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Learning Simple Golf Swing Tips

by David Toms

Many golfers finish their swing over their shoulder. This is great IF you have a natural, solid swing. However, if you tend to “hook” the ball to the left if you’re right handed, or to the right if you’re left handed, you simply need to finish higher. Imagine finishing your swing with the club pointing straight up, as opposed to following all the way through.

The free golf swing tip here involves the use of the stability ball, which is a very effective golf equipment training aid. Any golfer with a bad back should have it and yet it will still also improve many aspects of any golfer’s golf swing and help improve on many weaknesses.

The main point we are trying to get across with golf swing tips is the fact that with the right expert guidance and advice, there are so many different stretch golf exercises that can be done using the stability ball.

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These are tips that will help you perfect your golf swing. A perfect golf swing is one that allows you hit the ball further and straighter.

A perfect one also means a consistent swing; consistent in that it becomes a part of you that you systematically hit the ball without thinking of what you are doing and still deliver quality shots.

Golfing is not only about hitting a ball with a golf club; it is an art that you perfect by practicing the right things. Swing is the most basic thing in golfing, which many take ages to learn.

Not to add to the confusion, but hopefully cut through the clutter, the following list contains tried and true swing tips that will help aid the beginner golfer and serve as gentle reminders for more advanced golfers.

These swing tips are not intended to offer “new or breakthrough” golf swing methods, but fundamentally sound golf advice that if incorporated in your game, will certainly help lower your score and ingrain sold golf swing fundamentals.

One of the most important golf swing tip is to keep your club face square. Striking the golf ball with a square club face will allow it to fly straight and far.

You need to maintain a consistent golf swing plane in order to keep your club face square. Take the golf club straight back and then following through on the same swing plane.

The very best golf swing tip may not be what you want to hear, but practice, practice, practice, is what will ultimately improve your game. The more determined you are to practicing, hitting on the driving range or practice green, the better your golf swing will get.

You also don’t know what you are doing wrong on those bad days so you can’t fix it. Instead, you change things at random, hoping to find something that works. And most of the time, you make things worse.

While golf is a difficult game to master, if you have the time and patience, you can learn the fundamentals of a good golf swing. By repeating these golf swing tips repeatedly, you’ll hit a better golf shot and do so more often.

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