" officially became associated with the team in 1896. During that time, the heavy construction of electric trolley tracks in front of Eastern Park led fans to dodge the trolleys to access the park. Consequently, these fans earned the moniker "Trolley Dodgers," and the team eventually adopted the name, which was later shortened to "Dodgers." ????⚾

“What is the impact of the Athletics potentially moving to Las Vegas?”

The potential relocation of the Oakland A’s baseball team to Las Vegas promises a significant economic boost to the local economy. Key factors driving this impact include the construction of a new stadium, the generation of job opportunities, and the expected increase in tourism revenue, all of which are poised to fuel the city’s economic growth. ????️⚾????

How many fans does the Dodgers have?

Incredibly, the Los Angeles Dodgers have consistently drawn over 2.5 million fans each season since 2004, a remarkable feat that began during the Frank McCourt era. Despite their move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958, the Dodgers maintain a rich and enduring connection with the city, boasting deeper roots than the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, who didn’t arrive until 1961. ????⚾????

Who is the most famous Las Vegas Dodgers fan?

Jimmy Kimmel, the renowned late-night talk show host, holds the title of perhaps the most famous Las Vegas Dodgers fan. His deep-rooted Dodgers allegiance traces back to his childhood when his family relocated from Brooklyn to Las Vegas. It was here that his father, a devoted Dodgers fan before the franchise’s cross-country move, instilled in him a passion for the team. Kimmel’s enduring fandom makes him a notable figure in the world of Las Vegas Dodgers enthusiasts. ????⚾????

Can Giants fans outshine La fans at Dodger Stadium?

With one more day left in the series, Giants fans have the opportunity to outshine their LA counterparts on Sunday. If they fall short, they can head south to attempt a San Francisco takeover of Dodger Stadium when Los Angeles hosts the Giants in a four-game series starting on July 21. Will the Giants’ loyal supporters outshine the LA fans? ????⚾????️

How many fans have the Dodgers drawn to Chavez Ravine?

Since 1988, the Los Angeles Dodgers have remarkably fallen short of the two-million-fan mark at Chavez Ravine only twice. One of these instances took place during the strike-shortened 1994 season. What’s even more astonishing is that since 2004, the start of the Frank McCourt era, the Dodgers have consistently drawn over 2.5 million fans each season, showcasing their unwavering fan support. ????️⚾????

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